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Nancy Lee Bentley, aka 'That Gutsy Lady', is a visionary Food & Wholistic Health Expert, Author, Speaker and Mentor/Coach. A Grandmother of the Organic Movement who's done just about everything imaginable with food, she's been a true pioneer in the trenches, seeding and laying the foundations of the Healthy Food Movement.


WOODSTOCK WINDOW on Food & Health (1969-2069)

Working Title: WOODSTOCK WINDOW on Food & Health (1969-2069)

This Book Is In Development

WOODSTOCK WINDOW on Food & Health (1969-2069)

Health, Fitness & Dieting

HIGHlights and DOWNsides of Where We've Been, Where We're At and What's UP for US in the next critical 50 years! Join 'That Gutsy Lady', this authentic Grandmother of the Organic Movement's Outrageous Rollercoaster Ride Seeding the Healthy Food Movement!

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from WOODSTOCK WINDOW on Food & Health (1969-2069)

Why A WOODSTOCK Window on Food & Health?

The Woodstock experience opened up a whole new window of awareness and consciousness about healthier food and lifestyle choices. We veterans, the Beans ‘n Grains hippies from the original festival 50 years ago, were the ones who seeded the healthy food revolution still going on today. I created this lively ‘Big Picture’ Activity & Coloring Book in honor of this 50th anniversary and “Where We’ve Been”, but even more critically to frame a larger perspective and spark real discussion about “Where We’re Really At Now” and even more importantly “What’s Up for Us in the NEXT critical 50 Years” with our personal and planetary health. As outspoken as its “Do You Like Eating?” back cover header, this rockin ’‘Call-It-Like-It-Is’ retrospective spotlights KEY Issues and facts about the future of food (that most of us just don’t even want to face) in a fun and engaging way. Available on Amazon and at

Woodstock Opens a New Window

The 50th Anniversary of the original Woodstock Festival may be over, but its legacy and spirit lives on, with a very special message and significance for all of us ~ not just the few of us who were fortunate to experience Woodstock both Then & Now. But don't listen to the media that wants you to believe that Woodstock was just a one-off, a pile of dirty hippies rockin' & rollin' in the mud. As a grandmother of the organic movement, one of those original beans 'n grains hippies who not only fed people at Woodstock but made a career of it, Woodstock opened up a new window of awareness for the future, I'm now happy to share in my new WOODSTOCK WINDOW on Food & Health Activity & Coloring Book.

My Wild, Woodstock 50-Year Ride

My Award-winning essay in the Community Book Project's INDEPENDENCE Edition: 07.04.19 "What Independence Means to Me" Independence, to me as an ex-hippie, Grandmother of the Organic Movement, is not just about being at the Original Woodstock Festival, but having the guts to share my insights and experiences 50 years later! First seeing the posters advertising it in April 1969, I just knew it was going to be "far out". I was right, but what I didn't know was just how intense it would be or how it would impact my whole life. With nothing at White Lake, we loaded up Mom's '64 Plymouth Station Wagon. Still there was no preparing for the shock of 500,000 people showing up in a field without food, facilities or shelter ~ exposed, pelted with rain, wet; Yet experiencing the most ecstatic joy, peace and natural high ever. We were CommUnity with a Capital "U". And Something Else. It was transformative. Under the most extreme conditions imaginable, I proved to myself that I could do, survive anything. So what did I gain from Woodstock? My independence from need and the courage to know that I could make a difference in the world. I hope this helps you to know that you can, too! Nancy Lee Bentley 'That Gutsy Lady'

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