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Mike Ferrara's career as a military officer and a Wall Street investment manager spanned a period of forty-four years, and preceded his decision to become an author. His debut novel "The Land of the Million Elephant" was based on his experience in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. The sequel "The Sons of Lubyanka" brought his characters face to face with a declining Soviet Union and an American effort to win the cold war. Mike's latest novel is entitled "Breezing". It is set in the thoroughbred racing industry and tells the story of a young woman recovering from a traumatic brain injury to become a world class Jockey. Mike graduated from Syracuse University, and earned a Masters Degree at the Air Force Institute of Technology. He also completed an executive training program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Mike and his wife Cathy reside in Charleston, South Carolina.


The Land of the Million Elephants

Literature & Fiction

Acting on orders from President Nixon and the head of the CIA himself, young agency operative Mark Knight sets out to stop the North Vietnamese drug trade in Laos and neutralize its catastrophic impact on US forces. He works with a team that includes a Hmong warrior, a Pentagon intelligence whiz, two decorated fighter pilots, and a very beautiful Laotian woman who acts as an assistant to the US ambassador. As Knight and his team get closer to unraveling the mystery, they discover the existence of a spy and a traitor to American war efforts—someone who will go to any length to protect their identity and secrets. Intriguing and intelligent, The Land of the Million Elephants sheds light on a little-known part of the Vietnam War, providing insightful social commentary in the form of a thrilling spy novel.

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A Sad Christmas

On Christmas morning 1971 I stepped on to the flight-line and looked at 100 fighter-bombers being loaded with bombs that would soon be dropped in Vietnam and Laos. It occurred to me that nearly 2000 years after the birth of the Prince of Peace, humanity still hadn't figured it out. Right about that time an aircrew from my squadron flew a mission which I describe in "The Land of the Million Elephants." I hope you will take the time to read this chapter since it introduces readers to two important characters in the book. It's a shame that on Christmas this chapter describes an act of war rather than a time characterized by "peace on earth and good will towards men." Hopefully we can do better in the future.

Meeting a beautiful lady in a country at war.

In The Land of the Million Elephants, CIA Agent Mark Knight is sent to Laos by the Director of the Agency and tasked with stopping the flow of drugs from North Vietnam into the South. His arrival in the war-torn country of Laos begins with an introduction to a woman who will eventually have a profound impact on his mission and his life. I hope you will take the time to read chapter 8 and enjoy the meeting of two idealistic young people surrounded by a war where ideals are rarely met.

Vietnam: The Final Year

Drawing on my experiences as an Air Force Officer supporting missions in Laos during the Vietnam War, I was able to create the characters and circumstances depicted in The Land of the Million Elephants. The main character, CIA Agent Mark Knight, sets out to stop the North Vietnamese drug trade in Laos and neutralize its catastrophic impact on US forces. As Knight gets closer to unraveling the mystery of who is behind the tremendous flow of drugs, he discovers the existence of a spy and a traitor to the American war efforts - someone who will go to any length to protect their identity. In this book I try to shed light on a little-known part of the Vietnam War, by providing social commentary in the form of a thrilling spy novel.

The Sons of Lubyanka

Literature & Fiction

In the decade of the 1980’s dramatic events took place on the global stage that brought the Cold War to an end and precipitated the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Empire. Historic agreements between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev captured the headlines of newspapers all over the world, but behind the scenes there was a real threat to the success of this rapprochement between the superpowers. Air Force Colonel Brick Autry, a staffer on the National Security Council and a former prisoner of war in North Vietnam, is lured to a meeting with a shadowy Russian KGB officer who informs him of a network of spies known as the sons of Lubyanka. This espionage effort is comprised of former American soldiers, captured by the North Vietnamese, and transported to the Lubyanka prison in Moscow where they are brainwashed and trained to serve the Soviet Union. Once embedded in the United States this team of spies and assassins presents a challenge to the peace process being pushed by the Reagan Administration.

Book Bubbles from The Sons of Lubyanka

Love in Black and White

Colonel Brick Autry, the primary character in The Sons of Lubyanka falls in love with a female FBI agent named Briana Little who happens to be African American. As an author it is fun to pair two very different people in a romantic connection. You can highlight their different backgrounds, cultures, and paths to success, but ultimately love conquers all. I hope you enjoy reading this passage from the book that exemplifies how their relationship is evolving.

A ghost from Hanoi reappears in Beirut

Colonel Brick Autry, a National Security Advisor to President Reagan, is lured to the middle east where he is confronted by a KGB General. This is the same man who tortured American POWs in the Hanoi Hilton. Autry's initial instinct for revenge is tempered by the General's message: world peace is at risk unless Autry can track down a cohort of spies and assassins referred to in Moscow as "The Sons of Lubyanka." His mission begins in Beirut and circles the globe until it ends on the streets of Washington D.C. The first section of Chapter 3 describes the initial meeting between Colonel Autry and the ghost from Hanoi.

A Night at the White House

The opening scene of "The Sons of Lubyanka" takes place at a lavish State Dinner in the White House. President and Mrs. Reagan are hosting international dignitaries but the primary character for this story, Air Force Colonel Brick Autry, is finding out for the first time that the situation in the Kremlin may not be as well positioned for peace negotiations as he had hoped. Sinister forces in Moscow are at work to subterfuge future disarmament talks between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Thus begins a worldwide journey for Colonel Autry to hunt down and terminate the Sons of Lubyanka.

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