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Ramsey  Jeremie

Ramsey Jeremie was born in Boston, Massachusetts to two Haitian parents. While most of his formative years were spent pursuing academics in central Florida, he developed a love for psychology and writing during his college years at Brown University. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in psychology, he completed his graduate education at New York University where he received his Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience. He currently resides in central Harlem, where he drafted and completed his first published book Summer 2020.


Summer 2020

Politics & Social Sciences

Global Pandemics, Mass Demonstrations, Unofficial House Arrests, Divisive Politics, Economics Crisis! The summer of 2020 was a strange time but these exclusive one-on-ones were even stranger... Summer 2020 imagines a therapy session with Donald J Trump, Black Lives Matter and a mercurial character named “Diversity.” In this satire, a psychologist psychoanalyzes these three polarizing figures so that we can understand one of the most contentious dynamics in american history!

Book Bubbles from Summer 2020

America's Conflicted Identity!

My educational background is in Cognitive Neuroscience, so I tend to take a psychological approach to understanding historical events and cultural dynamics. Summer 2020 provides the reader with an in-depth review of America's conflicted identity. The summer of 2020 was riddled with hard choices and tragic circumstances and the only way America could get through the COVID-19 pandemic was to work through deep-seated philosophical and social issues. My book provides critical insight to America's struggle for identity.

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