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Jeff  Stanger

I live and write in Indianapolis, IN. Sometimes for food and sometimes for spite. Find me at or my blog


Tangled In The Web: A Quick Baseball Mystery #2

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Quick is back for another mystery. This time he's battling forgers, organzied crime, and an unwanted houseguest.

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You Dropped Your Shoulder

Emily Tarantola makes a dramatic entrance into the room and the story. Quick is in trouble now!

"I hate fakes."

Enjoy the opening scene of Quick Mystery #2.

Trolley Dodgers

Humor & Entertainment

Follow the hilarious adventures of a small college town as they try to pool their money and buy the Dodgers!

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Introducing the Future Karnies of America

Yes, that's spelled incorrectly and that's the point. This was the first appearance of the Future Karnies and they have become quite popular. I get lots of requests to do a book just about them.

And So It Begins...

A misunderstanding, a boyhood dream, and a town that is slightly crazy. You're going to enjoy the cast of characters in Trolley Dodgers as their quest to buy a baseball team unfolds.

The Fungo Society

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Jonathan Quick is a baseball memorabilia dealer who is always being drawn into some sort of trouble. Join Quick at Spring Training as he hunts down a game used jersey that might be worth a fortune. Along the way, he meets the Fungo Society, a group of old ballplayers who are looking for revenge. Throw in some jealous lovers and a drug kingpin and Quick might just be in over his head!

Book Bubbles from The Fungo Society

An Introduction to Jonathan Quick

Get to know Quick in this short excerpt from The Fungo Society. The Quick Baseball Mystery series centers around artifacts dealer Jonathan Quick and his knack for always finding trouble in the world of memorabilia. In this episode, Quick heads to Spring Training where a group of old ballplayers get him into all kinds of trouble. Drug lords, jealous lovers, and grumpy old men make this tale both funny and suspenseful. Join the adventure today!

Facts Cause Cancer

Humor & Entertainment

Celebrate 10 Years of Carry On, Citizens with popular posts and new material from author Jeff Stanger! Carry On, Citizens has been making people laugh for a decade and Facts Cause Cancer shines a light on the disturbing (yet never boring) mind of Jeff Stanger. Ever since the Mid 90s when he was a columnist for BC Magazine, Jeff has been putting his humorous stamp on politics, sports, and entertainment.

Book Bubbles from Facts Cause Cancer

Save the Sausage

"Demand that each of the Presidential candidates outline how they will address the Cow Intestine Shortage if they were elected."

Bank Tubes and Cottage Cheese Don't Mix

"You scientific types probably call it a pneumatic tube, but I have a fear of silent p's, so I prefer bank tube."

How to Prevent Cancer While Reading

You can't escape the fact that it is indeed facts that cause cancer. That's why I've been keeping my blog fact free for 10 years. I practice safe writing so you can practice safe reading. That's the kind of guy I am. ~Jeff

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