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I'm Author. I write books of fiction , mystery, and professional books. also I give online course about this. However, I have a small business in services .


Paris crossroad of worlds,  Paris la croisée des mondes

Paris crossroad of worlds, Paris la croisée des mondes

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

a young London writer, Frixtone must come to Paris because of his publisher Histman who found him a subject of a new novel on Paris. He will discover through this the world of discretion, dangerous neighbors, multicultural neighborhoods, as well as his commentaries. One day during his Sunday walks along the Seine, he discovered a mysterious library held by ghosts of the past. They discuss about society, books fly, words come out of books etc. One day Frixtone will be sucked by a black hole from nowhere in the smallest street in Paris, the street chat-qui-pêche . He comes across a sans nom's secret society whose members answer on behalf of NS as north-south. The mysterious phrase is north-south ghost. They will entrust him with a mission through Paris. What will he discover, What risk is he running? Does his publisher understand him? What is this sentence?

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why this book

black hole and secret society 's sans nom

M. Frixtone fall in secret society's sans nom . describe secret society and a few member like Miss joke, M. forge etc.

ghost library and the work of ghost of past

ghost of past come in bookstore and hear a human

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