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Lexi  Kinney

Born in Los Angeles, CA. The 6th child of eleven I was right in the middle! My inspiration comes from within with a desire to bring hope and joy to the lives of children. Often with a message for the parents as well. With 5 children of my own and 5 grandchildren I draw from my many life’s experiences to write my books.


Animal Jax: Cowboy For Reals

Children's Books

A day in the life of the young farmer, Jax! Visit with all of the chickens, pigs, cows, goats, sheep, and other farm animals as Jax does his daily chores with a go-get-em attitude. Told in an easy rhyming style and beautifully illustrated, the book's message is that everyone, no matter how small, has a role in life and enriches those around them with love and purpose.

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Little Rosie Rodeo: Cowgirl For Reals

Children's Books

Little Rosie Rodeo loves to race as fast as she can to win the prize, those sparkly buckles. She couldn't do this without the help of her horse B-Bars, who's also her best friend. Together they race for those buckles that twinkle like stars. A delightful rhyming story about the rodeo and the bonds of friendship.

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Buckaroo Chuck: Cowboy For Reals

Children's Books

Ride along with Buckaroo Chuck as he goes from hopeful youngster to accomplished bull rider. This action-filled story takes the reader through the motions, tumbles and falls of a young buckaroo as he becomes a confident rodeo man. No matter how many times Chuck falls off, he never loses sight of his dream. The author’s purpose is two-fold: promoting the use of helmets and vests when riding in the arena, and inspiring both children and adults to give it their all and never give up.

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The Labor of Writing

For me the only thing about writing that's laborious is the business aspect of being an author. There's so much more to do than writing an adorable book that you've fallen in love with and want every little child in the world to have the experience of reading so that child can feel what you felt the very first time that you read your book out loud to yourself. You want that child and their parent to get the tingles up and down their spine that caused you, the author, to venture out of your creative comfort zone and take on the business side of being an author so you can get your book into the hands and hearts of all the children in the world...UGH!!!

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