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Randy  McKay

I am a 47 year old trial lawyer and father of twin teenage girls. I was raised in Charleston, South Carolina and believe the salt air cures any broken soul. I enjoy running so I indulge in my passion of being a food and wine snob. I started writing my first novel in my mid-20s but didn't commit to finishing it until late last year. I am currently working on a second novel.


Fall of the Brown Recluse

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The scandalous suicide of his parents chased Grafton Hood from his hometown causing him to reinvent himself—right down to his very name. Grafton methodically rose through the political ranks to become South Carolina's youngest and first black governor. Ruthless and power-hungry, Grafton now aspires to be president of the United States. But he must first win the backing of a secret corporation—with the power to deliver the presidency as it has done for decades—through using all means necessary to pass one of the most conservative pieces of legislation in this country's history. Miki Martin was once a rising star in the legal world until his life was upended because of a murder allegation. Now, he is a simple run of the mill drunken attorney. Gabbie Street is a young woman beaten down by life and forced to live the life of a stripper. Through a bizarre and deadly encounter, they are thrust together unwittingly on a quest to uncover the shocking realization about who Gabbie truly is and how Miki's downhill spiral could be linked to Grafton Hood. Escaping hired guns and a relentlessly evil assassin, Miki and Gabbie flee to the only place no one would ever look—the home where Miki lost it all and where he may actually find a second chance at life.

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Randy  McKay


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Grafton Hood is the most corrupt governor the state has ever known. He has his eyes set on a presidential bid. His biggest obstacle...Miki Martin, a washed up trial lawyer whose past continues to haunt him. Martin is wrongfully accused of the murder of two men. While on the run from the law, Martin discovers a dark secret about Hood which could destroy his political future. Filled with different plot twists and engaging characters, Fall of the Brown Recluse is a page burner.


Chapter 1- Grafton Hood

This is the introductory chapter of the novel which is meant as a road map of things to come. It gives an insight as to the motivation of Grafton to crawl his way back from the grave and into the life he once knew. The book has a continued theme of while your past may influence your character, it does not necessarily dictate your present or future.

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