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Jean  Jeffers

Jean is an RN with an MSN from University of Cincinnati. She is a writer and a staff writer for two sister publications: Living Well 60plus and Health & Wellness Magazines. She is working on her second novel, Journey Toward Freedom, a sequel to her first novel, Journey Toward Healing which may be published in early 2018. Jean wrote her first book, Journey Toward Healing as a way to express her love of the spiritual, to be a voice for good, make a statement about her understanding of the problems encountered by the emotionally mentally ill, and for her love of writing. Jean has a story in an anthology entitled: Many Roads Taken. you may see her articles and a blog at She can be seen on Facebook at She lives in Cincinnati with her companion of 27 years, Joseph. She may be contacted at Please, come check her out on her blog,


Jean  Jeffers

Working Title: Journey Toward Freedom

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Journey Toward Freedom

Christian Books & Bibles

Lulu, a massage therapist at Pinecroft House of Peace, is witness to a murder and subsequently is stalked by the killer. Her fiance, Jake, in the meantime, has gone back to gambling, an addiction he had sworn off. It comes to light that he is being swindled by an old business associate to the tune of $50,000. Both Lulu and Jude must extricate themselves from an uncomfortable situation. More to come in this storyline.

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Stress is a Problem

Just as Lulu was stressed by the witnessing of the murder and the ongoing stalking, we may be building up for ourselves stress by our activities. I chose Lulu to have a panic attack as her body dealt with the stress she is experiencing. Many such attacks end up by the person going to the ER which is what happened to Lulu. Everyone has some stress and as the saying goes: It is what you do with it. Activities such as exercise, meditation, and relaxation exercises may help to reduce the stress and make it more manageable.

The Panic Attack

Stress can do a number on us. And Lulu had been under a great deal of stress the last couple weeks. She had witnessed a murder, she had been having someone stalking her, and she had been forced to postpone her wedding date. Now she is feeling the effects of that stress in the form of a panic attack. Will Lulu get past this stress, will she tale the events that are transpiring in striide or will she continue to experience the overwhelming effects of stress. The human person is resiliant. And remarkable. Right now, Lulu is reacting to all that is happening, is she able to act?

Introducing the Antagonist

Anton Stanislaus Petrov is a Russian born young man who came to the US following his mother and sister's entry as legal immigrants. He was a member of the Russian army before coming to the States, and has been trained here as a welder. He works sporadically. He has been stalking Lulu after she witnessed him killing someone in a drug transfer. In this scene, he is involved in home illegal entry and robbery. The antagonist's flaw is over-confidence. He assumes he can get by with whatever he wants.

Conflict in the Kitchen

Lulu is a protagonist whose work involves doing massage therapy at Pinecroft House of Peace, a retreat center on the West side of Cincinnati during the late 80's. Lulu has just witnessed a murder. She is feeling vulnerable. She enters the kitchen at Pinecroft for a cup of tea late in the afternoon. Maribell is the new cook and housekeeper. She tends to be authoritative and dictatorial. Lulu is about to enter into conflict with this new housekeeper. I have created the conflict to show that despite PInecroft being a place of peace and harmony, there may be undercurrents of feelings and hidden motives.

A Critical Incident

Lulu is returning home from a social event, distracted by formulating plans for her wedding. Suddenly a critical incident, a murder occurs and she is witness to that murder. This is about to change her life forever. I chose Lulu for the protagonist in this sequel to Journey Toward Healing to give another perspective of life at Pinecroft House of Peace. Lulu is a flighty, impulsive 30something just finding love with her partner Jake. This incident must be dealt with by Lulu before any of her plans are possible.

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