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Maurice Suwa is a writer and a pastor. He is the author of Amazon Bestseller "I AM the Origin of Species!" He has also authored several titles, including “The Lamb’s Epistle,” a semifinalist in the Munce/Westbow Press (Thomas Nelson) Writing Contest. For over a decade, he pastored two parishes of a global church network. Today he runs The Voice of One, a teaching ministry with emphasis on World Religions, Christian Apologetics, and the End Times. Maurice is married to Laura and has two lovely children. He resides in the Middle East, consulting in advertising and publishing. His hobbies include Reading (which features an eclectic taste) and Traveling (which has taken him to Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America). Visit him at


"I AM the Origin of Species!"

Christian Books & Bibles

In “I AM the Origin of Species!” the Mind of Christ finds its voice, challenging man’s worldviews and charging the believer to deeper faith. Written in the spirit of Jesus’ letters in Revelation, these epistles clarify biblical truths, affirm God’s counsel on today’s burning issues (evolution, atheism, America’s secularity, sexuality, the stewardship of pastors, African Traditional Religion, the occult…), and call all men to newness and fullness of Life in Christ.

Book Bubbles from "I AM the Origin of Species!"

Creation and Evolution are Ever Contrary

Whenever I try to imagine how one could wish to harmonize the theory of evolution with the creation story, I come down with brain aches. For me, it is simply inconceivable. Cut it whichever way you choose, spin it in whichever direction, creation and evolution are mutually exclusive. How intelligent scientists who profess believe in the Judeo-Christian God are able to marry these two is puzzling. These men, with all due respect for the great feats they have achieved in their secular callings, are wrong. It just cannot be done. Firstly, the theory of evolution contends that uncaused, natural processes whim-med all into being. The creation story, on the other hand, asserts that an uncaused personal Creator created all things and formed all beings. In trying to harmonize these two disparate positions, some scholars have resorted to speculations like God initiated creation and then used evolution to run the machine. But this is not tenable. Caused and uncaused are two contrary points of view to me. Supernatural agency with natural causes seem incompatible to me. Also, the Bible states that God completed and perfected his creation, leaving no room for further modifications by ‘natural selection.’ I believe it is either a case of ideological prostitution or intellectual dishonesty to hold to this odd idea called theistic evolution.

I AM America's Judge, Lawgiver, and King!

America, as a nation, has effectively severed the cord that once tucked her dear. Though God is her Judge, her Lawgiver, and her King, though He is exalted astride her court, her congress, and her president, she has in word and deed cast off restraint and jettisoned her Anchor, the very One who berthed the Mayflower (that ship that ferried the believers seeking a sanctuary for Christ). Yes, America’s fathers—those pilgrims and strangers, pioneers and settlers—were nurtured in God’s truth. They pledged and appealed to the One they called “the Supreme Judge of all the earth.” When they spoke of their new homeland, America, they acknowledged her ‘One nation under God.’ When they sang their anthem, they intoned, ‘In God is our trust.’ When they sat in council, they implored, ‘God save the United States.’ When they forged their coinage, they affirmed, ‘In God we trust.’ When they swore an oath, they declared, ‘So, help me God.’ And whenever they pondered posterity, they bid, ‘God bless America.’ But today America’s sons have denied the oath their fathers swore. Yes, they ape their words and voice God’s name, yet they disclaim Him haughtily still. When will America return to faith and return from destruction?

I Have Sold My Soul to the Devil!

It fascinates me every time I hear some celebrity has sold his soul to the devil. I mean, I had always thought this was one of those creepy things you hear in a Dracula-themed movie. But this was before I heard it live on TV. A singer had this to say: “I have sold my soul to the devil … that’s a crappy deal.” And crappy it is, no doubt. Yet those signing up for it today are literarily a multitude. Some are seduced by gain or fame, reeled in by ignorance, or blackmailed into it. Together, these ones have defied the exalted One and deified the fallen one, bestowing worship on the heady goat. They have exalted their horns, lifted their hearts in pride, and held the Lord God in contempt. Satan, intend on selling them to a ruinous scheme, has assured them ‘there was no fall, therefore no sin; no devil, hence no evil; no Christ, thus no cross.’ And this lie have they bought into and even become ‘evangelists’ for. But does God wish wrath upon them? No, He desires that none of them should perish; He loves them and longs for them with outspread arms. He indeed seeks their redemption (2 Peter 3:9). But will they someday estrange their strange ways and come to repentance?

Jesus Letter to Pastors!

Today, we Christians are lost, adrift on the wings of waves driven by winds of varied doctrines. The Bible cautions thus: “Be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness;” -Eph. 4:14 However, this very confusion is the grim reality. We, in fact, do not have Christian imperatives. Every doctrine is sliced along conservative or main line interpretations and diced into liberal 'quintessentials' or fundamentalist essentials. In the first century church, there was the apostolic view and the gnostic view of the gospel. There were the four Gospels and then the other gospels. Now that the canon is closed, why has the confusion persisted? Some pastors contend we cannot be sure about every doctrine, since most are open to varied interpretations. This is the line towed by the emergent church and the Church’s liberal clergy. But is this true and factual? In the Apostles' day, it took the formulating of the Apostle’s Creed to codify the essential doctrines of Christ. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, it took the Christian fundamentalist movement coining 'The Fundamentals,' a specific number of classic beliefs of Christianity, to define Christian doctrine. What then are the finite principles and ancient landmarks of our faith?

There is a Mind behind Nature!

Evolutionists and atheistic scientists desperately want us to believe that the earth and life (in its ranks and phyles) proceeded from purely naturalistic, un-caused, and unguided processes. If true, then that makes us mindless bags of rioting molecules, unhinged and headed purposelessly nowhere. Friends, this is that frightful ‘fairy’ tale Charles Darwin foisted on humanity, which thinking (?) humans have come to accept. I, for one, am at odds how we got pass the commonsensical truism: "Nothing comes from nothing" and "Life can only come from life." The question, in a nut shell, is: "Who caused the primordial soil?" and "What life-giving spirit breathed forth the primal life-form?" In this book, Yahweh answers the question: “I AM the Origin of Species!”

I AM Your Liberty, O America!

Freedom has its captivity. When one frees himself from the One who gives him freedom, he unwittingly binds himself to the one from whom he was once set free. America cherishes freedom, but she is not free. She instead has bound herself to the tyranny of liberty and enslaved herself to ruination. America will be free again when she embraces her true Liberty! That's my point. What is yours?

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