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Mary  Gallagher Hannigan

Mary is a retired social worker, arts and crafts teacher, boat skipper, activities coordinator for a retirement home, administrator, and dental nurse. However, she is still a busy nana and voluntary worker when she is not writing, felting, sewing, knitting, painting, and playing the Ukulele. She also does occasional numerology and psychic readings for friends and family.
She has written and self-published four books and numerous short stories for children.


Journeys of Soul, Mind and Body

Biographies & Memoirs

This book is an edited and revised edition of my book, Journeys to Heaven. Although both books are similar, I’ve amended sufficient content to justify a newly revamped book.
Both books detail what happened to me during an operation about thirty years ago. The doctors did not expect any complications. However, I began to bleed internally, and as the doctors fought to save my life, something extraordinary happened to me. My mind experienced a journey to another existence as real as the one I lived on Earth. As my body fought to stay alive, I felt another part of me, which I call my soul, travel to a different realm. On the journey, I met my deceased mother-in-law.
Upon arriving at my destination, I met an “energy” that I describe as God and other spiritual beings. As Catholics growing up in the ’60s and ‘70s, we learned that God was a strong, punishing being to be feared and obeyed. The Catholic religion also referred to God as He or Him.
Therefore, I spent my childhood frightened of an angry male Catholic God.
During my NDE, I met a gentle, loving God, which is why I refer to this supreme Being as “The Gentle.” The Being I met in heaven was infinite energy composed of pure love and cherished all of us and wished us to love and cherish It in return. As this being was neither male nor female, I don’t call it “He” or “Him.” I decided to call It God the Gentle.
After my death experience, I found that my psychic abilities had increased. My mind could foretell the future in my mortal body, speak to the deceased, and give healing messages to the living.
I also discovered that my mind continued to psychically travel to the vast “lands” of heaven, at certain times, across the years. While I slept, my mind joined my soul, and we journeyed through this infinite realm. Before my near-death experience, I wasn’t sure if heaven existed or what it was like, and was amazed to find that it does exist, judging by my experiences.
In the following chapters, I also discuss the relationship between our souls, minds, and bodies, in some detail, including how our souls can guide us to more contented and productive lives if we listen to them. I’m convinced that each soul is on an extraordinary journey between life in the human body and the energy in the soul itself when the mind will eventually see and live in its natural home.
In the ensuing chapters, I move between my upbringing and spiritual experiences. I also detail the contents of dream states encountered by the soul, which I term “journey dreams,” and describe the angels I met in the place I refer to as heaven, especially my guiding angel Ban. During a meeting with God the Gentle, I met Ban, who would remain close to me during my recovery. I also knew this angel would guide and support me for the rest of my life. I can see and hear this angel in my mind. I called him Ban as it’s the Irish word for white, but also a bawn is a protective wall around ancient dwellings.

The Gentle showed me other Planets inhabited by other peoples, some like humans and some fascinating beings living in lands where humanity may eventually reside if we destroy the Earth. I describe that in the sequel “Journeys to Other Planets.”

I also describe my physical and sexual abuse after my mother died when I was six and continued with my stepmother until I left home. The abuse continued from priests, affecting my life and religious beliefs.
It has taken me over 25 years to write this book as I wanted it to be perfect. It still has many flaws but it is the best I can do. I hope you enjoy it and get some comfort and guidance.


Book Bubbles from Journeys of Soul, Mind and Body


Biographies & Memoirs

This book continues my first book, “Journeys of Soul, Mind, and Body.” The first book describes how I experienced a near-death experience during an operation. When I hovered between life and death, I travelled with my soul to the lands of heaven and met God the Gentle, Ban, my Guardian Angel, the angels, and other beings who reside in these lands.

When I recovered from the operation, I found I could travel to heaven in my mind, speak to the dead, and bring healing messages back to the living. More importantly, I discovered the true meaning of our existence and that God the Gentle, the parent of our souls, loves all of us unconditionally. I could sometimes foretell the future, see people’s personalities in their handwriting, and even read their minds. However, I try not to do so unless invited, as I consider it rude and invasive.

We managed to pollute our planet almost irrevocably, and many people wonder where humanity will go if our world dies. Our souls will continue to evolve in different species, some human, others not, but all capable of the Gentle’s essence, love. This book attempts to describe some of the planets under God's care so that humanity can continue its existence on these other planets if we succeed in destroying our planet.

Some of the civilisations include The Beekats, The Aesthetes, The Splindlers, The Water Dancers, The Sealand, Land of the Scientists, The Wheel World, The Mud Makers, The Square Planet etc.

Apart from describing my years on the Inland Waterways of Ireland, living on my barge, I speak about my previous lives in other bodies to make the book more interesting.


The Water Dancer

This chapter describes the life of an indigenous girl who was taken to be trained as a concubine for the invading army. The most unusual aspect of this story was the feeding and toilet method the invaders used to care for their charges. As they had so many slaves they used specially adapted tubes to feed and toilet them. Also, the invaders were all female in anatomy but male in disposition.

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