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Lena  Nazarei

Just a real nurse writing about what she knows --- working in the hospital and sexy vampires. 


Fatal Curse

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Kate Murphy has enjoyed six months of no one trying to kill her, which she appreciates. As a nurse, a mom of preteens and a vampire who is also planning her wedding to the Lord of Pittsburgh, she's way too busy to deal with any more attempts to end her afterlife. Despite working the frontlines of a global pandemic, she finds herself in a good place. 

So, when even more powers unexpectently develop and a mysterious stranger arrives at the manor, Kate's world is turned upside-down. And unfortunately, it seems Kate may be the only one who can really help but it means putting herself in danger again. 

Ultimately, Kate will have to ask herself if it's safe for humans to remain in her life. Can she protect them or will she need to say goodbye to the hospital, Alex and her daughters?

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Taking your time....

When life (or afterlife for vampires) gets busy, it's easy to stop making time for your love life. For Kate, the constant attempts to kill her have made it hard to find time for her and her vampire fiancé to quench their lust. On this night, they find themselves together and alone in the woods. Instead of rushing, they use the last of their control to find each other's bodies- and satiate their desires- for a few precious moments.

Bite Shift

Bite Shift

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Nurse and single mom, Kate Murphy wants nothing more than to slink into her 40s without noticing or caring. After all, working, parenting, and surviving is hard enough. But when she's left for dead outside of the hospital after a brutal attack, everything changes for the ordinary mother-of-two.

Kate is given a choice, a choice no woman should ever have to make: Die and leave her children or accept her new fate as a blood-thirsty vampiress. 

Hiding the truth about her chosen destiny doesn't compare to the agony of controlling her bloodlust or new powers. When she's forced to enlist the help of Sorin, the Lord of Pittsburgh, Kate discovers the true magnitude of the Hell she can unleash—as well as an irresistible attraction to the ruthless vampire lord. Despite their disdain for one another, Sorin and Kate collide in an intense and powerful affair, making her question everything she knows about love and fate. But as her strength and courage grow, the enemy who attacked her wants her dead. Now, Kate must uncover the truth about her destiny or die trying. Will her desire for answers be the thirst that ends everything for the new vampire?

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Code Blood

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Still reeling from the events of the past two weeks, Kate Murphy is ready for some rest and relaxation. But vampires—especially new ones—don't get much serenity in this crazy, undead-infested world. To top it all off, she’s needed back at her job as a nurse in the cardiac unit, which only adds more stress and uncertainty in her already chaotic life. Now, Kate is not only dealing with the aftermath of being attacked and left for dead, becoming a vampire, and lustfully falling for Sorin, the sexy master of Pittsburgh, but also facing off against a cranky health inspector and a travel nurse with an unruly attitude. As if that wasn't enough, Sorin's jealous ex comes back into the picture, and she's fired up about his new flame. Kate is quickly learning that a vampire's job is never done.

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The Ex....

Don't you hate when you find your dream partner - only to have their ex shake up your world and rob you of your confidence? That's exactly what Evelyn does to Kate when they enter each other's worlds. Evelyn is Sorin's former flame and she's absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. It's clear to Kate that this woman is on a mission to get Sorin back. What will it do to Kate & Sorin's relationship? Is Evelyn really what Sorin wants?

Those three little words....

When you say "I love you" to someone for the first time, you wait to see what they will say or do in response. It can bring on a whole mix of emotions. Kate has a lot going on. She's still adjusting to her new nocturnal life and recovering from a near-death experience. Maybe it's not the right time. Maybe he doesn't feel the same. Maybe two weeks is too quick to actually love someone. For Kate, saying those words to Sorin, brought on relief, fear, hope ... but those three little words had to be said. How will he react?

Bite Shift

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Kate Murphy is just a nurse and single mom who wants to slip into her forties quietly, and finally lose those last 10 pounds. After a savage attack during her night shift break, Kate is turned into a vampire to save her. Now, she is thrust into a world that she didn’t know existed; trying to figure out how to keep her new condition secret from work, kids, and her ex-husband without missing a step. It’s funny how the word vampire will make you forget you have a water bill. Unfortunately, Sorin, the Lord of the city, has sent her on a suicide mission to find the thing that left her for dead before it kills again and he doesn’t take “no, thanks” for an answer. Despite knowing she should despise him, the passion he has ignited inside her is hard to control and she is quickly losing the reasons she shouldn’t give in...especially when he makes it clear that he wants the same thing. Kate will need to reach inside herself to find the strength that was always there and finally learn...she was never “just” anything.

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A need that can't be ignored

Ever leave the ocean only to realize you just swam with a shark? That's how Kate feels after this hot and heavy night with a certain, sexy vampire. Before she can even adjust to her new existence as a vampire, Kate's passion and needs are too much. She allows the lust to overwhelm her and scratches that itch with an AMAZING night of sex. Was it worth it?

The power of a woman

What would you endure for your children? What could you overcome to protect anyone you loved? After being attacked, a single Mom named Kate chooses to transform into a vampire so her daughters will not have to bury her. The thought of them will have to get her through the extremely painful and traumatic change...... and everything that comes after. Kate is faced with the possibility of everyone finding out, exile from the city if she doesn’t do what the master of the city commands, new uncontrollable powers and an attacker who wants to finish her off for good this time. All of this while still trying to work as a nurse, be a Mom, figure out who she can trust and ignore the powerful desire she feels for a certain sexy, dark vampire lord. This book is about more than the undead who walk among us. It’s about how hard women fight each day to do what is necessary for their families – no matter what barriers come up in front if us or how difficult it becomes.

Death behind you

None of us gets to know when our death will arrive. For very few people - there is a chance to tell the story of your own demise. Kate is one of those few. As a vampire, she now has the chance to tell how how she died.

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