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Kevin  Fowers

My name is Kevin Fowers and I have been writing for around six years or so. In that time I have published three books and I'm working a few more. I also write short stories and I'm starting up a podcast with my brother. The podcast we're starting is called Serial Killer Shorts.


The Prophecy of Five

Humans have a tendency to fear what they don't understand. A small group of mutants which the humans call variants. They call themselves Evolution. There goal is to unite humans and variants together. The President of the United States fears the variants will take over the country. Because of this fear, he created a paramilitary group called Extinction whose sole purpose is to eliminate the variants. The only hope the variants have to avoid being exterminated is the Prophecy of Five. This prophecy states of five variants which are said to be the most powerful of all, and its these five that will bring them the hope they need to survive.

Book Bubbles from The Prophecy of Five

Gale Spray's Beginning

How Gale's powers manifest

Jet's variant powers manifest

When Jet Rockwell's powers manifest it puts his father life as well and others in mortal danger.

Manifestation of Variant abilities

Sean finds out the hard way that he is a variant, which is what mutants are called and his powers manifest in an awe inspiring way

Blood War

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

After Lieutenant Ryan Cross and his team apprehended The Avenging Angel. Ryan turns his focus to the rescue of Dr. Annabelle Klein. Ryan and his team learn that the Dark Angel of God are behind the abduction of Dr. Klein and in order to get her back Ryan and his team are going to have to do something that they never thought possible.Talus, the Alpha male of the Spiritwalker pack informs Ryan that the Dragomir Clan is about to start the blood war. Ryan is going to have to have his team as well as the S.W.A.T officers work together with the Spiritwalker pack to end the blood war before is spills into the streets of Archer City and the innocent people who live there get hurt.Ryan is going to have rely on his team and his pack in order to save the ones he love and his beloved city.

Book Bubbles from Blood War

Secrets revealed

The secret that Ryan has been hiding, he will reveal without a second thought to save the one he loves

kidnapping and torture

Information is so important to certain people that torture seems like a reasonable way to obtain it

Rising Moon

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Detective Ryan Cross of the Archer City Police department had a great life. He had a wonderful wife and three amazing children and a job he loved. His life is turned upside down when his wife is killed in a wolf attack while they are camping and he still has no idea how to deal with her not being there. While he is still trying to adapt to being a single father and find a balance between work and his children he is handed a serial murder case that will change all of their lives forever in ways they could never imagine. This case will push Ryan and his team of detectives to their limits. When he is plummeted into a hidden world he gets caught between the letter of the law and his newfound loyalties and has to decide what is more important.

Book Bubbles from Rising Moon

Death by the Avenging Angel

This will give a glimpse into the Psyche of the Avenging Angel and the lengths she will go to complete the mission she is on

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