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I write highly rated paranormal thrillers with romance. My books are not what people usually expect. I push boundaries and take risks. I will go where other authors fear to tread. I can promise a satisfying HEA, but not an easy ride to that end point. My characters suffer, learn, and grow. Don't expect the usual. Don't expect a sanitized story. Expect guts, blood, pain. But also expect a love story between characters meant for each other. Characters who would die for each other. Characters who deserve their HEA. Expect a thrill ride that leaves you breathless.



Science Fiction & Fantasy

Plunged into a world he didn’t believe in, Alex Connor’s problems are only beginning. Besides adjusting to the challenges of unlife, Alex is hunted by a man bent on eliminating the local undead population. But that’s nothing compared to the difficulties with his ruthless sire who’s agenda hinges on Alex's PI skills. Then there’s the young woman who uncovers his secret and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

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Doing The Right Thing

Alex struggles a lot with right and wrong. He knows better, and he wants to do the right things. But he is what he is. I wanted Alex to struggle with the things he does, because he isn't a bad guy. He got a bad deal in life. Like most people, Alex makes choices that end in disaster.

Blind To Truth

Alex knows the truth where Whitney is concerned. He just can't accept it. And like in life, it doesn't lead to anything good for either of them.


The inspiration for this scene came from a real church in Cincinnati. It isn't called St. Michael's, but it is pretty close to the version I have described as far as physical appearance.

What's More Fun Than Miltiple Bad Guys?

I had to pit Alex against strong characters. What good is a hero who doesn't have a foe who is even stronger?

Alex And The Boogeyman

Okay, so it wasn't the boogeyman, but something more sinister. Crimson was my first "real" novel. I started out as a horror writer and this book shows it. I grew up reading everything Stephen King had written. He's the author who made me want to be a writer. So when I decided to write my first vampire novel, I wanted my lead character to have a leading lady, but I didn't want to write a romance novel. And I didn't. Crimson is blood and guts. But Alex doesn't have to go it without a love interest. In the end, I was happy with the combination of a horror with romance story.

Deadly Judgment

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Slade has only one outlet for the pain silently wearing on his soul—fighting enemies of his persecuted race. And he’s good at what he does. But the government has stepped up its game with an attempt at all out genocide. With his world on the brink of disaster, unwanted feelings for Alyssa—a lovely female he can’t resist, bring out deep-seated, internal demons that threaten to destroy him. Alyssa has had enough of male vampires and wants nothing to do with another. Until the bedraggled male who once came to her aid shows up at her door in dire need of assistance. She can’t turn him away, especially when she sees what he brought with him. Despite her determination to remain alone, he is everything she needs. But can she give her heart to someone so damaged?

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I Needed Something Big For This Book

I wanted something that would make people say "What the fuuu..." And I hit on it. What could the vampire population be infected with that would cause total panic among them and humans? It had to be good. It couldn't be small. It had to be something that would be horrifying and credible.

They Meet Again

This novel is a paranormal thriller, but it has a strong romance as well. I needed to get Slade and Alyssa together. I chose a way that would at once tear at her heart over the baby she'd lost, and at the same time, give her a chance to fill the empty void.

Bad Boys Can Be Good Guys

Slade wasn't exactly a nice person in the first book of the series. Not that he didn't have his reasons. But I knew I had to show what he was made of right off because readers were going to remember the things he'd done in the first book. Slade is a bad boy for sure. But he's also a good guy. A really good guy when push comes to shove and the kind of person you'd want to have your back.

Start With A Bang

I wanted the opening to grab people by the throat and then move quickly to put Slade in contact with the person who could save him... If he could open himself to something besides anger and pain. I also wanted to show both sides of him, the warrior, and someone capable of so much more.

Blood Judgment

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Imagine you're a vampire. Imagine everyone knows you exist. And everyone fears you. Imagine what would happen. Imagine persecution and prejudice. Imagine the government machine deciding you should be dominated, crushed, killed...for the good of the human population. Imagine trying to survive, trying to protect the ones you love. What would you do? Who would help you? Welcome to the Resistance.

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Julian Meets The Enemy

I needed an enemy stronger than the vampires. But I didn't want to invent some creature with ridiculous power. I wanted something more realistic. What then? Ah! History comes in handy. Modeling the enemy as Nazi-Lite, I had the answer. The US Government with a mission to eliminate the vampire population. The man driving the charge despises the vampires and sees no wrong in any evil he devised to use against them. It's a perfect storm of evil.

Julian Doesn't Know His Daddy

And meeting up with him might not be such a good idea. I wanted a character the exact opposite of his son. I like the way it worked out.

Facing Reality

I wanted Julian to face up to the kind of person he used to be through the eyes of one of his old friends.

Just Following Orders

I had to create a character so vile that everyone would want to kill him. I believe I have achieved that as many readers have told me what they'd like to do to Ryan Banks. This is his introduction to the series.

What Descrimination Feels Like

When I wrote the scene between two friends that had been close as brothers, I wanted to show the ugliness of pure discrimination. Even though Tommy and Julian had been best friends for years, it wasn't enough to overcome prejudice. This is Julian's first real taste of what his life has become.

What If Your Life Was A Lie?

The idea behind Blood Judgment was inspired by a song. But a question brewed into the mix. I wondered what it would be like for a person to be happily living their life and suddenly learn they were actually something they had always disliked.This question, along with inspiration from the song, led to the creation of the first Judgment book in which a successful young musician learns that life isn't always what it seems.

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