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When R. L. Gemmill was 20, he hitchhiked from Virginia to California to visit relatives. Along the way he climbed Handy’s Peak in southern Colorado, had all of his food stolen by ground squirrels in the Grand Canyon, and most importantly, began to read books while snowed in on the campus of Michigan Tech University. He had been writing books since the age of 12, but actually reading books changed everything. Gemmill taught biology and anatomy in Virginia for 32 years and is now retired. R. L. Gemmill’s favorite quote (which saved him from depression and worse): “If your life bores you, risk it.” James Dickey, author of Deliverance.



Science Fiction & Fantasy

Seven years after the deaths of their parents, Jon, Kelly, and Travis Bishop finally have a chance to move in together with a foster family in northern Virginia, hoping their lives will be normal again. But while exploring little known Pandora’s Cave, a freak earthquake traps them deep underground. A mysterious red glow allows them to witness a sinister pact being made between a powerful businessman and a group of terrifying demons. The stakes are high, as the pact promises to launch the greatest war in history with the goal of giving back to the demons the world above that they once ruled. Luckily, the kids have made a video of the entire event. But will they be able to get the video out of the demon-infested cave and into the hands of people who can help them stop the sinister plot? Loaded with heart-pounding suspense, unforgettable characters, and a unique blend of science fiction and horror, The Demon Conspiracy promises to give young readers a riveting reading experience.

Book Bubbles from Doomsday


I wrote this last week while sitting in the wimpiest part of Hurricane Dorian feeling bad for people in the Bahamas and anyone else who has been flooded or shut down by this mess of wind and water. I almost feel guilty that we aren’t going to get the big winds and tidal surges that other locations have gotten, including Charleston, SC, home of Bublish! I hope things are somewhat dry down there. But then I think about how many pages I’ll write today, and I’m extremely thankful for still having electric power and AC (I’ve become a weather wimp with age). Any day I miss out on writing I feel like I’ve lost a chance to catch up with the many ideas I still need to put in books or on the big and small screens. It’s not like I’ll catch up. I’m usually good for around ten pages; after that it’s not fun anymore.

Writing a Book

Sometimes we look at situations in our life as an “all or nothing” type affair. If we don’t go all in on something and do it 100%, then we’re tempted to not do anything at all. But consider this... Confucius said, “It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.” Every day is a chance for you to take another step. Every moment is an opportunity for you to inch closer to your goals. Even if you’re taking small steps, that’s better than doing nothing at all. That’s how I look at writing. Each day I shoot for either 10 pages or one chapter, whichever is longer. I can’t write the entire book in a day or a week, but if I write an “easy” 10 pages a day, I’ll have about 300 pages in a month. For me, that’s a new book every six weeks. Of course, the trick for me to make that happen is to have a thorough outline, but that’s another Bubble.


I get new ideas all the time. I can be writing the next book and suddenly an idea for a sequel or a different book altogether pops into my head. I’ll be working out, and a song on my playlist triggers a scene that will go nicely in an already written story. I always record new ideas, either by voice recorder or with pencil and paper. I’ve been saving ideas for stories since I was twelve, first in paper notebooks, and now in dozens of folders on my laptop. I also dream stories. The month after I graduated from high school (a long time ago, lol) I dreamed an entire book from start to finish. I woke up and wrote it all down as fast as I could, and fifty-four handwritten pages later I had the essence of one of the coolest dreams ever. The best thing about all of this is I’ll never have writer’s block. I’m 65 now, and with over 1000 viable story ideas I’ll never get them all written as separate stories, so I’m combining them. My goal is to write them ALL before I croak. Of course, if new ideas keep flowing in, that gets tougher every day.

Back to School

Poor Maria! Broken love can be so painful, especially when you have to go to school and face your peers. It's hard to hide the sadness. Well, it's that time of year again. Everybody’s talking about going back to school now. As a former teacher for over 30 years, I always looked forward to going back. A lot of teachers I worked with dreaded it, and I wondered why they were in the business if that’s how they really felt. As it turned out, they liked teaching, but the new classes always made them nervous. It takes a while for good teachers to get things in order—student names and faces, academic levels, personalities, etc., and that can be a daunting period for anyone, whether they excel at what they do or not. The good teachers wanted their kids to learn, and they wanted to teach them in ways that enhanced learning, but it takes the first few days of school to draw out the parameters of potential success. Once the lines are drawn, teachers can relax a bit and get to work. Happy back to school day, whenever it is for your family!

Baked Demon Brains

I have a surprise for you. My wife has come up with a great snack that is really good for you, too. She calls it Baked Demon Brains (she’s assuming demons have brains, of course). Even if you don't like Cauliflower (and I don’t usually) you'll like this feast. Here’s the recipe: Cut cauliflower into florets Set oven to 450F Bathe/sprinkle olive oil on florets Pepper to taste Garlic salt to taste Bake for 20 min. Sprinkle cheeses on florets. Bake to melt (about a minute) Tada! I’ll bet you like it. I love demon brains! Enjoy!

Mysteries in Doomsday

The Doomsday series is based on the many conspiracy theories you can find on the Internet. Whether the theories are fictional or not doesn’t matter. I wanted to make readers wonder, could this story be true? I also wanted to write characters who would act more like real people. Many YA books require a protagonist to work without adult intervention (not counting bad guys), but adults are a very important part of any story. That’s what would happen in real life. As long as the challenge is really BIG and the reader is engaged with the character, it won’t matter who’s involved. This excerpt from Doomsday is about the mystery of what Chris is trying to make in their basement, and it’s a mystery on multiple levels. What’s he making that uses ingredients like fruit juice, human hair, and cockroaches? Why is he acting so downright weird since he came out of the cave? Why can’t Kelly read his thoughts anymore when it used to be so easy? And why is Chris compelled to work on his “recipe” 24/7, seemingly without sleep? The answers to these questions can be found in the first two books, Doomsday and The Doomsday Shroud.

Read Chapter 1 for Free

People always ask me where I get my ideas. Lots of them come from the many horrible and complicated dreams I’ve had. I’ve dreamed entire books that were so involved and exciting that I got a rush just writing it all down the next day. And since I tend to dream about apocalyptic matters, you know the characters in the books will go through some serious heck. Not sure if you’ll like the Doomsday Series? Go to the Amazon link (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07R6NNN2K), read the first chapter of Doomsday, and then decide. If you don’t want to read more, forget it. I mean, why not? It’s free. I’m betting you won’t be able to stop. I’m all fired-up to share everything in my worlds of demons and monsters with you. Wait till you see what’s coming next! Thanks so much for checking out my Bublish page!

Most Despised Bad Guy Ever?

I’m hoping the character of Mogen Deel, a.k.a. the Salesman, will become one of the most despised bad guys of all time. Everything he does is driven by his lust for power and money, a familiar theme in literature and Hollywood, though a lot of bad guys simply want to destroy “all life” for personal reasons. At least Deel’s motives make sense, and he certainly doesn’t want to destroy all life. No way! Who would write his paycheck if everyone died?

Doomsday Secrets

At its emotional core, the Doomsday series is the story of a teenage girl who wants nothing more than to be with her family, yet fate seems to have other plans. Armed with a genetic package that gives her both the ability to read minds and to outwit generals on a battlefield, Kelly Bishop (13) will be forced to change the way she handles relationships as she faces one crisis after another. Can she ever learn to accept people for what they are and stop probing their minds without good cause? The concept of evil spirits and physical demons as part of the story seems supernatural and even pure fantasy, but in my world it is rooted entirely in science. Demons of all kinds are directly connected to the mysterious and powerful Concern Corporation, though I don’t want to reveal what that connection is just yet. These creatures take an active role as unwitting pawns of a corporate power that manipulates demons and humans alike to maximize earnings: in the end it’s all about the bottom line, and that’s much more than I should have told you. I hope you enjoy Doomsday.

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