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Linda  Riesenberg Fisler

When award winning author and fine art artist, Linda Riesenberg Fisler, isn’t working on her next book, she is painting in her studio. The former P&G manager explores art through her worldwide Internet podcast, “Art Chats with Linda Fisler”. Linda has been creative since childhood, writing stories, scripts, and TV shows to entertain friends. Blind Influence, her debut fiction novel placed in three competitions: Paris (France) Book Festival, Hollywood Book Festival and the Great Midwest Book Festival. She is currently working on the third book in the Blind Series as well as working on two other fictions books. Riesenberg Fisler is also working on converting Blind Influence into a script as the possibilities continue to grow. Tales of Reginnis is a fantasy book by Riesenberg Fisler in which a new world is being created. Inspired by her visit to New Zealand, this series is in the early stages. Riesenberg Fisler has also started writing The Art of Oppression, a fiction series centering on a female artist’s journey to becoming a master artist. This book can be enjoyed by joining her membership website, Artistic Harmonies as well as deleted scenes from all books.


Blind Intention

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Accepted into Harvard Law School in 1964, Nicole Charbonneau and 21 other female law students did not expect an easy rode to graduation, considering they were the first women ever accepted into Harvard Law. In a world where bullying and sexual harassment seem to go unpunished, can Nicole and the 21 other female law students make it to graduation? Across the Atlantic Ocean, Sean Adkins is about to enter the final test of his MI-6 studies at Fort Monckton.The Recon Test was about to start and his friend, Kent Chapman, was consumed with worry. During the test, Sean meets Basque ETA rebel who is on his way to Northern Ireland to help the IRA. Does Sean's discovery alter the test results and catapult him into the clandestine world he has been desiring to enter ahead of his graduation? In May of 1961, President Kennedy announced the funding for special operational forces and an expansion in spending for unconventional warfare. Robert Jenkins, who as a child listened to the swashbuckling tales of his father's adventures as a Navy Scout and Raiders in WWII, is about to participate in Hell Week. Will he endure Hell Week and perform well enough to move onto the 21 weeks of SEAL training? Blind Intention is a prequel novella which provides back stories on the three main characters of Linda Riesenberg Fisler's debut novel, Blind Influence.

Book Bubbles from Blind Intention

Meet Senator Jenkins--Frank Underwood in disguise?

I had the opportunity to catch House of Cards on Netflix during my recent book tour. I have had readers write me to say that they think Senator Jenkins is Frank Underwood in disguise. I don't see that, but then, I've been keeping Jenkins a bit of mystery. Hopefully he will surprise you all in book three. For now, get acquainted with a young Bobby Jenkins as he goes through Hell Week. Blind Intention is free over on my website: (Look up at the menu bar and you'll see a tab called free downloads.) Enjoy!!

Nicole's Life at Harvard-Download this free book!

Blind Intention is a prequel novella to the Blind Series (Blind Influence and Blind Persuasion). Set in 1964, the three short stories focus on Nicole, Sean and Bobby as they prepare for the rest of there lives. In an earlier bubble, I talked about Nicole being 1 of 22 women to attend Harvard's first integrated male/female class. This Blind Intention novella gives you the rest of the story--absolutely free. Go to to snatch your copy of Blind Intention for FREE!

From Brush to Palette Knife

Arts & Photography

Want to paint with luscious texture and broken color but just can’t seem to break free? Then this instructional painting book is for you! Award winning painter, author and Art Chat podcast host Linda Riesenberg Fisler has been inspiring artists to break through their creative blocks with her unique painting process. This book walks you through the process with plenty of step by step instruction and comments. Riesenberg Fisler has been teaching artists to paint at the Middletown Arts Center, online at Artist Network University and through private lessons for over twenty years. Mentored originally by Kevin Macpherson, Joe Anna Arnett and George Gallo and co-founder of Artist Mentors Online, Riesenberg Fisler’s experience provides you with the tools needed to break down the painting process into four areas of study. She refers to these areas of study as the four pillars to creating great art: drawing, composition, understanding values and color, and adding emotion. You will learn to draw by using two different methods that help train your eye to see drawing mistakes. After drawing, you will discover basic compositions that form the backbone of any masterpiece.

Book Bubbles from From Brush to Palette Knife

It's all about mastering edges.

In my podcasts, Art Chat with Linda Fisler, there have been so many memorable moments. This discussion on edges was one of them. Painting with a Palette Knife, you have to be careful with your edges. Hard edges stop the eye. Viewers get tired and walk away. Learn how to see and how to paint edges. Texture is great, but so are smooth passages. Like a whisper, smooth passages can grab attention quickly too!

Are you seeing the actual color?

How you see and not listening to what your brain is telling you is so important for artists! Remember back in kindergarten or pre-school when you were told to draw a tree? We were told that the leaves are green and the trunk is brown. But they aren't!!! This book helps you to see. Don't listen to those old perceptions and really look at color. I think you'll be surprised that tree trunks aren't brown! Reflected light, how we observe nature, is it a hard edge--these are important things to learn!

Blind Influence

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Successful, sexy attorney Nicole Charbonneau feels content with her life and career as a star at a powerful law firm in Washington, DC. She is blind, however, to the circumstances that will put her at the center of a web of deceit, murder, power plays and conspiracies. Across the ocean, British MI-6 Agent Sean Adkins is tracking a cold-blooded assassin known as the Serpent, who’s been hired to kill President Andrews. The Serpent cares only for the millions he’ll get, not why the powerful group of men wants Andrews killed. The Serpent, a master of disguise, completes his job, but will it be his last? Sean will stop at nothing to get revenge, which includes setting a trap. Nicole, through her work and her connection with Robert Jenkins, a powerful young senator who happens to head the Intelligence Committee, pieces together who hired the assassin. Will the senator reveal to the public all he knows, or will revealing the identities of the powerful businessmen, politicians and government officials be too much for a country already in a fragile state? Blind Influence, set in 1979 when the United States was on the brink of its second oil crisis, takes readers on a wild ride of political intrigue and personal discovery.

Book Bubbles from Blind Influence

Norm: A Retired General, Oil Baron, but is he hono

Norman Sipes attained the rank of five star general and served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was forced to retire from that position and long time friends pushed him to purchase an oil company. Back in the 1980's, oil embargoes caused some pain at the pump, and Norm's company was failing. He needed a miracle. Was he willing to do the dishonorable thing in order to payback debts and make his high power business partners happy?

It's Free!! One time only and it ends Friday!

As a thank you, I wanted to share the first book of the Blind Series with as many lovers of mystery/suspense/political intrigue as I can reach! Share this one time only offer with as many friends as you can! And remember, book two (Blind Persuasion) awaits you when you finish the 3 time award winning Blind Influence! (At this writing, Blind Influence is ranked #10 best selling free mystery.) Enjoy the adventure by clicking here:

Have House of Cards Withdraw? There's a Cover Up B

I have to confess that I didn't have access to Netflix until recently. While I nursed my kitty cat for the last six weeks, I broke down and obtained Netflix. I binged on House of Cards. There were a couple points where it became more fantasy than something I could believe happening, but it is entertaining, having been a Kevin Spacey fan for forever. I found it interesting that my readers compared Jenkins to Underwood. Only time will tell if he really is like him. I know, but I'm not telling. In this excerpt, Nicole is sure that a cover up is happening---and there is something about the shoes of the dead Secret Service agent, but she can't put her finger on it. The answer reveals a little about her past.

Jenkins Makes His Play

Jenkins is known as the most eligible bachelor on Capitol Hill. His dark brown eyes and brown hair are divine and as Nicole notes--any woman could get lost in those eyes. His southern charm, which he uses often, could make a woman melt. But does Nicole fall for all that? Is she smart enough to determine who Jenkins actually is? Will Jenkins prevail in his wooing of Nicole and win her over?

Where Does that Sass Come From?

Nicole is as sassy as she is sexy. I'd like to share with you where that sass comes from and it is key to this character. Nicole was in the first male/female integrated class at Harvard Law School. In 1964, Harvard "allowed" female students to attend classes on the Harvard campus. There were 566 men and 22 females in that class. At graduation, of the 22 women, 15 graduated and 1 committed suicide. Judith Richards Hope and Congresswoman Pat Schroeder were a part of the Class of 1964. Hope wrote about her experiences and Congresswoman Schroeder worked in Congress for Women's Rights. Nicole gets a lot of her sass from me. I experienced discrimination while working at a top consumer products company. Nicole has the voice that I feel I may have lacked.

Who Shot the President?

I was very young when JFK was assassinated. I remember when LBJ died. My mom said,"That man took the secret of who assassinated JFK with him to his grave." While doing research, I stumbled upon articles in which Jackie and Bobby Kennedy expressed their belief that LBJ had a hand in the assassination. As a result of that research and a personal feeling that he directed the discovery of evidence, this story was born.

Will Jacques tell Sean what he needs to know?

I choose to start Blind Influence with Sean Adkins, the MI6 agent tracking the Serpent, because the series revolves around these characters finding their way through a chain reaction of events. It is journey of self-discovery and Sean has been on the journey the longest. Sean is so obsessed with killing the Serpent, Sean's lust for revenge has blinded him from living. Will he find that urge to live a more balanced life?

Blind Persuasion

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Nicole is trying to find her way back to a peaceful life. Still looking out windows for Sean and wondering if he is doing well, she finds strength and comfort with the compassionate Senator Jenkins. With Nicole by his side, Jenkins declares his candidacy for president of the United States. However, he is harboring two dirty little secrets--he is haunted and seduced by the power these secrets could afford him. Jenkins's run for president sets off a chain reaction that engulfs Nicole, Sean, and Jenkins. Will the dirty little secrets be exposed in time for the election? Will Jenkins be able to satisfy Nicole's demands? Will Sean and Nicole live to expose the secrets and identify the conspirators?

Book Bubbles from Blind Persuasion

Is Sean Happy Nicole is With Jenkins?

Yes, there is a love triangle in the Blind Series. Nicole is a successful, independent female who endured the abuse of being in Harvard Law School's first female integrated class. Professors and students did everything in their power in hopes the integration would fail and send the 22 females (versus 566 males) running from the school grounds and back to the kitchen where they belonged. Nicole holds high standards for the men in her life. Will Sean or Bobby be able to live up to them?

Does He or Doesn't He?

In the mood for some teasing romance. Then this book is for you! Will Nicole stay with Jenkins? Does she really love Jenkins? What is the attraction to Sean? It's been fun playing with the relationship between these three characters. I hope you'll enjoy the ride.

Who are wolves in sheep's clothing?

My work experience in Corporate America gave me many interesting experiences. I was working in a male dominated career, very few women, but it never ceased to amaze me how these women would tear each other up versus lifting them up and forming a stronger coalition. I still see this today. If a woman gets a promotion, "She's sleeping with the boss." Behind their backs, women will tear apart the virtue of other women. That's a mass rationalization, but it occurs more than we like to think. I address this in the book with Nicole's character being witness to one such event at the Barker's dinner party. She later discusses this with Jenkins. Enjoy--and let's build each other up!

What are Sean and Elliot doing?

When I began the Blind Series, it was 1979. I was working at Procter and Gamble at the time. When I started, computers were just starting to be used by companies. My journey with computers started there--working with both MAC and Windows based machines. My thoughts always took me to what the covert world was doing to create programs for tracking assassins or enemies of the state. While Sean is devoted to helping Elliot understand the Serpent's mindset, his mind is clearly on what has happened to Nicole. Is she safe? Debriefing makes Sean relive his past once again and he begins to wonder if Nicole is his savior.

Is Sean free of nightmares?

Sean's MI-6 life has been anything but pleasant. The Serpent has taken his toll on Sean's life. While trying to recover from the last round of battle with the Serpent, Sean disappeared back into the darkness that has haunted him for a decade. When he gets home, what awaits him? Will his family be too domineering? Will MI-6 want him back out in the field? Is Sean worried about Kent? Should he be? Guess you'll just have to tune in to find out!

What's in Nicole's Future?

My mother once told me that the name she and my father had given me was not the first name on her list. I was in my early teens when I was told this "secret." My mother told me that she wanted to call me Nicole Rae. Nicole--because she loved that name and Rae for my father "Ray". My dad didn't like the name because it sounded too masculine. Even though I was a Daddy's Girl, I have always wished that Nicole Rae was my name. I was tomboy growing up and to this day prefer jeans to dresses!! There is a lot of Linda Kay in Nicole Rae. :-)

What is Kent up to now?

We know very little about Kent. Was he a real friend? Did he always despise Sean? What are his motives and what does he want to ultimately do? Some of these questions are answered in Blind Persuasion. Kent is a mysterious character. To talk deeply about him here would give plots away. I want the readers to live this story and Kent's journey without too many surprises or insights given about him. He knows what he wants and it stems from his envy and jealousy of Sean.

Blind Persuasion Wins Award At Paris Book Festival

There are a couple of similarities between Blind Influence and Blind Persuasion, which is the second book in the Blind Series. Just like Blind Influence, Blind Persuasion has won Honorable Mention at the 2016 Paris Book Festival. Blind Persuasion also ranked as high as 23rd on the best selling Hot New Releases on Amazon at launch. Blind Persuasion also starts with Sean, who is now fighting demons of another sort--how does he go one without the one thing that has kept him going these past ten years. How does Sean start a new life? Does he have the desire to start a new life?

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