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Writing is one of the few magical things left in the world. It allows the human soul to soar to unimaginable heights. A freedom unlike any other. I began writing poetry and short stories immediately after learning basic writing skills. I would turn to writing as a coping mechanism. It is the one place that i can say anything on my mind without repercussions. The one place i am free to just be. Be anything, anyone or go anywhere. I hope my readers find comfort and peace in my writing. I write to connect not only with my readers but in hopes my readers connect with themselves and each-other. Happy Reading! Thank you for visiting!


Cheat Sheet to Emotional Freedom (Struggle Positive Series)

Working Title: Cheat Sheet to Emotional Freedom (Struggle Positive Series)

This Book Is In Development

Cheat Sheet to Emotional Freedom (Struggle Positive Series)


Struggle Positive is a deep dive into the mind of anxiety and depression. Its discovery of personal success and emotional freedom is derived from the deepest depths of depression. The ten step journey paves the way for mental illness survivors to kick the sad and live by their own definition.

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from Cheat Sheet to Emotional Freedom (Struggle Positive Series)

Focus your energy

It's important to keep yourself focused.

Bumps in the road

Never quit!

unique discoveries

we are all different and yet connected.


Struggle Positive is a raw and uncut guide to the true challenges of life and how to overcome any obstacle it presents.

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