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Larry  Andrews

Larry Andrews is referred to by his friends as a true renaissance man. Of Danish/Swede ancestry, his mastery of skills in multiple fields and disciplines has developed over the years. His mechanical engineering degree from Stevens Institute Technology was earned while a day student apprenticing by night in his father’s jewelry and clock shop as a watchmaker. After military service, a career in aerospace would be shaped from the early days of rocketry through the launching of communication satellites and the moon landing. While working, he attained a masters from the University of Southern California, where he would later serve as an adjunct Grad professor. Over the years, he would maintain passion for repair of antique watches and clocks as well as build on his mother’s love for the arts, holding several prominent leadership and support roles for the local symphony and performing arts center. Though writing was always an important part of his professional life the mixing of experiences and story telling launched him into the exciting world of writing novel fiction.


The Caribbean Endeavor


CIA agents Marcus Peterson and Jenna Adams, posing as newlyweds, embark on the Golden Duchess for a Caribbean cruise. They are assigned to shadow Franco Gambioni, notorious New York mafia Don suspected of partnering with a Colombian drug cartel. To Jenna’s dismay his beautiful and cunning daughter entices both Marcus and Franco’s bodyguard, who turns out to be a childhood friend of Marcus. An attractive Interpol agent, masquerading as a tour guide, arrives on the ship to further complicate the romantic entanglements. Discovery of more than one cartel interested in utilizing Franco’s family for drug distribution, and their heinous antics brings murder and deception to the drama that enfolds throughout the cruise. The read provides twists and turns right to the end.

Book Bubbles from The Caribbean Endeavor

An exciting beginning.

This is the opening of a great adventure. It is an entertaining read for most anyone. Mystery, crime, romance, and cruise ship travel. This novel has it all. A great Christmas present.

Instant Intrigue

Marcus Peterson, a James Bond wanabe is about to embark on a cruise ship adventure.. It will be filled with intrigue, murder, romance and suspense. Welcome aboard. You will be thrilled.

The adventure begins.

Marcus, overwhelmed with the cruise ship amenities reflects on the happenings of the day, The ship boarding; the attractive daughter of the crime family to be shadowed; his old friend's employment by same; and now drug cartel on board. Mission is becoming complicated and we just set sail.

The Beginning!

Marcus Peterson was a bit of a romantic when he was recruited by the CIA. His missions where often fantasy until his first operational assignment. Then the adventure really happened accompanied with romance, intrigue, and murder.

A Space Oddity

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Space adventure, forbidden passion, deception and foreign intrigue. Dealing with what happened in space and its potential impact on their lives on earth will challenge Russian cosmonaut commander Misha Sokolov, and French cosmonaut Dr. Babette Bescond. Misha, his career in jeopardy must protect Babette from adversarial American scientists. Babette must determine if infatuation brings true love while dealing with a perceived family deception. Will their travels through France and Russia bond their relationship or will it be shattered by an unforeseen tragic event. If you liked Andy Weir’s ‘The Martian’ or the TV series ‘Extant’ with Halle Berry, you are bound to enjoy Larry Andrews fast reading, exciting, 180 page novel with three-dimensional characters and a twist you won't see coming. Get ‘A Space Oddity’ and enjoy a visual journey through France and Russia with two pursued fascinating individuals

Book Bubbles from A Space Oddity

A disaster in Space?

This scene in Space is vivid and engaging. Portending a colossal disaster. How and why did it occur? How it was resolved? Revelation can only be achieved by reading the novel.

Actions justification.

The action here appears to begin to nourish the seed of true affection that Babette hopes is growing in Misha. Is he truly defending my honor she wonders as she tries to mitigate the incident.

A pretty girl will always get attention.

Welcome to the real world on earth, Babette. Attractive women will always command a reaction from a man. Is this not life in general? Not to Babette; doesn't he realize a bird in hand is always worth two in the bush.

Realization brings challenge

Misha, our prime protagonist begins to realize how complicated his life is about to become.

Attraction in Space

Can you believe the emotion of the scene that Babette is reflecting on. Commander Sokolov having spent six months alone in space being joined by an extremely attractive female cosmonaut. There to spend the remaining mission days working and living together with him in the confines of the modules of the Mir Space Station. Babette saw it all in Misha's eyes and most probably anticipated what the future would bring.

The Meeting

It was imperative to have my protagonists first meet in Paris, in the area I had spent so much time in during my many trips to the city. On one of those trips I actually rented Babette's apartment for a week. As I wrote the scene I could feel the air, hear the noisy traffic, and the conversation going on around me in the city. Love seems to bloom in Paris. That's where I proposed to my wife. Enjoy.

And the Saga begins

It is in writing my current novel ‘A Space Oddity’ that I try to reflect heavily on my past travels and love for people and cultures. I believe you will enjoy reading it. Applying my technical expertise and experiences, with my story-telling love and hopefully my vivid conversational skills will make the book come alive for you.

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