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Road Home

Road Home

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When Cindy loses everything, she must find the courage to start over. Homeless and alone, she embarks on an extraordinary cross-country journey of survival, self-discovery, and redemption. From hitchhiking through small towns to seeking shelter from brutal snowstorms, Cindy learns to rely on the kindness of strangers. But after a chance encounter with the mysterious Robert, she begins questioning everything she thought she knew about life, faith, and what it means to belong.
As Cindy searches for meaning amidst the harsh realities of homelessness, she grapples with painful secrets from her past, societal attitudes about the downtrodden, and her own preconceived notions. With each new city and each new acquaintance—from the elderly to fellow homeless individuals—Cindy gains profound insights about trust, judgment, and the complexities of the human spirit. After tragedy threatens to break her, Cindy must dig deep to confront her inner demons. Will she find the strength to forgive herself and those who have wronged her? Can she embrace a second chance at life and love? Gripping and emotional, this unforgettable story explores the true meaning of freedom. It reminds us that sometimes we must lose everything to find what really matters.
This is truly a gripping story of faith and redemption.

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Road Home

I often speak about the slow spiral into homelessness. In my novel Road Home, I describe it vividly through a homeless woman's eyes.

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