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Argent  Amos

California Roll

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A dark energy has followed Noah Sowles since he was a child. As he hammers his big rig along over the backroads and highways of the country, it's only getting worse.

In the wilderness of the Northern California redwoods, he's highjacked and brutally abducted by two seedy, racist men. They deliver him to their boss, an enigmatic owner of a thriving marijuana farm. After days of struggling for his life, he accepts a dangerous, non-negotiable deal: to drive the rig loaded with seventeen tons of high potency weed to El Paso, Texas, while accompanied by one of his abductors.

Trucking with his armed captor takes a twisted turn when Noah glimpses into the dark underbelly of drug smuggling and human trafficking—he knows there is an ominously familiar evil pushing them toward their destination.

As he finally reaches the crossroads, he discovers a more nefarious, sinister and far-reaching criminal network than he could have imagined. With his own eternal fate hanging in the balance, the aging trucker uses his best wit, humor, and inner strength to survive, but realizes that nothing is as it seems when the devil is in control.

Book Bubbles from California Roll

Why Call the Cops at ALL?

At a time when our police departments are getting a lot of negative feedback from the public, take a sneak peek at just a little of the interaction between two big city police officers and the worried employer who called them for assistance.

Dining with the Devil

As Thanksgiving comes once again and then vanishes for another year, have a seat at the table with Noah as he has a meal with the mysterious Dr. Scully.

Are We Ever Really Alone?

Parked on an abandoned lot in the soggy Northern California redwood forest, plagued with both painful memories and fears of the future, the victim hero of this paranormal novel is grateful to have survived the prior dark October night after struggling with many ghosts from his past and very likely those that had waited until daybreak outside the steel doors of his big rig.

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