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Lisa Jensen is a freelance writer with an extensive background in ghost writing. Telling other people’s stories in a compelling way that honors them was the basis of a fulfilling career for many years. Now, though, she has shifted gears to focus on her own writing. That emerging work includes non-fiction and humor, published under variations of her name, as well as fiction written under the pen name Maris Parker. Her enthusiasm and ambition for telling all the stories stockpiled in an idea folder tucked away on a jump drive keep writing at the center of her life. However, Lisa makes time for reading, yoga and resistance training, and cooking, and she has an insatiable curiosity about all things spiritual. She lives with her husband and animal family—including four Chihuahuas, three cats, and an African grey parrot—in Southeast Idaho near the Wyoming border, which means getting to spend a lot of time in the “home of her heart,” the Alpine/Jackson area. Join Lisa’s mailing list at for fun giveaways and news about upcoming books. Connect with her on or on You can also contact her at


You Already Know formatted

Religion & Spirituality

EASY, ACTIONABLE STEPS TO CONNECT YOU TO INTUITION SO YOU CAN HEAR WHAT IT’S SAYING Answers, warnings, and wisdom are all around, pulsing through the invisible cosmic web that makes up everything in our physical world. How would it be to have access to that knowledge and use it along with more traditional, common sense information to guide you in the right direction as well as help make the big and small life decisions that come your way? Everyone is capable of accessing intuition, but many don’t know how to connect to it or how to tell if the message they’re getting is intuitive. You Already Know is a quick primer outlining practices that increase your sensitivity to intuition. You’re likely familiar with all of them, but you may not be aware of how effective they are when used together with the intention of honing your intuitional skills. If you doubt your intuitive abilities or have tried and felt like you haven’t been able to connect to intuition, you’re in the right place. This short ebook provides necessary foundational information then cuts to the chase, briefly and succinctly demystifying the practice of hearing intuition and explains in clear terms how you can tap into Universal wisdom to improve your life experience.

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Permission to Pursue Your Dreams

As a writer, I’m grateful my creative and professional intentions crossed paths. I love the process of setting down ideas and stories in a way that entertains, intrigues, and informs. And I also love learning everything possible about honing the craft. I didn’t always feel at home in these writer’s shoes, however. Even after I began earning money writing magazine articles and ghostwriting books, I still felt I needed permission to write what I wanted to. Don’t get me wrong—I enjoyed telling other people’s stories, but I had a file brimming with story ideas and my heart was pulling me to write them. Thankfully, I’d been working on upping my consciousness game, and I began noticing possibilities being sent my way. Possibilities for learning more about the art of storytelling, for working with editors, publishers, and other professionals. Even my schedule was flexing, allowing time to work on personal projects. Apparently, the Universe was granting me the permission I was seeking. This new path I find myself on is energizing. Whatever your age, wherever you are in your life or career, my New Year’s wish is that you don’t wait for permission to pursue your dream. Ask and it will be given. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened. Make 2020 your dream year.

Seeking Out the Quiet of the Season

Many holiday traditions center on the hubbub of the shopping season, the sensory overload of blinking lights and Christmas carols blaring, and the general buzz and chaos of family and friends gathering. There’s nothing wrong with those things—I have a treasure-trove of holiday memories that include one or all of them. However, as my spiritual journey progresses, I’m increasingly drawn to the quiet spaces and I especially appreciate them during the holidays. There’s no denying that immersing yourself in the bustle and decorations in shops, pulling up some Christmas music on Spotify, and getting together with friends and family can get you in the holiday spirit. But don’t forget to set aside some quiet time. That precious time sipping cocoa or coffee by the Christmas tree and reflecting on what you’re grateful for intensifies the holiday spirit. Plus, the quiet, the meditation, and the gratitude will benefit you in ways beyond the moment. It can heal you, restore you, and effortlessly connect you to everything. Those calm, quiet spaces are the places where you’ll hear direction and answers to prayer. Sure, you’re busy. We all are, but don’t think of them as stolen moments. Give them as a gift to yourself, one you’re allowed to open before December 25th and continue to enjoy every day of the coming year.

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