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L  Fulton

I am obsessed with romance and love, my brain filled with submissive heroines and dominant protectors, with loyalty and passion in their hearts. I will not allow anyone to coerce me, guilt me, or shame me, into being like them.


L  Fulton

Working Title: 12 Gauge

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12 Gauge


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Back in the Gun Belt

After what should have been a life and career ending injury in the line of duty, Gauge Remington, is assigned to protection duty for Mia Monsantos. Recognizing her as a girl he has been trying to seduce into his bed recently...Gauge vows to find out why Mia told him her name was, Annie Johnson, and why the drug lord's daughter is slumming it every night in a local bar as a beautiful bartender with a warm smile and a cold shoulder.

The House of Kingston


Colt Kingsley unexpectedly becomes the Duke of Kingston when his older brother is thrown from his phaeton and killed during a storm. Miss Aurora Fulton is a servant of her guardian when the Duke of Kingston petitions the court to gain her as his ward at his Mother's request. The Dowager Duchess wanted to take in her dear friend, Patience's daughter, and introduce her into society. Antics ensue and Aurora shows up abused and injured, Colt, ever the unfeeling Major in the King's Army, helps care for her and the two fall in love. The catch is, Colt doesn't want Aurora to be tied to an old man, but cannot stand another suitor to talk to her. Aurora enjoys tweaking Colt's temper and it backfires. A hidden figure enters Colt's life from the past and helps save the day after evil tries to drive them apart. Will these two ever be able to come together with the favor of the ton?

Book Bubbles from The House of Kingston

The Coming Out Ball

Colt's sister, Lady Angela, hosts Rorie's coming out ball in her trendy Townhouse to formally launch Aurora into society after her presentation to the Queen. Trying to tweak Colt into paying more attention to her in public, her plan backfires.

Presentation to the Queen

Aurora is nervous about being presented to the Queen among all of the other girls. She knocks everyone's socks off, including Colt's. Who knew there was a secret room in the palace where bachelors could watch the presentations?


This is where Colt's story begins. After the British Army wins the war and Napoleon is being sent to St. Helena's, Colt is gravely wounded saving the life of the Duke of Wellington.

The Duke's Struggle

The Duke of Kingston fights for control and struggles to come to terms with his feelings for his ward during the magic of Christmastime.

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