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A believer in true love and second chance romance because it's happened to her. Connie Clark is a happily married mother of two and has been an author since she was scribbling stories in her teens.


Wild Country


The snow isn't going anywhere and neither is he. Which is a problem for Kristina because she can't afford to be distracted, not by him or any man. She needs to focus on training her horses and building her stables reputation. When the Christmas Eve blizzard brings a man foolish enough to crash into her fence, she can't leave him out in the cold. Getting stuck in a hick town wasn't the plan when Peter Lexington agreed to spend Christmas in Springfield, Maine with his Country Music band. Now he's reconnecting with his country roots and realizing that maybe a small town girl is exactly what he's been looking for. Can he convince her that he wants more than no strings attached steamy fun or will she wave goodbye forever when the snowplow finally comes to dig them out?

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Peter Stops being so selfish

Peter is the typical bad boy lead singer in a band. Just because its a Country band doesn't mean he's not taking advantage of the girls who chase him. He's pretty hot after all. Its not until he starts spending time with Kristina that he realizes that things can be different with a woman. It doesn't have to be all about sex. And sometimes the quiet moments can be the most meaningful.

Wild Country

Kristina is rescuing Peter from his car after he crashed into her fence during a blizzard. She's all business and he's dazed and instantly attracted to her.

Wild Imaginings


After a YEAR of texting/sexting Holly never thought they would meet at Church Camp. Mark is my best friend and secret keeper since my divorce. But when our text messages turn steamy I can't resist. I've always been so conservative but now I can barely keep my panties from igniting. Can I handle friends with benefits without involving my heart? Is the risk of being caught by the church gossips worth putting our friendship on the line? Does that mean I'm going to hell? Only heaven knows.

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Holly Gives in to what she really wants

I tried to write Holly and Mark as real people who are just as complex. Meaning that they don't follow the rules all the time. Holly was a pastors wife who takes her religion seriously, but by this point in the story she's been single for a year and hasn't had sex since her husband. However, she and Mark have been sexting like mad for months. So when they are finally alone, they can't keep their hands off each other. By this point in the book, Holly is ready to explode, and while we don't get to read Mark's POV, I can tell you that so is he. He's already fallen in love with Holly at this point, although she doesn't know it yet.

Wild Heart


Playboy superstar fall in love? Never gonna happen. Not to Peter Lexington. Except that the stage seems empty. Thousands of screaming fans mean nothing if she's not waiting in the wings. Peter knows he messed up when he let her push him away and isn't going to let it happen again. But his plan to show her how he feels blows up in smoke when he returns to Springfield and finds she's disappeared. Can he find her before her Stepfather does?  Kristina is never going to escape unless she does something drastic.  Telling Peter to leave was the hardest thing she'd ever done, but Kristina can't afford to be in a relationship right now. She's too busy fighting for the only life she's ever known. Sure, she likes him, but Peter lives in the stars and she's down here on solid ground. Then the world explodes around her and nothing makes sense anymore, except her feelings for the man she knows she can't have.  Follow Peter and Kristina as they continue on their unique journey toward happily ever after. This story is full of twists and unexpected turns as these two people navigate their romance. Read book two of this three book couple series, part of the Wild Romance/Springfield Small Town Romance Series.  Be sure to look for Book One, Wild Country. A FREE copy is available by signing up for my newsletter once you've purchased this book. That way you don't have to miss out on where Peter and Kristina's story starts! 

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Man Out of TIme: Goddess of Destiny Book One


Her life is on the line, but she doesn’t know it. He needs a change or he may go mad. Don’t miss this Paranormal, historical fiction with romance, betrayal, and an unforgettable and powerful goddess. In 2008 Doctor turned Actor, Doug Coleman, is thrust into the spotlight against his will. A chance encounter with a gypsy sends him into a simpler time. But not knowing how long he might be there makes him hesitant to fall in love. In 1868, Elizabeth can’t stand the pompous jerk who insists on courting her. When she’s rescued by a handsome stranger, she wonders if he might be her soulmate. Sparks fly between them every time they meet, especially when he sees through her manly disguise. Giving in might mean he’s stuck in the past forever, but would that really be so bad? When he realizes that she’s in trouble, he will do anything to keep her safe, even if that includes leaving. Man Out of Time is a sizzling Time Travel Romance that will leave you breathlessly turning pages to see what happens next. If you like a steamy romance with piping hot chemistry, believable heroines, villains who get what they deserve, then you’ll love this magical story. Get your copy today and see what readers are raving about.

Book Bubbles from Man Out of TIme: Goddess of Destiny Book One

Doug Wakes up in the Past

This is when Doug, our hero, first wakes up after traveling back to the past in his dream. He doesn't really understand what's going on, but does a great job of staying calm to try to figure it all out. When I wrote this scene, I tried to make it as realistic as possible. Years ago I worked as a living history interpreter and it was my job to bring the past alive for people who came to visit us. I hope I was able to do that with my book for readers.

Elizabeth meets the Gypsy

This is where Elizabeth, who lives in 1868, goes to see a fortune teller at a local fair. Her best friend urges her to see what she might find out about who she'll marry. This was when the occult was extremely popular and everyone was enamored with those who were said to have "second sight". The fortune teller is actually a goddess who has been tasked with bringing lost soulmates back together. Hers is the secondary story and the theme of all the books in the 'Goddess of Destiny' series.

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