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Patty Perrin, who writes under the pen name P.T.L. Perrin, grew up in Europe as a military brat and speaks several languages. She enjoys the diversity of people and cultures, and has an insatiable curiosity, especially about who we are in the universe and the wonders of our own planet and history. Books were her lifeline growing up without television. She has always loved adventure, sci-fi, and teen/young adult fiction, and she's writing books in those genres that she would have loved to read and that her grandchildren will enjoy. To her surprise, people of all ages are enjoying her books. Patty lives in South FLorida with her Tennis-pro husband, where they exercise bragging rights in the beautiful winters and where they enjoy their large, constantly growing family of misfits.


Terra’s Anthem: Tetrasphere - Book 4


Troubled Storm won’t risk losing someone else he loves. He won’t let anyone in, especially Sky, who has a nasty habit of breaking through his defenses. Then he’s taken off-world, and everything changes. Millions of artifacts spread throughout the globe need healing before the planet is safe, and only four teens can fix them. They must do the impossible, or Terra and another planet whose fate is entwined with ours will die. A looming war threatens to end humanity. A vicious alien has marked Jewel as his own against her will and would destroy the planet to claim her. Pax would give his life to free her. If either is lost, so is Terra. If every sentient species inhabiting our planet can cooperate, Terra may still be doomed. In this compelling conclusion of the Tetrasphere series, only one thing can save the planet now. Will they discover it in time?

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Setting Aside Differences

Following the 2020 Presidential race, the USA is still divided, with two sides who find it difficult, if not impossible, to work together for the good of the country. Thankfully, we aren’t at the same critical juncture as the characters in Terra’s Anthem, and the stakes are not the destruction of the planet, yet. In this chapter, an alien king approaches the only humans who have the ability to save our planet with a plan that requires cooperation among vastly diverse beings who inhabit Terra. If humans have trouble with each other’s differences, how much more difficult might it be for them? And if they can do it, what’s stopping us humans?

Threats, Real and Imagined

I've skipped to this excerpt because our planet is proactively dealing with a very real pandemic. While most of us are staying home, those who must work with the public or the sick are facing this threat head-on, with courage and determination, knowing their own lives may be at risk. We are grateful. In this fictional series, the four teens are dealing with a threat to our planet that most humans are oblivious to. This excerpt highlights just one small part of it—a looming alien war that could wipe us all out before Terra destroys itself.

Voice Of Viracocha: Tetrasphere - Book 3


Everyone loves Sky Fletcher, except the one who owns her heart. Can she break through his defenses? Will there be time? When Sky and the others are needed in South America, they discover an evil alien zeroing in on her friend Jewel, putting her in danger of losing herself, the people she loves, and her world. How can they stop him? In their search for answers, the teens find unlikely allies as strange as the interplanetary races they’ve already encountered. Will their combined efforts be enough to rescue Jewel from a fate that would doom the planet to self-destruct? In this exciting sequel to Triton’s Call, more prophecies are revealed, but if even one of the four is unable to help, all hope is lost.

Book Bubbles from Voice Of Viracocha: Tetrasphere - Book 3

The Empath's Point of View

Sky, who holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate, hates to spar because she hates to sweat. She also hates feeling her opponents' pain during a fight. Sky's empathy makes her particularly sensitive to the ones she loves. In this excerpt, we get to know her a little better through what concerns her. She's deeply concerned for her friend Jewel.

How much is too much backstory?

One of the difficulties of writing a series is knowing how to bring a reader up-to-date if they haven’t read the first and second books yet. Many series are made up of stand-alone books, but some, like this, build upon action that has already taken place. I try to add bits and pieces of backstory as this story unfolds, but I don’t want the reader to feel lost from the start. How to find the balance between too much information and just enough? I hope I haven’t dumped too much on the reader, and I hope it’s enough to cause you to want to keep reading. You won’t be disappointed in what’s coming next.

Terra’s Call: Tetrasphere - Book 1


An Ancient Cherokee prophecy, a dying planet, two alien races laying claim to Terra, our Earth, and four clueless teens expected to save it all … What could possibly go wrong? Jewel Adam’s special gifts forced her into a life of solitude as a young child, with only her parents as companions. Things change during her senior year in high school, when she discovers she’s not the only one with enhanced abilities. Jewel, Sky Fletcher, her twin brother Pax, and Storm Ryder share more than the unusual shape and brilliant colors of their eyes. They have powers, and they share a destiny. Are their powers enough to save the planet? Terra’s fate hangs in the balance. Will an ancient enmity between two star-systems cause them to fail? Are they willing to take the chance and risk their lives for mankind?

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Secrets Revealed

Social distancing is nothing compared to the isolation from everyone but her family that Jewel experienced growing up. She feels socially awkward now that she’s been thrust into high school, but her father’s invention, which protects her from seeing normally, helps. Without the dampening glasses, Sky’s aura nearly overwhelms her with its brilliance and movement. When Jewel spills the beans about her abilities to her friend, Sky reveals some secrets of her own.

Setting the stage

In this revised version of the first book in the TetraSphere series, the first chapter takes place seventeen years before the story begins in chapter two. Why? We meet Sequoia as a ten-year-old hearing the ancient prophecy that was given to the Cherokee nation. We also see her receiving her first message from the watchers, who we later learn are guarding a secret vital to the survival of our planet. Sequoia plays a huge role in the story, although she is not one of the four characters through whose eyes we see the story unfold. The watchers and the prophecy are also key elements. Watch for the next excerpt!

Triton’s Call: Tetrasphere - Book 2


The girl of his dreams is missing. Pax, his sister Sky, and Storm race against time to find and free her, but when they do, will Jewel be his…or Storm’s? Atlantis is a myth, or is it? In a city full of aliens, Jewel Adams discovers two factions, one planning to wipe out humans, and the other determined to fix our planet. Jewel must convince them all that Terra stands no chance unless she and her three friends are reunited. In this exciting sequel to Terra’s Call, the four teens discover more mysteries in this world than any of them have dreamed of. They are about to meet some of those mysteries head-on.

Book Bubbles from Triton’s Call: Tetrasphere - Book 2

The Sighting

Sky is beyond frustrated at the distance Storm maintains between them. Yet, when she’s in trouble, can he hide what he really feels about her? And what is that thing they both see on the horizon. A sea monster?

Where is Jewel?

The first book in this series, Terra’s Call, ended with a cliffhanger. Without giving too much away, Jewel Adams is no longer with her friends and family. What does this mean for their mandate to save humanity from destruction? All four must be together or they will fail. How will her friends find her? If they find her in time, will Pax, who has acknowledged his strong feelings for her, lose her to Storm?

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