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I am obsessed with romance and love, my brain filled with submissive heroines and dominant protectors, with loyalty and passion in their hearts. I will not allow anyone to coerce me, guilt me, or shame me, into being like them.


12 Gauge

Working Title: 12 Gauge

This Book Is In Development

12 Gauge


12 Gauge Remington is an experienced undercover detective with Chicago’s Police Department that has spent 6 months recovering after a high-profile case had a volatile public ending that almost ended in his death. After his cover was truly blown after 15 years of undercover work and he becomes recognizable across Chicago, he is faced with a desk job or retirement. His Captain needs him to help protect a witness in another country until she can testify against her Colombian Drug Lord Father and the witness ends up being the young bartender that he has been trying to chase into his bed for weeks. Why is the Drug Lord’s daughter slumming it in a bar every night? And how is he going to keep his hands off her when spending 3 or more months alone with her?

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Back in the Gun Belt

After what should have been a life and career ending injury in the line of duty, Gauge Remington, is assigned to protection duty for Mia Monsantos. Recognizing her as a girl he has been trying to seduce into his bed recently...Gauge vows to find out why Mia told him her name was, Annie Johnson, and why the drug lord's daughter is slumming it every night in a local bar as a beautiful bartender with a warm smile and a cold shoulder.




Colt Kingsley unexpectedly becomes the Duke of Kingston when his older brother is thrown from his phaeton and killed during a storm. Miss Aurora Fulton is a servant of her guardian when the Duke of Kingston petitions the court to gain her as his ward at his Mother's request. The Dowager Duchess wanted to take in her dear friend, Patience's daughter, and introduce her into society. Antics ensue and Aurora shows up abused and injured, Colt, ever the unfeeling Major in the King's Army, helps care for her and the two fall in love. The catch is, Colt doesn't want Aurora to be tied to an old man, but cannot stand another suitor to talk to her. Aurora enjoys tweaking Colt's temper and it backfires. A hidden figure enters Colt's life from the past and helps save the day after evil tries to drive them apart. Will these two ever be able to come together with the favor of the ton?

Book Bubbles from The HOUSE of KINGSTON

Mother Wasn't Sick...

In an attempt to throw Colt and Rorie together in spite of Colt's attempts to not be alone with her, Colt's mother told everyone she was sick and could not attend dinner. Doing this, she got Colt and Rorie to have dinner together.


Colt is frustrated at himself for being so affected by Rorie and will not allow anyone else to catch her under the mistletoe!

Like A Pirate!

Here Colt has to help Rorie himself because his mother was away at a house party and he gave all the female staff the day off since there was supposed to be no one on the grounds except him.

The War

This is where the Duke of Kingston's story begins.

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