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JoAnn Wagner is the award-winning author of the popular Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series for children ages 6-9. Sir Pigglesworth has become an unstoppable life force since her first book was published in 2014. JoAnn has continued the piglet’s mission of sharing smiles around the world through a series of fun illustrated chapter books for children. She has published eight adventures so far, all of which won First Place in the Royal Dragonfly Awards for Children’s Chapter Series in 2016. She also won First Place for Children’s Series from the Texas Authors Association in 2017. Two weeks after Book 8 was released in July 2018, it won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. She and Sir Pigglesworth have a full itinerary of new travels and more exciting adventures coming soon. Website: Email: Twitter: @AuthorJ_Wagner #214-476-1065


Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in Pigonia (Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series, #4)

Children's Books

How It All Began... Before he became known as Sir Pigglesworth, Spencer Hoggbottom, Esquire was just a pig living on the island of Pigonia. He loved playing practical jokes and spending his days with his friends. But when his island home is threatened by a pirate invasion, young Spencer knew he had to do something to protect his friends and his home. Find out why Queen Alexandra came to knight a young, impulsive pig. Learn why Sir Pigglesworth always wears his trademark goggles and scarf. See where all the wonderful adventures of Sir Pigglesworth began. This is the fourth book in the Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series. It takes you back to the beginning of the Sir Pigglesworth story, before he was charged with spreading smiles and goodwill to all the children of the world. A World of Fun and Adventure is Waiting for You!

Book Bubbles from Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in Pigonia (Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series, #4)

Is This Lockdown Getting to You?

In times like we’re dealing with now, some of us are stressed to our limits. Especially our kids who don’t/can’t understand what’s happening. How can you keep them occupied? The best thing you can do with your children now is to snuggle up close and keep the lines of communication open…and read with them. They need to be reassured that they are safe…keep things as normal as possible. Answer their questions honestly and keep it simple to their understanding. Draw them out if they’re reluctant to talk about their fears. Keep them busy…reading with them is a great way to bond during stressful times. Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series are great books to get your child laughing as they race along with the ‘Master of Mischief and Mayhem’. Your kids will have a blast joining on Sir Pigglesworth’s madcap adventures around the world. Go to my website……and you can download a FREE 40 page coloring book. It will give your child hours of coloring fun…you’ll enjoy it too! All books are reduced, including the 8 book boxed set. You can get 1 book FREE from my website to start your collection. Go check it out! Have a very Happy Easter…stay safe and healthy and be thankful for your blessings.

Sir Pigglesworth to the Rescue!!

With the mandatory lockdown and homeschooling ordeals, parents are struggling to keep their youngsters entertained. Sir Pigglesworth to the rescue! This mischievous piglet will entertain your child for hours and get them laughing. If you go to my website……you can click on a book and read the first 19 pages…once they start, your kiddos will want to read them all!! These are challenging times for all of us and especially for kids who don’t quite understand what’s happening in their world. Snuggle up and read with your kids, this will go a long way toward reassuring them that all will be okay soon. Talk with them on their age level about what’s happening so they don’t get scared…keep the lines of communication open…that’s key! There is so much online to help you keep your kids entertained and to keep their minds busy. I have just purchased new software products that will enable me to make up word puzzles for kids. It will feature 20 words and be for kids ages 5-9. This will not only entertain them but help them with their spelling. It will be available soon. Keep an eye out on my website. In the meantime, stay ‘hunkered down’ and keep reading. The ‘master of mischief and mayhem’ is ideal for kids ages 5-9. Stay safe everyone.

And a Pig Was Knighted!

What's the story behind my little pink friend's rise from a fun-loving pig to being knighted by the Queen of England? Spencer was just a young pig living a life of leisure, playing with his friends every day without a care in the world. Suddenly, everything changes with the arrival of mean Captain Nastybeard and his band of pirates. This is where Spencer shows his true colors of bravery and resourcefulness as he fights the pirates and makes way for Admiral Snout to wrap it up. Lucky for Spencer he was an excellent student in his fencing classes. After Admiral Snout tells the Queen what part Spencer played in capturing the pirates, the Queen knighted him for 'acts of bravery'...thus was born Sir Pigglesworth. Spencer is a kind young piglet who loves his mom and dad and his friends. He’s very likable and everyone wants to be around him. He especially develops a close relationship with Admiral Snout. To show how much Spencer has wiggled his way into Admiral Snout’s heart, he gives Spencer two of his most treasured possessions: his goggles and scarf given to him by his father. Spencer is a kind-hearted young pig who captures the hearts of all who meet him. You can meet him at

Change Is On The Horizon

When I attend author events I have been asked many times if my books are for younger children ages 2-4. So many times in fact that I decided I would give my hand a try at it. So I’m happy to announce that while I’m still writing Book 9 and beyond in my series, I’m also working on a picture book for younger kiddos. I’m excited to be stretching my talents in this new direction and taking on the challenge. And what a challenge it is! I’m very prolific when I write and it’s hard for me to pare it down. I have to continuously check my work to see the age level I’m writing at. I know in the end all the work I’m doing will be worth it. The new book will be set on the island of Pigonia (check out Book 4) and Sir Pigglesworth as a youngster will be the featured character. In case you don’t know since it’s only said in Book 4, Sir Pigglesworth’s first name is Spencer, so the book will have that name in the title. I’m excited to be trying something new and will be keeping you updated as to my progress. Go to to purchase a signed book.

JoAnn and Her Traveling Buddy brings visions of sun-drenched islands, the historic architecture of old European cities and snow-capped mountains I want to climb. Traveling is my favorite thing to do and luckily for me, it's also the favorite of my little pink friend!! It's easy for me to write about traveling because I have to experience the same adventures as Sir Pigglesworth and I'm always up for anything...I'm a daredevil. LOL Ever since the Queen commissioned Sir Pigglesworth to travel the world spreading his smile and goodwill, he jumped in without hesitation and hasn't slowed down since! Don't you just love his spontaneity!! Future travel adventures take us to London (he's English so I'm taking him home). I was there 6 yrs ago but plan to go again soon and look at it through a child's eye. Most excited about next year's planned trip to South Africa. We will be going on a safari...can you just imagine the havoc Sir Pigglesworth can wreck there! :) Where else can he have fun adventures...let me know your thoughts. Stay tuned for upcoming adventures. For signed copies of my books

A Star is Born

For those of you who wonder where the idea of Sir Pigglesworth Adventure series began...well, it's an interesting story. My journey as an author began in May 2014 when my pastor gave the church members a pink flying pig stress ball and asked us to post pictures on Facebook so the congregation would know where we were spending our vacation. Instead of posting pictures of myself, I asked everyone I met if I could take their picture and post it. People loved meeting Sir Pigglesworth and they smiled and laughed, telling me how adorable they thought he was. I started posting little quotes with the pig doing various fun things and soon my friends were telling me they and their kids were looking forward to seeing what Sir Pigglesworth was up to next…A STAR WAS BORN!

Learn why Sir Pigglesworth wears goggles and a sca

This is the chapter that explains why Sir Pigglesworth always wears goggles and a scarf. Where did he get them from? This is the chapter you find the answer to a question kids always ask me when I'm reading to their class. But more importantly, this is the book that gives you the backstory of Sir Pigglesworth's birthplace and information about his friends and his parents. And the time he met the Queen and his human friend, Princess Serena. This is also the only book in the series that tells you Sir Pigglesworth's real name! You know you're curious and want to know!! I had a blast writing this book - it was the fastest one I wrote because I had been thinking about his origins for a while. Enjoy!!

Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in San Juan, PR (Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series, #7)

Children's Books

Sir Pigglesworth was invited to give the commencement speech at a prominent San Juan university. His family excitedly journeys to San Juan where Sir Pigglesworth is surprised by his good friends, Bill and JoAnn. Snorkeling and surfing are on his agenda, as well as exploring the island and meeting new friends. Come see what mischief this frisky young pig causes as he experiences the wonders of San Juan.

Book Bubbles from Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in San Juan, PR (Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series, #7)

Crazy Daze of Summer Don't Last Long

I remember like it was yesterday. I couldn’t wait for school to start…until the end of the first day that is. Reality hit as I walked home with a schoolbag loaded down with books that I had to get covered that first night. That was homework in itself! Sir Pigglesworth is only 5 years old so hasn’t been to school yet. In Book 7 I take Sir Pigglesworth to the classroom with me as I read to the kids. You’ll notice Academia San Jorge across the back of the illustration that shows me reading. I lived in San Juan back in the early ‘60’s and my school is still there! It’s a Catholic school and we had uniforms and nuns teaching us. It’s completely different today. There aren’t any nuns at the school and the children don’t wear uniforms. Our classes were in English and we had a Spanish class for those of us who didn’t speak Spanish. Now the classes are in Spanish and they have an English class for those who don’t speak English. The school’s layout was basically the same with the big courtyard in the middle but they had added two additions because of the number of students. Sir Pigglesworth loved going to school! Check out to purchase this entertaining book.

It's Summer All Year in San Juan

Sir Pigglesworth on the beach brought to mind my own days on the beach in San Juan. I lived in San Juan waaayyyyy back in 1963-1965 and spent afternoons on the beach after school. It was idyllic weather most of the year (except in hurricane season!) and as a 12-13 year old it was a dream come true to practically live on the beach. I would go to the beach after school and do my homework…my books always had sand between the pages! LOL And I had a KILLER tan!! After two years in Puerto Rico, we moved back home to New York where I lived for summer after our vicious winters. Now I’ve lived in Texas for 33 years and it’s practically summer year round. I’m landlocked in Dallas so unfortunately don’t get to a beach often but truly enjoy anytime I do. It gets us away from the horrendous 100+ temps in the dog days of August. My days this summer are going to be spent finishing up Book 9 – Sir Pigglesworth Adventures in Albuquerque – and working on my new book for 2-4 year olds…busy, busy, busy! Keep an eye out for my new books and for signed copies go to Have a #pigalicious summer!!

How I Started Writing

When the idea of writing a children’s book popped into my mind, my first thought was…are you NUTS?!?! Where did this idea come from? After all, I had NEVER written anything before (except letters before email LOL)…what made me think I could do this? Funny I thought about writing letters…one of the things I remember several people telling me was that my letters were interesting reading…I wrote a letter like I was talking to them in person. So then I thought…why NOT give it a try. I was pretty good about making up fun things for my pink friend to do and writing about it on Facebook so writing a book was just an extension of that, wasn’t it? And now, here I am with 8 award-winning books! It’s all thanks to readers like YOU who spread the word about Sir Pigglesworth…that’s how it’s done. I very much appreciate my readers and Sir Pigglesworth always loves making new friends. He’s a fun-loving royal pig who adores traveling and exciting adventures. He also teaches the kids a bit about the country he’s in…after all, he wants you to have as much fun as he does! My books are kind of like a mini travel guide for your child. Happy Reading…Oink Oink

Interesting Story in this Chapter

After a morning spent in the water (Sir Pigglesworth is almost a fish!) and an encounter with what he thought was a shark, Sir Pigglesworth and JoAnn go to Academia San Jorge in San Juan where JoAnn does a book reading to the kids in Senorita Rossana's class. The interesting thing here is that I (author JoAnn Wagner) lived in San Juan waaaaay back in 1963-1965. I graduated from 8th grade in 1965 from Academia San Jorge and I put them in my book! In January 2017 (before Hurricane Maria struck), I went to the school and donated 100 books to the kids in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades. The school director, Letty, was VERY excited that I came to visit 52 years after I had graduated and I was now an author and donated books to them. I even brought my 8th grade diploma with me to show her. She took a ton of pictures and put them on FB and their website. I felt like a celebrity when I left the school. Enjoy exploring San Juan with Sir Pigglesworth...I promise you will have FUN!!

Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in Vancouver (Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series, #2)

Children's Books

After Sir Pigglesworth hears his parents are going to fly to Vancouver without him, he decides to sneak on board the plane so he doesn't have to miss out on all the fun. But after he accidentally winds up in the baggage compartment on a plane headed to Dallas, he worries he will never be able to find his parents. Sir Pigglesworth's friend JoAnn is happy to help the playful young pig get to Vancouver and find his parents. While they search the Canadian city for any sign of the Duke and Duchess of Pigglesworth, they have time to see some of the biggest attractions in the city, while also making sure to bring smiles and laughter to all the children he meets through his humorous adventures. What are you waiting for?? Come join Sir Pigglesworth's next great adventure!

Book Bubbles from Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in Vancouver (Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series, #2)

Word Nerd? Who...ME?? LOL

Ha...Bublish's suggestion for a bubble this week brought up something a friend has already called me (more than once). I usually write a bubble on what I’m feeling that week, but today when I read Kathy’s suggestion, I picked it up and ran with it. Words are a subject near and dear to my heart. Yes, I've always been considered a word nerd! It started when I was very young and realized that spelling was my favorite/best subject in school. I won spelling bees in grade school and words were always my 'thing'. I absolutely cannot stand it when I see poor grammar usage or misspelled words! It would drive me insane if I let it. I play word games all the time - I find it really helps with my writing. Every year I eagerly anticipate the 'word of the year'...really! And most of the time I disagree with it! Often when I’m reading a book I replace words that I think would be a better fit in the story…if only the author knew! So…do I have a favorite word? Not really, I love them all. I love being an author because I get to play with words every day…how fun is that? I’m a lucky gal.

It's All in the Name

Sir Pigglesworth's name popped into my head the very first time I held the pink flying pig stress ball in my hand! Not sure where it came from - but it stuck! I named him Mr. Pigglesworth at first and somewhere along the line I decided he was going to be royalty. When I was a little girl, I played at being a princess, so being royal was second nature. Once I realized I had to share my little pink friend with children of the world, these children needed a name. In Book 2, the very first names I used were my brainer, huh?!? I can't begin to tell you how excited they were when they read the story for the first time. Now that they're in school, they bring the books to their class and love the attention they get for being in a book...they say it makes them feel like celebrities! I also ask friends if they have names they'd like me to give a character...I'm always happy to use their suggestions. I will be introducing Sir Pigglesworth's newborn twin cousins in a future book and I plan on running a naming contest soon. The twins are absolutely adorable little piggies (boy and girl) and I can't wait to see the suggestions I get!

His Animal Friends

Being an animal himself, Sir Pigglesworth loves going to the zoo. The animals there totally fascinate him. Maybe because he truly believes he's a human!! As a child, we spent many a day at the zoo - the Bronx Zoo. I was enthralled by the animals but sad that they were behind bars. We also went to the Catskill Game Farm in upstate New York at least once every summer..they are some of my best childhood memories! What's my favorite animal you ask...the giraffes!! I always loved their elegance and long necks. My memories were part of the inspiration for the Zoo segment in my book. When I researched and visited Vancouver, of course the Zoo was high on my list of fun activities for kids. Lucky for me Vancouver has such an awesome Zoo!!!

Sir Pigglesworth's First Adventure (Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series, #1)

Children's Books

Sir Pigglesworth is excited to be taking his first big trip with his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Pigglesworth! He can’t wait to hop off the plane and explore the airport as they arrive in London. But with Sir Pigglesworth things never go as planned. When the young pig finds himself alone in the big airport with no parents in sight, he must figure out what to do next. Join Sir Pigglesworth, the world’s youngest ambassador of cheer and smiles to all the children of the world as he explores the sights and sounds of London. With Sir Pigglesworth a grand adventure is never more than a page away!

Book Bubbles from Sir Pigglesworth's First Adventure (Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series, #1)

New Year, New Decade. Bring It On!

We’re 10 days into the New Year, new decade already. Wow…time is flying by! What’s winter like in your neck of the woods? Sir Pigglesworth loves snow and sees a lot of it in his hometown (Pigglesworth Village in England) but doesn’t see much when he’s traveling. I grew up in New York and winter was always cold with lots of snow. I loved it as a little girl. Now I live in Texas where it’s 70 spring-like degrees today. The sky is dreary and gray, the clouds are heavy with rain. I can hear thunder rumbling in the distance…we’re expecting major thunderstorms with lots of rain today. Get those umbrellas out! Sir Pigglesworth is ready to play in mud puddles so he’s excited and can’t wait for the rain to come…it will be hard to keep him inside with the storms going full on! What to do on rainy days with your kiddos? READ together. Sir Pigglesworth Adventure chapter books are great books to get your children reading and having fun. Great bonding time with your kids. You can also download a 40 page coloring book from my website for hours of coloring fun. And it’s FREE! Head over to to get yours.

Meet the Master of Mischief and Mayhem

I can’t describe the feeling I had when my first book released! I had a blast planning and writing it and navigating my way through the unfamiliar world of publishing. I just couldn’t believe it was finally finished! Developing Sir Pigglesworth into the lovable character he is today was a challenge but one that I dove into with enthusiasm. Why? Because it was a fun book for kids to read and encourages them to continue the series. Kids reading and understanding and enjoying what they were reading…that was my goal. I believe I accomplished it…and then some! When I won the first ‘1st Place’ award, I thought my heart was going to explode. I was on Cloud 9 for about a week. And that feeling continues with each award and recognition I receive for my series. Reading is the best gift you can give a child. It lasts a lifetime and expands their vocabulary and develops their imagination among other rewards. Your child will have a blast traveling with my little pink friend. You can get ‘signed by the author’ copies for them at my website

To Be or Not to Be...An Author?

In 1986 I made the decision to completely change my life and move from upstate New York to Dallas, TX. It was a tough decision made after lots of soul searching. I decided to trust my instinct and go for it. So here I am 33 years later and I’m now an award-winning author! I went through lots of life-changing moments over the years. Becoming an author was the last thing I ever thought I’d do...but here I am enjoying every moment. I couldn’t have done it without the support and encouragement of my family and friends. They were behind me 100% right from the get-go and talked me through all the doubts and fears I was experiencing. But with prayerful guidance, I made the decision to fast-track my retirement and jump off the cliff…and I’ve been on a heart-stopping journey ever since. I’ve never had a single regret. I love the fabulous new author friends and coaches I’ve met along the way and they each inspire me with their talent and their willingness to always help and give advice to new authors. No competition here…we’re all in this together reaching for a common goal. You can visit to see the special I have for the next month. I’ll even sign the books for you! #BePigalicious.

Suddenly the Bulb Lit Up

It was with the release of Book 1 that discovered prettyquickly how important the role of having a following in social media is to an author's success. Where would Sir Pigglesworth be without his legion of loyal fans? Without social media, how would people have discovered Sir Pigglesworth’s awesomeness?? LOL I sometimes wonder how we survived or got ahead in our business without the Internet and all the social media platforms! But when social media takes the place of person-to-person contact, that’s when I believe it’s gone too far. Social media platforms definitely have their place, but not for children. What can we do to try to lessen time spent on smart devices for our children? Give them a book instead and read it with them. It’s a special bonding and learning time…it opens up the world to your children. Try it next time your child wants to play a video game! Through social media, I’ve made loyal fans and met some fantastic authors. Without them Sir Pigglesworth books wouldn’t have won awards and delighted children across the country. Check out Sir Pigglesworth’s books where your child can join my pink friend on his adventures and discover a world of fun! Available at Amazon or my website Be #pigalicious!

Do You Listen To Your Audience?

I was thinking just a couple of days ago about how my author’s journey started. What did I hope to accomplish? Would anyone ever read or buy my book? Should it be a single book or a series? How do I get my book published? Where is this journey leading me? Wow! So many questions, and yet the answers came. Slowly but surely with a lot of agonizing and hard work…and mistakes! Oh, yeah…some very expensive mistakes. But how else do we learn? Making those mistakes taught me to slow down, listen to the experts who’ve been where I want to go, and follow my instincts. I learned who my audience was and how to interact with them. And amazingly got some great ideas from the kids themselves and their parents on what to write next…gotta love kids! Getting them involved in the decision-making about my books has been a huge step forward. What about you? Do you listen to your audience? You’d be surprised what they can teach you. Pay attention next time you’re at a book event and you’ll be amazed at what you can learn. Happy listening! You can purchase Sir Pigglesworth books on Amazon or you can get a signed book by me at Have a #Pigalicious week!

Celebrate with Me!!!!

I have some VERY exciting news to share with Sir Pigglesworth’s fans!! I just found out yesterday that all of Sir Pigglesworth’s books will be made into videobooks – all 8 books in English and Spanish. And Bill and I were asked to audition to read for the roles of….wait for it….Bill and JoAnn!! As most of you probably know, the characters in my books, Bill and JoAnn, are actually my husband and I. In writing my first book in the series, I realized Sir Pigglesworth needed adults to always travel with him since he’s only 5 years old…after all, you wouldn’t send your 5-year-old child around the world by themselves...right?!? LOL So I thought ‘why not take on that role?’ I’ve had a blast the last five years traveling with my hoofed friend and sharing in his madcap escapades. Sir Pigglesworth certainly keeps me on my toes. So now I’m looking ahead to the next step in this journey. Join me in this exciting new venture by checking out my website where you can see the first 19 pages of each of the books. This gives you an idea of what the stories are about. And in the next few months you’ll be able to hear us…exciting times coming. Stay tuned!


When I blurted out those words on the stage of my church in September 2014 is when I first felt the thrill of being an author!! Since my journey started at church, I feel like it came full circle that day. Sir Pigglesworth started with a pink flying pig stress ball given the congregation by my pastor to post pictures on FB and share so our members could see where we were vacationing. That started the ball rolling and Sir Pigglesworth became an unstoppable life force. I can't remember ever feeling so proud than that day I stood up and made that announcement. Pastor Aaron invited me to sell books in church that day and asked me to make an announcement. I was very nervous until I blurted out those words...then something took over me and I told all about the journey that had brought me to that moment. After the service, 35 people came to buy a signed copy of my first income as an author!! That's what made it REAL to me. Almost five years and eight published books later and God is still guiding me onward and upward. I feel many more blessings coming my way. You can purchase my books from Amazon...if you want a signed copy, order from my website

Enquiring Minds Want to Know

Chapter 1 begins with 'a long plane ride'. Where did he come from? Where was he going? Sir Pigglesworth didn't care...he was just super excited to be at the London Airport. His curiosity immediately took over and he was off without realizing he'd left Mom and Dad far behind! As Sir Pigglesworth makes his way through the airport, all the items in the store windows capture his attention. I wanted to show kids that there is so much more to an airport than just planes! But also that airports are big places and it's very important to stay by your mom and dad.

Introducing Sir Pigglesworth

I nicknamed my little pink friend the 'master of mischief and mayhem'. Follow his stories and you'll find out why that name fits him to a 'T'!! My journey as an author started when my pastor gave us a little pink pig stress ball and encouraged us to take the pig around over the summer and post pictures on Facebook. I did just that...and little did I know that this little pig would take over my life! After posting lots of 'funnies' about Sir Pigglesworth's adventures, kids wanted a book was born. And then another...and another until it snowballed to 8 books! My award-winning series helps kids ages 5-9 discover a world of fun as they travel with my hoofed hero around the world learning about other cultures. Follow me on Bublish and Twitter @AuthorJ_Wagner

Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in Bermuda (Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series, #5)

Book Bubbles from Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in Bermuda (Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series, #5)

Ahhhhh...Sunshine and Pink Sand

Ahhhh…Bermuda. I remember lying on the pink sands of Horseshoe Bay Beach and soaking up the sunshine. I never wanted to leave but of course, reality kicked in. I was there because of my little pink friend and he was lying on the beach beside me, soaking up the rays and talking non-stop…what else is new? But if he wasn’t talking, I wouldn’t know where he was…he blended right in with the pink sand! We were having a blast in Bermuda and I was finding all kinds of exciting places to take him and I spent my time trying to keep him out of trouble…he keeps me on my toes! Have you ever been to Bermuda? Just being on an island and breathing in the sea air makes anything seem possible…along with all that glorious sunshine. If you’ve never been there, pick up Book 5 to read with your kids. This book will show you the best places to visit with your family and you will even learn some interesting facts about the island before you get there. It’s a great travel guide that your kids will have fun reading and then want to explore all the places Sir Pigglesworth visited. For a signed copy go to #Be pigalicious.

Sir Pigglesworth Meets the Captain!

Sir Pigglesworth took his first cruise on the Norwegian Breakaway to Bermuda. He immediately became a 'cruising addict'. Whenever we cruise, my husband and I make an appointment to meet the Captain. We introduce him to my character and give him a set of books. The pig is the best conversation starter! This meeting always gets us an invite to the Bridge and some insight into the running of the ship. Fascinating...and needless to say Sir Pigglesworth is all ears to find out what mischief he can get into onboard! On my website ( you can see a flipbook of Book 5. There you will see an illustration of Captain Mikael Hilden. I took his picture on board and with his permission gave it to my illustrator who drew him's like having a photograph in the book. I did that with other members of the crew and they were thrilled to be featured in the book. Needless to say, Sir Pigglesworth was a big hit! When I made the appointment, his assistant told me he could meet with me for about 10 minutes. Captain Hilden was so enthralled with Sir Pigglesworth that he invited us for coffee and we talked for 50 minutes...that's the power of the pig!! Bon #pigalicious

YUP...I've done it ALL!!!!

As you read through the books, you'll see that Sir Pigglesworth is always ready for a new adventure. Lots of kids have asked me if I've done the daredevil things that Sir Pigglesworth does. The answer is a resounding YES!! I have done them all...even if they scare the bejezzus out of me! LOL In my 'golden years' I've done things I wouldn't have dared to do when I was younger. What a trip some of them have been! I've done them and lived to talk about it. I've ziplined at the top of trees and across the sea...I've parasailed in Jamaica, floated across the sky in a balloon in Albuquerque, kissed and snorkeled with stingrays in Grand Cayman, surfed and water skied in San Juan but two things that what absolutely scared me the most were flying out of the water on a jet pack and 'zorbing' down a hill..I'm still surprised to this day that I survived them!! And I'm not finished yet....more adventures to come! So what I'm trying to say here is to stretch outside your comfort never know where it can lead!

Feel the LOVE

Sir Pigglesworth wants you to feel the LOVE!! Parents reading my books with their kids tell me they can feel the love Sir Pigglesworth has for his friends JoAnn and Bill. You can tell they really care about each other and it shines through my stories. It's important to me that kids realize through the stories how to make meaningful connections with those we meet. One of Sir Pigglesworth's favorite things is making new friends. He pulls them into his adventures just like his adventures pull kids into the story! He always wants to share the fun times he's having. I LOVE my little pink friend---he's so much a part of my life I feel that he's real...I wish he was!! I imagine he would turn my world upside down just keeping up with him! Show love to all you know everyday not just on Valentine's Day...we never know when our lives could change in a heartbeat. #ReaderLove

Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in New York City (Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series, #3)

Book Bubbles from Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in New York City (Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Series, #3)

Christmas Eve Magic

Nostalgia for Christmases past hit me hard this week. What hit first was the Christmas Eve day magic. Dad brought the tree in from the garage where he'd hidden it from our prying eyes. He set it up in the stand in the living room and that's when the excitement really started in our house. The tree was always decorated by Santa Claus and we tried hard to stay awake all night to catch him at it...but that didn't work too well!! The next morning we stared with wide-eyed wonder at the tree, all lit up and gloriously decorated by Santa himself. The tree had candle bulbs that bubbled when they got hot…I loved those the best!! My childish eyes couldn’t take it all in at once…the beautiful magical tree, the gifts piled under the tree… so it was a while before we started opening our gifts. Santa even put down railroad tracks and a train was choo-chooing around and around the tree. Just image the excitement of us kids! Imagine the excitement of your kids when they see gaily wrapped books under their tree. Sir Pigglesworth wants to delight your child so check out his books on Amazon. Give your child the gift of reading…it lasts a lifetime.

Fall Back, Spring Ahead…Makes No Difference

Good grief….there’s always so much commotion about the time change every few months. I can honestly say it’s never upset my rhythm when it goes either way so I have a hard time understanding the problems others seem to have. It has never affected my sleeping pattern in any way. I will say the longer hours in the Spring and Summer are my favorite…not a huge fan of it getting dark at 5:30 p.m. Since Sir Pigglesworth is all about fun and play, he’s not a happy camper either of the early dark hours. But like me he goes with the flow and doesn’t complain…he’s my kind of people!! LOL What about you? How do you feel about the time change? Sir Pigglesworth can cause mischief and mayhem no matter if it’s dark or light outside so nothing changes there. I don’t think my little pink friend sleeps much anyway. This is certainly something to think about for a future book. Enjoy whatever season you’re in, make the most of it always. Check out for special seasonal promotions for your young reader.

Can You Believe It...Summer's About Over!

Wow…where did the time go? I’ve always heard the older you get, the faster it goes. Must be true because it seems like summer just started last week. The North Texas heat is really getting to me and I’m so ready for Fall to arrive. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. It’s the one season I always looked forward to even as a child. I grew up in New York and the sharp air, apple picking and making applesauce and apple crisp, Fall festivals and Halloween’s imminent arrival are still among my happiest childhood memories. Sir Pigglesworth and I are making fun memories with our travels. I spent time this summer planning and outlining future books. Part of my planning is deciding where he should visit next. After Albuquerque and London, I decided we need to take an African Safari. Can you imagine what chaos Sir Pigglesworth can get up to on the African savanna and I know he can teach his fans so much about the animals we’ll encounter. Beyond that, which will be Book 11, I think I’ve decided that we’ll go on a ski trip to the Swiss Alps! Stay tuned. Let me know if you have any suggestions! Check out my website to see all my books.

The Master of Mischief and Mayhem At It Again

My little pink friend is at it again! Doesn't matter where he lands...chaos always follows. In Book 3, Sir Pigglesworth lives up to his nickname in my hometown. As he races around FAO Schwarz, our hoofed hero leaves mayhem in his wake. Be sure to check out Book 3 in New York City. Since I like to use my family in my books, the cute twin girls Sir Pigglesworth meets in the famous toy store are the twin daughters of my cousin and their names are really Kenzie and Paige. They were thrilled to be named in my book! Since this week's Bubble theme is 'gathering', I thought I'd talk about the Thanksgiving gathering in the book. It brought back many memories of our family gatherings around the dining room table for Thanksgiving dinner. There was a lot of love at that table. I haven't been home for a holiday in 30 years and most of the people that gathered at our table are now gone. But the people that were at our table will always be in my heart and the love at that table will live on in my memories. To this day I love big family gatherings and can't get enough of them! Have a great Memorial Day weekend and gather your loved ones day there will only be memories. #BePigalicious

End of Trilogy - Book 3

Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in New York City is the end of the trilogy. After searching throughout two cities, Sir Pigglesworth and his friend JoAnn find his Mom and Dad. What a joyous reunion for all! Can you even imagine what it would be like to lose your mom and dad…the fear you would have as a youngster? Luckily Sir Pigglesworth had JoAnn by his side to help him through it and find his parents! Having spent a few of my formative years living in NYC, St. Patrick's Cathedral holds good memories for me. We attended midnight Mass there several times on Christmas Eve and I remember the feeling of awe I felt walking into the huge Cathedral with so many people was always packed for that service but beautifully decorated! After Mass we would walk down Fifth Avenue gazing with wide-eyed wonder at the fabulous store window displays...unforgettable! These are memories I will always cherish, and now Sir Pigglesworth has a memory he’ll always cherish! I had at one time thought to keep the search going through more books but then I realized young readers might get scared because of how they would feel if they lost their parents. Best that he found them and life could go on.

What's My Favorite Book in the Series?

Kids are always asking me what's my favorite book in the series. I always say Book 3 - Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in New York City. Why? I was born there and spent my younger years in the City. Even though I haven't been back for several years, I have vivid memories of doing all the things as a child that Sir Pigglesworth does in the I didn't have to do too much research! Waiting with bated breath for the Thanksgiving Day parade to start...usually freezing and bundled up so I could hardly move...LOL. The balloons were the most exciting part to me...I couldn't wait for those gigantic balloons to turn the corner and come floating towards me! Ahhhh, those are memories that will stay with me all my life. I relive them every year watching the parade on TV feeling envious of everyone there. But certainly thankful I have those memories. Sir Pigglesworth is making memories of that parade just like I did!! How cool is that?!?

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