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I loved James Bond! I’ve read the books watched the movies countless times. Growing up, I often wondered why a woman didn’t write a female equivalent to 007. Years passed, but no one ever did. So I created Nikki Sinclair, who’s an MI6 agent in the dark days of the Cold War. And, of course, I had to make her a lesbian. These days, you’ll find me in a small town north of Auckland, where I spent my days writing the next Nikki Sinclair Spy Thriller.


Murder By Umbrella (The Nikki Sinclair Spy Thriller Series, #4)

Gay & Lesbian

MI6 spy Nikki Sinclair is sent to a top-secret facility in the English countryside to discover who murdered two scientists on the streets of London. The murdered scientists have one thing in common. Both of them were recruited from the Eastern Bloc. Suspicion falls on Eva Horakova, a newly arrived Czech defector. Then there is the intriguing Professor Irma Lange, a scientist who clearly has something to hide. Nikki uncovers hidden agendas, deceit, deception and bizarre behaviour. Not sure who to trust or what to believe, Nikki is left with unanswered questions. She must discover the killer before another scientist is killed.

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An assassination on the streets of London

My inspiration for the story came from Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian dissident who made London his home. He worked as a journalist for the BBC and was a vocal opponent of his country's regime. In September 1978, Markov waited for a bus on Waterloo Bridge. He felt a jab in his thigh. He looked around and saw a man with an umbrella. Later that day, Markov felt unwell. He sought treatment and died in hospital four days later. The cause of death - ricin poisoning. It was believed the KGB had instructed the Bulgarians to assassinate Markov because he embarrassed the regime. I remember reading this story and thinking it was too far fetched and simply couldn't happen in London. But it had.

The Prisoner meets Miss Marple

The cult 1960's tv series The Prisoner played by Patrick McGoohan provided the inspiration for the setting of the book. I always loved reading the Miss Marple books by Agatha Christie. What if I combined a quaint, quintessentially English village with a secret facility and filled it with defectors from the Eastern Bloc? This is the result. I hope you enjoy it.

Treachery In Vienna (The Nikki Sinclair Spy Thriller Series, #1)

Gay & Lesbian

WOULD YOU CROSS YOUR MORAL BOUNDARIES? Acts of espionage within government send British spy Nikki Sinclair on a covert mission to eliminate the traitor. However, Nikki soon suspects she isn’t the only person interested in Simon Wallace; a notion corroborated by subsequent events. After an act of kindness, Nikki befriends Wallace, and so begins a psychological cat-and-mouse game between the two adversaries. Nikki’s resolve wavers. Does Wallace deserve the fate assigned to him? Can Nikki follow orders?

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To Kill or Not ...

This is the pivotal point in the story. I wanted to create a dilemma for Nikki. As Nikki befriends Simon Wallace, who she's been ordered to kill, doubts creep in. If she murders Wallace, it will change her entire life, but what if she walks away? Can Nikki live with her conscience if she crosses to the dark side?

Deception in Cairo (The Nikki Sinclair Spy Thriller Series, #3)

Gay & Lesbian

WOULD YOU CHOOSE DUTY OVER LOVE? A peace treaty between Egypt and Israel is currently on the table. Meanwhile, enemies are conspiring with international powers to orchestrate a coup. Not the best time for Britain to lose a valuable source of intel. Fortunately, Cairo’s expat society provides the perfect cover for Nikki Sinclair and her fake husband to discover the fate of MI6’s mole. Then Nikki’s encounter with the older, infamous Countess Nadasdy ignites a passion and desperate need that leaves them both reeling. So, when a ghost from the past threatens their happiness, she resolves to act. But one question lies still unanswered. Is her lover a KGB spy?

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Risking all for Love?

For the last two months, Nikki has been undercover as the wife of Martin Salisbury. She is struggling to maintain the deception in the ex-pat bubble in 1970's Cairo. At a reception, Nikki's resolve dissipates when she meets the Countess for the first time. I wanted to write an age-gap romance, but it didn't entirely turn out as I expected. Elza, the Countess Nadasdy, has her share of deep dark secrets that aren't revealed until the end of the book. I loved writing Elza's character. She's a survivor in a man's world. When she falls for Nikki, Elza's torn. I gave her a choice. Does she remain in the comfortable world she inhabits or risk all for love?

In Praise of Older Women

II wanted to write an age gap romance but Deception in Cairo didn't entirely turn out as I expected. And if you're expecting a gentle romance, this book isn't for you. In a short space of time, Nikki becomes deeply involved with the infamous, alluring and mature Elza, Countess Nadasdy. I was very young when I was taken to the movies to see The Sound of Music, Eleanor Parker who plays the role of Baroness Schraeder mesmerised me. I loved everything about her character. Her clothes, how she spoke, moved, and especially, Elsa’s dignity when she was jilted by the Captain. Over the years, I've watched the movie hundreds of times, and when I came to write this book, I thought of the Baroness. If only I could recreate a character like Elsa ….

The Hell Of Osirak (The Nikki Sinclair Spy Thriller Series, #5)

Gay & Lesbian

Can She Win the Race to Stop a Nuclear Holocaust in the Middle East? A nuclear holocaust is about to engulf the Middle East, and only one person stands between the inevitable devastation of the region. British spy Nikki Sinclair is sent on an undercover mission to discover when the Osirak reactor goes online. Already suffering from the psychological effects of a failed mission, Nikki had to learn to trust her instincts again. Nikki fights her attraction to an older woman, engineer Margot Lambert. The arrival of Mossad spy, Dvora Bar Zahavi, Nikki's ex-lover, throws her world into chaos. Nikki is no longer sure who she can trust. Nikki's courage is put to the test as she faces dark forces in this gripping, taut Cold War thriller.

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This actually happened to me!

I describe the incident in my book as I remember it in 1981. This was the time of apartheid in South Africa. Consequently, many countries refused to allow planes arriving or departing from South Africa to refuel, except Zaire. The aircraft was scheduled to stop for three hours, and because of an engineering strike by TAP engineers, it became three days.

A Perfect Interlude (The Nikki Sinclair Spy Thriller Series, #6)

Gay & Lesbian

ARE YOU SURE YOU KNOW YOUR LOVER? Placed on indefinite leave from MI6, after the traumatic events in Osirak, woman officer Nikki Sinclair is shocked when CIA agent Margot Lambert arrives unexpectedly in New Zealand. They resume their affair, and Nikki's long, suppressed desires are reawakened. As Margot exerts further control, Nikki discovers some unpalatable truths. When Margot suggests A Perfect Interlude, Nikki must decide if it's love calling the shots, or does Margot have an ulterior and sinister motive? A Perfect Interlude is a Cold War spy thriller with dark undertones and the sequel to The Hell Of Osirak.

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How well do you know your lover?

Do you really know them? This question has always fascinated me. In these days of social media, it's not difficult to create a profile on a dating site and become another person. For all you know, the person you're about to meet might have a partner and family. When Nikki first meets Margot Lambert in The Hell Of Osirak, she seemed like perfect girlfriend material. An incident occurred there which created unease in Nikki. When Margot turns up unexpectedly in Auckland, Nikki wants to believe her. Soon doubts creep in. I've given Nikki a choice. Does she ignore her instincts? Or does she act on them?

Our Spy in Istanbul (The Nikki Sinclair Spy Thriller Series, #2)

Gay & Lesbian

What Happens When Your Secrets Threaten Everything You Thought You Knew? When Tatiana Kustova, the stunning KGB rezidentura in Istanbul, decides to defect, Nikki Sinclair, British spy extraordinaire, and her MI6 partner and lover, Jasmine Richter, are sent to arrange the extraction. The women secret agents need to confirm the intel is genuine and then secure the asset. However, things do not go as planned as the mission is beset by Bulgarian minders, ruthless assassins, and a KGB General who is bent on thwarting Nikki at every opportunity. With danger ever-present, Nikki is no longer sure who to trust. The alluring Tatiana tests her, while the beautiful but fickle Jasmine strains her patience. The mission quickly spins out of control as Nikki struggles to hold the unravelling threads together. A fast-paced and action-packed spy thriller, Our Spy in Istanbul, is set in the colourful backdrop of Istanbul and the Bosphorus during the Cold War.

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From Russia With Love

It took me a day to find the location of the Soviet Embassy featured in the movie From Russia With Love. I describe it exactly as I saw it in 2017. I spent a week in Istanbul researching locations used in the movie and re-created them in my book.

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