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Living La Vida Mocha (The Coffee Loft Series)


Cara Gallagher had it all: the perfect apartment, a charming plus one, and a dreamy marketing job. Until, in the blink of an eye, she had nothing. Fired and dumped in a matter of minutes, Cara finds herself at rock bottom. Desperate for a moment of respite, she stumbles upon the Coffee Loft, hoping for a burst of sugar and caffeine to mend her wounded heart. Instead, she walks straight into the unexpected - the person she never thought she'd encounter again, the one who had always held her heart.

Thirteen years has passed, but Carter Cross remains the enigmatic soul she remembers from their college days. The pain of his departure for European adventures still haunts her, but her heart yearns for another chance. Carter, too, longs to be with her, yet secrets hold him back.

With the gift of a fresh start in her hands, Cara sets out to rewrite her destiny. Her focus? Ridge Heights, the picturesque small town brimming with opportunities for redemption. And the center of her mission is Carter.
Will their second chance at love be as sweet as the coffee at the Coffee Loft?

Book Bubbles from Living La Vida Mocha (The Coffee Loft Series)

Carter and Cara

This is one of their dates, where they are reconnecting and feeling the pull toward the other. This romantic comedy is infused with puns, as Carter loves to toss them around.

Second Chances in Cheshire Bay


Thirteen years apart. Two shattered hearts reunited. One shot at a second chance neither of them saw coming.

In a small town, the list of good-looking, age-appropriate, and single guys is already slim. Being the only doctor for miles, those choices become even narrower. When a speed dating event surfaces, Dr. Chloe Tarkin jumps at the chance to meet several eligible bachelors but is caught completely off guard when one in particular graces her table.

The guy who once held the key to her heart.
The other half of a pair of dreamers with big plans for their future.
The swoony gentleman her soul never forgot. Or forgave.

BJ Sutcliff moved to the bay area years ago to escape his past, his controlling family, and to focus on being who he wants to be. Never expected he’d run into anyone familiar. And he never imagined he’d run into the woman whose heart he shattered when he slammed the door on them all those years ago.

He’s ready to make amends for the way he screwed up. This time, he’s not settling for second best, but he’d jump at a second chance - if she can find it in her heart to let bygones be bygones. Or are some mistakes just too much to forgive and forget?

Book Bubbles from Second Chances in Cheshire Bay

Hard to ignore those feelings

Chloe is having a hard time moving on from the heartache Benjamin caused all those years ago. Since they've awkwardly bumped into each other, fourteen years later, she's struggling with her feelings. She wants to try again, but she's terrified of him rejecting her once more.

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