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Kimberly  Jayne

Author of romantic comedy, dark fantasy, women’s fiction, memoir, essay, and something that resembles poetry. My feelings about writing can be summed up in a favorite quote from Robert Heinlein who quipped, “Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.” My thoughts may not always be clean, but my hands are.


Take My Husband, Please


He broke her heart. Now he needs her help. Payback is going to be delicious. ​ After Sophie files for divorce from Will, his unexpected financial apocalypse brings him back under her roof. Awkward! And if that’s not bad enough, Sophie’s new guy—a sexy and successful entrepreneur—is not keen on dating her without proof that Will is truly out of the picture. Sophie and her best friend concoct an unusual bet to keep Will occupied, but things take a surprise turn for the crazy when Sophie gets roped into sending the man who broke her heart on five blind dates!

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Letting the Ex Back In?

What happens when your ex experiences a financial collapse and needs your help? Do you let him back into the house temporarily, or will his presence only be a brutal rehashing of everything you decided to divorce him for? That was a major question I asked myself when I began this story. When two people are ready to move on, but life happens and derails their plans, you have to ask, Am I going to be a good person and help? Gets even more complicated when kids are involved, right? See how things turn out for Sophie and Will in Take My Husband, Please! An unconventional romantic comedy. On Sale This Week!

Full-throttle Fun!

Aaaaand we're off! Here's the opener to my unconventional romantic comedy, Take My Husband, Please! Enjoy this sliver of awkwardness that kicks off the antics of this hilarious couple. Excellent Reviews | Average 5 Stars | Full-throttle Fun This week only, Take My Husband is on sale in a five-day Countdown Deal. Beginning today, March 13, the book is reduced to 99 cents, and each day the price rises. Take advantage of the steep discounts, and get your copy of this laugh-out-loud love story today.

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