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I live in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. I work as a lawyer during the day, and at night it's jacket off - time to scribble! Not exactly a scratch-scratch. More of a tap-tap on my laptop in the livingroom. ROCCO'S WINGS is my debut novel, published by Bark & Howl Press Ltd. It's Book 1 in a 5-book series, Tales of Terrakesh. VESTA & THE QUEEN'S EGGS - Book 2 is forthcoming in 2016. Follow me here for regular chapter updates!


Rocco´s Wings


Rocco is the only villager with wings. At night his wings are blue and also bioluminescent. Rocco is captured by the beautiful but cruel urvogels (human except they are winged) living high on the cliffs of Upper Terrakesh. His friends will soon stand trial. If convicted, they will have their wings severed. Rocco must decide if he should help them or escape on his own.

Book Bubbles from Rocco´s Wings

Chapter 9 - Harpia's Dinner Party

"Their tongues flicked over their teeth, now stained with blood."

This dinner party is not for the faint of heart. Harpia, Queen of the Krakatoan colony, is ravishingly beautiful. She is also cruel.

. . . Enjoy

Chapter 8 - Air Manoeuvres

Rocco learns aerial combat, and also how to fit into a flock. The conversation then turns to how urvogels procreate. (Urvogels are like humans except they are winged and hatched from eggs).

'Where's your mother?' asked Rocco. It sounded a tad rude, but Vesta had brought up the topic. she couldn't very well get mad at him.

Chapter 7 - The Clatch

"He was rotten inside. He'd always known it."  

Rocco reaches a new low when his friends are charged with serious crimes. If convicted they will have their wings cut off.

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Chapter 6 - Mass Frenzy

In this scene Rocco witnesses urvogels fly up to the ceiling of the courthouse in a mass frenzy. They are celebrating the cruel practice of wing-cutting.

Urvogel (ur-vo-gel) is a made up word - "UR" means old, and "VOGEL" is the German word for bird. So, urvogel = ancient bird. Urvogels are like humans except they have wings and they are hatched instead of born.

. . . .Enjoy

Chapter 5 - The Trials

"The humming stopped. A great ripping sound arose. Cristobalite's wing hung sideways. The first blow had failed to sever it completely."

In this scene, Rocco witnesses the trials of various citizens charged with 'vanity crimes' - private reading or solitary music making. Most horrific of all, he is forced to watch the punishment of those convicted. . . . Enjoy

Chapter 4 - The Bathhouse

A captive in Krakatoan and destined to entertain everyone at the upcoming Air Games, Rocco is told to bathe in the public Bathouse. There, he encounters the red robed figures serving tea. Their wings are cut off. . . . not what you'd expect to encounter in a Bathhouse, but then Krakatoan is no ordinary town. . . . Enjoy.

Chapter 3 - Krakatoan and Queen Harpia

Christmas Day. It's my birthday today (hence the middle name "Mary" which I morph into "Merry" for my literary persona). I've been itching to write but . . . no time - what with opening gifts and watching the roast turkey. I'm so blessed, and grateful. Maybe tomorrow I'll write - it's Boxing Day in Canada. Shopping Day in the USA. (smile). Enjoy Chapter 3 of Rocco's Wings - this is where the pace really begins to pick up.

Chapter 2 - Air Marshals

Doesn't everyone dream of flying? Makes me think we came from the air instead of the sea. Or maybe it's just envy - or fancy - that keeps us looking up at the birds. I sometimes dream of flying - the real night time dream. I'm up but it's hard to stay afloat.

Chapter 1 - River Gang Boys

Like the Jason Bourne books and/or movies? I do too! Fast, fun, and lots of drama. Click the "follow" button (it's free) and get ready for a wild ride in this new teen series - Tales of Terrakesh. A new chapter bubble every 3 - 4 days.

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