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Rosalyn Annette  Moore

Rosalyn Moore is a middle school specialist education teacher. Rosalyn Moore lives in Georgia with her children and grandchildren. She loves to write,knit, cook and travel


untold lies and secerts

untold lies and secerts

Literature & Fiction

A year bring about a change Rosemary Watson life has changed for the better. Rosemary is still living with Veronica and Vanessa. Rosemary has taken over her missing cousin Melissa Nelson's life, Rosemary was living in happy bliss until Alora starts acting crazy with a capital K, Now Rosemary has to deal with a derange stalker, killer Rosemary thought she would have a epic senior year. The more the school year unfolds the more dangerous it becomes. Melissa life is dark and depressing. Moving to Jacksonville, Florida was a terrible mistake. Melissa got caught up working in a strip club to make matters worse Melissa never finished high school let alone went to college, Wesley has huge secret that no one knows about. Wesley got himself in some horrible torbule with club owner, drug dealer Joe Jones. Will the Watson and Nelson families survive this new madness?" Are will they all drown in their lies and secrets.

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The Body That I am in

Literature & Fiction

Rosemary Watson is a 16-year-old half Dominican and half African American female, spunky, impulsive dreamer, whose fierce deviation to her threatened by Rosemary now living with her father and his live-in girlfriend. Rosemary’s world is surround with family lies and secrets, and the fact that her mother is in a mental hospital. Rosemary’s siblings have long accepted their mother's placement in the mental hospital and their current living situation. The fact that Rosemary’s mother could come home at any time leads to Rosemary’s dream that one day her mother can walk through the door and rescue them all. Determine to keep the hope alive of her one day reuniting with her mother Rosemary schemes up “operation lies and secrets” a sure-fire plan to expose the people who put her mother in the mental hospital. Just as Rosemary succeeds with step one of her plans, some secrets are reveled and suddenly everything in Rosemary’s world is in question.

Book Bubbles from The Body That I am in


Will Rosemary world change after Rosemary's family lies and secrets are exposed. Will Rosemary plan of Operation lies and secrets be reveled or will Rosemary plan fail?


Rosemary is telling her story about dealing with her mother's mental illness. Dealing with family lies and secrets. What lies and secrets will be exposed. Will Rosemary family survive?

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