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K is excited to write children’s fiction that spreads both a love of reading and a love of family. She has published seven wonderful stories for children aged 7 and younger, each with its own message on self-esteem, courage, and kindness. K has also added a book of poetry for women and her first novel, Emma’s Journey, to her collection of stories. K believes in expressing ideas through creative word play and loves the challenge of a new story idea, no matter the genre. By following this belief, K has become a prolific author in writing for both children and adults. K loves to offer her children’s works in story time settings. She also speaks to adult groups on finding purpose in life, the joys and heartaches of being a writer, and the struggle to find balance as a woman in today’s world.


Burned on Sunday: A Colorado Reckoning Western

Literature & Fiction

In Lucy's opinion, every person in the Colorado town of Rock Springs was a hypocrite. After witnessing her best friend, Melissa, be publicly humiliated, Lucy knew that was the last straw. Every man in the town-from Melissa's cheating husband to the preacher-made their way to the saloon on a weekly basis. Town wives pretended they didn't know what went on in the bedrooms on the second floor of the saloon, but Lucy knew better. As she danced with men on the dancefloor, she noticed who went upstairs. Fed up with the double-standards, Lucy decides to put a plan in motion that would expose all of the sins and turmoil in Rock Springs. What Lucy didn't know is that her plan would change her life forever. A woman's maternal warmth and an unexpected encounter with a stranger pushed through the noise and allowed her to feel true love for the first time.

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A Colorado Reckoning Western: Burned on Sunday

Working Title: A Colorado Reckoning Western: Burned on Sunday

This Book Is In Development

A Colorado Reckoning Western: Burned on Sunday

Literature & Fiction

No matter the circumstances, a women's strength, both known and unknown, will see her through.

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Burned on Sunday excerpt

Henry and Lucy both had things they were dealing with in their lives. Henry had to clean up his brother's mess...again. Lucy was angry at the treatment of her best friend Melissa. She believed Henry thought of her the way the rest of the town did about the girls that worked in the saloon. But assumptions will get you every time....

Burned on Sunday Excerpt Three

Here he was again, always cleaning up after his brother. Henry couldn't understand how a man could just up and leave his wife and kid. Then again, that's the kind of person his big brother is. Sam will drop anything that becomes too hard to deal or is something he might actually have to work for. And now here Henry was, all the way from his home in Texas cleaning up after his brother. He didn't want to be here, but family was family and someone had to look after Sam's wife and son.

Burned on Sunday Excerpt Two

Hypocrisy knows no bounds it seems. The saloon were judged by the townspeople and the townspeople were judged by the saloon girls. But Henry was different somehow. Something about the way Henry ate and left the saloon made him more intriguing to Lucy. Why? He was just a stranger passing through after all, wasn't he?

Burned on Sunday

Lucy couldn't stand the hypocrisy any longer, especially once her best friend had been put on public display by her abusive husband. Lucy created a plan to expose the hypocrites. She wanted people to pay for the sins they constantly condemned her for, especially Mark, her best friend's husband.

Autumnville Series: Book One Karl's Passage

Working Title: Autumnville Series: Book One Karl's Passage

This Book Is In Development

Autumnville Series: Book One Karl's Passage


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Life is a Journey

Life is crazy and likes to throw curve balls at us constantly. Karl Robertson is no exception. Everything in his life is going great until his father, Peter, has a heart attack. From there, Karl's life takes tumble. Not only has Karl lost everything, but his faith in God crumbles as well.

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