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E A Carter is a multiple award-winning, Amazon #1 bestselling author of epic alternate historical fiction, sci-fi, and high fantasy love stories. authoreacarter.com Her newest release I, Cassandra comes out August 2021, a sci-fi near future dystopia where Blade Runner meets Ex Machina meets Elysium. In 2086, in a climate-ruined world of haves and have-nots, a forbidden love affair transcends time, the end of the world, and what it means to be human. She writes non-fiction under the name Elizabeth Anne Carter. Her debut non-fiction release of her true story of survival, hope and healing, The Lost Letters: The Dark World of Narcissistic Abuse came out Feb 14, 2021. Pick up your free copy of one of E A's award-winning full-length stories at authoreacarter.com


I, Cassandra

Science Fiction & Fantasy

She is a prisoner who can alter reality. He is a dead soldier brought back to life as a sentient machine. A forbidden love affair that transcends time, the end of the world, and what it means to be human. 2086. In a world divided between a protected zone for the super-rich and the billions left to survive in a dying world, Cassandra’s ability to alter reality marks her as a valuable asset to Global Command. Lost in a terrorist attack to the United Freedom Fighters, she is discovered in the seedy underworld of London by an elite soldier who does not learn who she is until far too late, and he too becomes an asset owned by faceless powers. Resurrected as a near immortal machine, his first mission is to extract her from London and return her to the ones intent to use her gift to give the rich a second chance at life in a new world. As the world around them collapses from the greed of humanity, he fights to protect the one he loves, to save her from what is to come, and to give her a second chance . . . no matter the cost or how long he has to wait.

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To wait for love...how long could you do it?

What is the longest you have waited for love? A week? A month? A year? Longer? What about a love cast against the social divide, a dying world, the machinations of the mighty and powerful, and the erosion of time? "I was on the edge of my seat..." "Original and deeply satisfying..." "E A Carter is already a master of epic fantasy romance, and she does not disappoint in her sci-fi debut..." "Echoes of Oryx & Crake, Earth Abides, and Altered Carbon..." "Ryan had me at 'smuggling cat food in his underwear'..." ...From Goodreads reviews What are you waiting for? Click below find out what you're missing... Or as Ryan Maddox would say: "Click the damn link and prepare for the ride of your life."

To return from the dead for love...

I am a huge fan of both sci-fi and cyberpunk fiction and thought it might be an interesting way to address many of the issues we face as a society, of the widening divide between the rich and the poor, the effects of climate change, and of a future where high tech gives us the power to transcend our mortality. I put all these themes together and out of it, over the course of 9 years I, Cassandra came to life. Review: "I, Cassandra is Carter’s newest release featuring star-crossed lovers in a dying futuristic Earth. Cassandra is a runaway prisoner with the power to alter reality and terraform. Ryan is a soldier, brought back from death as one of the machines he so despises. But they, and the planet they call home, are running out of time..."

The Lost Valor of Love

Literature & Fiction

On the eve of a brutal battle, a queen-in-waiting alters the course of history and awakens the embers of a fabled war - and a love - older than time.

Book Bubbles from The Lost Valor of Love

In the Presence of the Pharoah

I like to test the limits of all things through my stories. In this excerpt, I explore the courage of a woman, who although a princess and the queen-in-waiting to the powerful Hittite Crown Prince, is still utterly powerless in a society ruled by gods and men. She is given a choice to protect the fate of millions, even if it means she must betray her own empire and the price will be her life. The question of power is a thorny one, how does power truly manifest itself? Is it through tyranny, control and oppression, or is it through sacrifice, purity of will, and discipline? And when is a woman at her most powerful? This theme and many others you will find my books explore in beautiful, poetic ways. Will you fall into another world with me?

The Falcon's Wing

At times we must make huge decisions, ones that will utterly change the direction of our lives. It can be terrifying to move out of a place of perceived safety into the unknown. And yet, oftentimes these choices lead to doors opening, ones we could never have found had we not taken our very first, brave step. Meresamun is one of my favorite characters in the series, despite her being a secondary character her complexity and challenging journey is a story of strength, perseverance and ultimately sacrifice. But we are only at the beginning of a very long story here, and it all starts at The Falcon's Wing...

A pharaoh, a warrior, and a priestess

This part of the book opens with the myth of creation as told by a beautiful slave priestess at a great banquet. When the pharaoh Ramesses II sees her beauty, he is enamoured by her, but because she belongs to the goddess Sekhmet she is sacred and cannot be touched, not even by a pharaoh. And yet, the heart goes where it will and Meresamun's epic journey begins on this fateful night. But does she end up in the arms of the pharaoh...or with another?

Kadesh - Where history was made...

The once formidable city of Kadesh is now nothing more than a hill in the middle of fields, situated roughly twelve miles southwest of present-day Homs, Syria. It has not failed to occur to me that this part of the world has suffered far too much violence and tragedy; the parallels between what happened at Kadesh and what is happening in our present world much too close for comfort. To this day, archaeologists are still searching for the Hittite version of what happened at the Battle of Kadesh. Historians have suggested that if Egypt had been defeated at Kadesh, the world's history would have turned out substantially different. Egypt's supremacy would have ended prematurely, changing the balance of power in the remaining empires and affecting the rise of later ones, making it not unlikely the world we live in today could have turned out quite different to the one we know. Until the Hittite record is found, we only have Ramesses II's version, which strains credulity-he claims the gods came down and fought alongside him as he faced the hordes of the Hittites alone, all his men having fled in terror. This story has been an attempt to retell the historic events of that time with life breathed back into the people who lived and loved in that opulent, glamorous, dangerous world.

It began with a dream in Egypt

The premise for this book came to me during a stay in Luxor, Egypt when I dreamed of an empire-crossing, forbidden love affair which transpired during the New Kingdom period. As I woke to the sun rising over the Nile and three thousand years slammed back into my senses, I heard these words: Tell the story. Do not let it die. It took five years of research across four countries to put together all the missing pieces of the puzzle. When I discovered the man I had dreamed of was a real historical person, including his position in Ramesses II's court, I sensed I had embarked on the story of a lifetime. After sixteen years of research and writing, the transcendent love affair I dreamed of at last, lives again.

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