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"Are You a N****r or a Doctor?"

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The natural, captivating way in which Dr. Stallworth narrates his life, beginning in the “Jim Crow” era of Birmingham during the mid-1940s to the 1980s, and his precarious adventures make this memoir an easy read. His narrative writing style has an appealing conversational tone that draws one in.

Through his vivid and enthralling descriptions, the book brings the past to life. You feel as if it has transported you to the past with him.
His characters, no matter how brief the encounter, come to life on the page.

Heartwarming, numbing, entertaining, and informative. I think everyone can relate to his physical evolution from childhood to adolescents, which Dr. Stallworth describes with humor and self-reflection.

By the end of “AreYou”, the reader has a measure of the distance traveled over the years. He shares the good, the bad, and the ugly.
You can learn from it, and once you begin reading, it is hard to put down.

This is Dr. Stallworth’s first book since retiring in 2019, after 45 years of medical practice as an anesthesiologist in Los Angeles, and he pursued his passion for writing in 2017.

In 2018, Denise Nicholas, award-winning actress and author of the acclaimed book “Freshwater Road,” invited him to join her Longwood Writers’ Workshop, where this memoir, “Are you A N****r or a Doctor,” was conceived, and then delivered in December 2022.
In early 2022, he began a non-profit foundation, the Stallworth OhYes! Foundation, which awarded four-year full scholarships to students at Howard University in Washington, D.C., and Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee, his alma maters, in August 2022.
His goal is to award many more scholarships from donations to the Stallworth OhYes! Foundation.
“Be a Rainbow in a Needy Student’s Cloud.”

Book Bubbles from "Are You a N****r or a Doctor?"

CHAPTER 9: The Puberty Clock & Basketball

Started high at twelve and made the freshman basketball team. All of my classmates and teammates were older. They discussed things I knew nothing about like "wet dreams" and I had no hair. No facial, underarm or crotch. And they made fun of boys with no hair.

Excerpt from Chapter 1: Lincoln Park, the Whi

At age 10, in the woods behind my house in Birmingham in 1955, we ran into to a White boy and his sister, unusual in our segregated neighborhood. But, nevertheless, we bonded and played together in the woods. One day we took a hike to see what this "Thing", as I called it, was which was located high on Red Mountain that bordered Birmingham south. On the way we encountered a haunted house, had an encounter with police, was chased by a dog and lady with a shotgun for raiding her peach trees. Just before we reached the Thing, this happened:

The White-Water Incident

At age 7, in Birmingham, Alabama 1952, my mom took to me to Loveman's, the largest and most luxurious department store in Birmingham at the time for a black and white 8 x 10 photo on sale that day. And White Only and Colored Only signs everyplace in "the most segregated city in the country." I wanted to taste the White Only water thinking it was special.

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