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Roger Dale Loring is the author of Why Men Don’t Ask For Directions and I Don’t Text While Driving, Walking, or Standing Still. He was born in the small town of Keokuk, Iowa. After graduating from the University of Iowa, he joined the Teacher Corps and came to Virginia, where he earned a master’s degree from Hampton Institute. He taught school in Gloucester, Virginia for thirty-two years. Being retired, he now devotes most of his time avoiding work which means he stays clear of all stores that have self-checkout.


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Humor & Entertainment

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An Abundance of Pundits

Watching TV news nowadays is like going to a lecture. I miss the old days when Walter Cronkite would report the news and then say "And that's the way it is." I was left to figure out what "the way it is" meant all by myself.

Clearing the Clutter

As a baby boomer I am well acquainted with the process of saving stuff. My generation was "recycling" before anyone was aware doing so was a thing. People simply had a difficult time throwing away things for any number of reasons. The following is a brief excerpt from an essay that touches upon the latest "thing," which is clearing the clutter.

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