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Marie  Judson

Marie Judson is a Northern California native. She has Masters degrees in depth psychology, education and communication, has taught college and served as editor for scholarly journals. Now she teaches high school. She’s been a fantasy reader since her teens and is especially drawn to mind powers and the magic of ancient writing, symbols and sentient beings. She also studies archetypes and the unconscious. Marie loves singing harmony and tries to grow vegetables. Follow her at


Elf Stone of the Neyna

Literature & Fiction

Called by a strange and thrumming voice that cannot be shut out, Yanda deserts everything--her small daughter, her post as surgeon, her life on Planet Alland. Pulled across the universe, her ship is waylaid by the dark mage, Kridenit (“Krid”), who collects those with talents. Though she’s had the ability to see through, into bodies, past walls, since childhood, she’s never known the extent of her powers. Now, owned by Krid, needed by the Elves, she must find a way out of the Terlond Citadel to help prevent Krid from obtaining the great Elf Stone of the Neyna and fulfilling his nefarious plans for them all.

Book Bubbles from Elf Stone of the Neyna

Waylaid on a small moon called Farn

Yanda has been called from everything she knows: her position as surgeon on Planet Alland, her family, her life until now. Why is she imprisoned with nine other females? Does something tie them together?

Braided Dimensions

Literature & Fiction

Kay Halefin is drawn into a world beyond anything she conceived as a professor of ancient languages. She follows Baird, a medieval bard, into the past. Enigmatic, enchanting, he “kens her spirit.” But he has a partner in his time, Kyna - healer, weaver, magic worker, and Kay’s doppelganger. Living in Kyna’s mind, Kay gains knowledge of magic, time travel and mind melding. Yet her new skills will soon be tested by the most powerful mages of that time who would like to control Kyna and the Thirteen, her magical council. With a golden crystal and other tools, Kay begins to wield her own powers as she finds herself tangled in a web of connections with the past, as she tries to keep danger from those she loves in the 21st century.

Book Bubbles from Braided Dimensions

First encounter with the medieval bard

When I think back on this book published in 2018, my mind often goes to this scene. I think it anchors my heart and spirit in this story, and never fails to excite a load of feelings in me.

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