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Ray A. Morrow served as the primary undercover agent in a major police corruption investigation that netted thirty Cleveland Police officers yet at the time Ray had only been an FBI Agent for two years and possessed no previous undercover experience prior to taking on this most sensitive and dangerous undercover assignment. As a first time author of Broken Shield– An FBI Undercover Agent’s Personal Perspective,” he provides details both professionally and personally of the highs and lows he encountered during his time undercover. Ray is an accomplished leader in the FBI having served as the Special Agent in Charge of both the New York and Pittsburgh Field Offices. Ray possesses an all-encompassing background in investigative field operations combined with high-caliber qualifications in executive investigative management. His more than forty-three years of investigations and executive protection highlight his undercover journey. Ray waited twenty-eight years to tell his story, a story even his wife and children never really knew.


Broken Shield: An FBI Undercover Agent's Personal Perspective

Biographies & Memoirs

Broken Shield is the remarkable narrative of a young, inexperienced agent who became the primary undercover agent of one of the FBI’s largest police corruption investigations.

Ray Morrow’s fascination with justice and the FBI started as a young boy and was the catalyst for being a major part of the historic undercover operation, SHIRON. The physical and emotional toll that it took upon him and his new family brings to light the devastation that comes with the corruption living inside our justice system.

After years as the primary undercover agent in the Cleveland Police Department, a city previously unfamiliar to him, he was called to lead his biggest operation yet; the undercover investigation was the most important look into police corruption in Cleveland’s history. While gathering evidence that police officers have been accepting payments from illegal casinos and drug shipments, Morrow battles his own doubts and little experience. He also finds himself surrounded by threats not only armed with weapons but with the power and technology of modern policing.

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What gives your life meaning.

For me it all started at home, Hopewell Township in Beaver County PA. They say it it takes a village to raise a child and that is exactly what I experienced growing up. My parents believed in God and family and to always do the right thing even though it may be the hardest thing to do. Growing up in Hopewell truly shaped my life. There is a quote that states; " I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." My life and the path I took which has led me to where I have ended up is exactly where I need to be. This journey would not be possible without all of the support and guidance I received from my family, friends and some of the mentors who appeared in my life at the perfect moment.

The moment I said, I will not be denied

I was just two years into my FBI career when I realized that I wanted to be an FBI Undercover Agent. The only thing holding me back was my lack of law enforcement experience and absolutely no undercover experience. But I believed I could pull it off even though most everyone else thought i was just being foolish. I had grown up believing you could anything as long as you believed in yourself and utilized your life experiences to guide you through. And that is exactly what I did. I knew nothing about undercover work but I believed that my vast experience in executive protection would be vitally important to my success. And while I may have lacked the firsthand knowledge and skills of running an undercover operation, I certainly had the necessary traits to pull it off,” There were three similarities inherent in undercover work and executive protection. Those similarities were passion, preparation and perseverance. An undercover agent must be passionate, must be prepared and must certainly persevere. I was confident that these traits were going to get me through this undercover operation if selected.

Achieving your life long passion

Becoming an FBI Special Agent was all I ever wanted to do for as long as I can remember, So arriving on my first day was a thrill I will never forget. But I must admit I was terrified as well. If I failed I would have to return home to my family admitting that not only did I fail but I let them down as well. I had no job to go back to and the fact that I was unable to achieve my life long goal would be tough for me to handle. My father always said, "there is no shame in failing only in not trying again." A great saying if I say so myself, but would I be able to live by that if I did fail to fulfill my lifelong dream. I could not let myself even think about failing, I was going achieve this dream no matter what I had to do. On May 08, 1987, I received my FBI Badge and Credentials. I did it and I have cherished that day ever since.

Creating a new persona.

"Always be yourself." That's what were told as we grow up, mature and enter the adult world. You develop your habits, your likes, your dislikes, you become accustomed and comfortable with who you are. Every reaction you have is formulated by your past experiences. Now try to be someone else not just for an hour or even a day. But every waking hour of every day for two years. It's not easy, in fact I would say, it's quite difficult to go back and try to recreate a new person and forget all about who you really are. Because if you fail and make one mistake regarding your new identity you could get yourself killed. Questions such as "where are you from?" "Do you have family?" "What do you do for a living?" All need answers that can be corroborated and they have to flow naturally from you just as in real life. And in today's world with social media and information readily available at your fingertips it's almost impossible.

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