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Pilot, rocket scientist, financial advisor, musician, black belt, dad, husband, philanthropist... I like to live life to its fullest and give back when able. Writing first book based on 20+ year history helping business owners transition and take care of the people/causes important to them. Book will be "Bottom Line of Happiness".


The Bottom Line of Happiness

Business & Investing

Is your business built for success? Is it built to maximize your personal happiness? Like many business owners, your business isn’t just about making money. You’re also passionate about taking care of yourself and your family, employees, and community. It’s a cornerstone of your business’ success and a key driver in your decision making. But until now, this facet of business has been often overlooked. That is, until now.

The Bottom Line of Happiness: Financial Strategies and Exit Planning for the Big-Hearted Business Owner™ is designed to help mission-driven business owners at every stage of their business’s life cycle create the foundations for success and fulfillment. Author Matthew Pardieck knows a thing or two about navigating corporate success while maintaining a happy and fulfilling life. A former aeronautical engineer and pilot, Pardieck has worked in wealth management for over 25 years helping business owners find success and serenity.

In this revolutionary guide, Pardieck shares ideas on:

  • shaping your business around your true north;
  • keeping you and your business on course while you take care of yourself and those important to you;
  • financial and tax strategies to help you and your causes as you build and grow a business;
  • choosing an exit strategy that fits your financial and life goals;
  • living a fulfilling life with a big heart before and after your business exit.

As a Big-Hearted Business Owner™, you have the ability to create new wealth and improve your community. The Bottom Line of Happiness will teach you to effectively navigate the tax, planning, and financial landscape to your advantage, to benefit those who are most important to you. Pardieck's tried-and-true techniques have helped owners fulfill their corporate and personal goals as well as potentially saving them millions in taxes. If you are ready to thrive—not just survive—as a business owner, and give your most philanthropic goals the priority they deserve, this is where to start.

Book Bubbles from The Bottom Line of Happiness

Why Prologue and Prayers to Uvalde

We've seen so many dark moments since the Pandemic and this week added perhaps one of its worse chapters. The feelings of anger, despair and sadness run deep for everyone and certainly we must rally and pray for those devastated families in TX as we gratefully hug our young children. These events tear at the fabric of our shared humanity. My prologue was my small observation and offering that the Big-Hearted Business Owner has been and will continue to be in a unique position to minister to this fabric. The owner has leverage in their actions as they are leaders of people, providers to families, and supporters of communities. Acts of kindness, acts of faith, and recognition of our shared humanity (such as the safety of our kids) are important at all levels. But, now more than ever, we look to the owners in our local communities to be this innovative force for good, even if it's just simple acts of kindness. Small things in large quantities make big differences.

Why Dedication to Late Sister

My sister Rachel was 10 years younger than me, full of life and a kind, passionate soul. As a psychology major, she was always interested in how to make people feel better. She had a small business "Healing Hands" focused not just on massage therapy, but also ancient healing methods such as Reiki and EFT Tapping. She was a wonderful mother (James) and wife (KC) and an amazing musician who could sing with unbelievable power from her tiny 100lb frame. Her songwriting (band "Little Pieces") reflected 'little pieces' of herself-check it out online. We lost her in 2015 to brain cancer, but she stayed positive throughout and wrote in her book how to live life fully regardless of outcome. Shouldn't we all live that way with or without a diagnosis? A big-hearted business owner can own any size business: she was a perfect example.

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