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Madam Crystal Butterfly, AKA Maxie Afua Braigo Nyame, is an author and successful part-time entrepreneur. She is a half-African-American, half-Ghanaian born and raised in the great state of Georgia. She loves writing fantasy novels because it allows her to create new and exciting worlds for people to enjoy. Inspired by her twin cultural heritages, she has a passion for weaving cultures and histories together to create fascinating new narrative tapestries.


Violet Evergreen in the seeds of rebellion

Violet Evergreen in the seeds of rebellion

Literature & Fiction

The truth is bitter…but it will set you free. Violet is an extraordinary young woman, who is thrown into a world of uncertainty and questions after losing her parents to unknown killer’s. After a bitter custody fight, Violet is given over to her cruel aunt and uncle. She finds herself facing questions about her past and the secrets her guardian’s hide. Forced by her guardians to go on dates and stick to a rigorous starvation diet, in order to land a husband, Violet finds that the world she has been forced into does not favor her. She goes on a quest to find answers and to change the world she lives in. But she soon finds that her quest is impeded by forces both within and outside of herself. Will Violet succeed in finding answers or will the powers that be stop her?

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This is where the mystery begins


This part of the story is where I cast more suspicion as to why my character Drusilla is demand to make Violet's life hard.

The Frog Prince

Literature & Fiction

Curse of the Frog Prince: Part 1” by Madam Crystal Butterfly is a retelling of the timeless tale of the frog prince. In this re-envisioned version of the classic Brothers Grimm fable, the author puts an exciting new spin on the story of a princess who encounters a frog prince when she loses a gold ball.” THIS STORY IS FOR OLDER TEENS AND ADULTS

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The frog is TALKING!!!

This is one of my most favorite parts of my story. In too many frog prince renditions there is no reaction to the frog talking as abnormal. Even when talking animals are not the norm within the story. I wanted my princess to have a real world reaction to a talking frog. Not to just do something different. But to also make it so that my story feels more real. And the does not feel like they are just accepting something just to get through the story.

Trapped but not broken

In this seen the main character has no major cards to get her way. Logically in this situation the main character needs a deus ex machina to help them out. However Princess Akinyi does not have that kind of luck. Her only option is to go to extremes no one of her social status in her situation would be expected to. In order to get something she wants. I mostly did this so the reader can put standard expectations of how situations like this out of their minds. And have more fun reading the story unchained with the expected fairy tail formula.


In this story I wanted to show that Princess Akinyi is not a damsel in distress. She instead is placing herself in an obvious less than great situation in order to protect her people and find a way to get an advantage over her foe.

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