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H.M. "Marie" Gautsch (1986-Present) was born in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. She grew up in Wisconsin her whole life and still resides in Wisconsin. Marie committed ten and a half years (January 2005- May 2015) with the United States Armed Forces with one full tour supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom where she was based in Taji, Iraq. She has an Associate's degree in Culinary Management and continues school for a video career and continues her writing career on the side. She's published three books so far, and is currently on her fourth book, "Fallen Angel.: HM is also a staff/faculty member of University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI. You can find more info about Marie on her blog at http://www.gautschvision.blogspot.com


The Road To Healing: An Equestrian Journal

Literature & Fiction

A personal look into a young woman's life with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, serving the military, and how she developed her coping skills through the art of poetry and equestrian therapy.

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Meaning behind "Survival of the Fittest"

We want to see the good in everybody, but some just merely don't have any good to offer. Even when it seems a certain individual is fooling everyone, your instinct knows best with the judgment of a character. If you are feeling a bad vibe, most likely that person has plenty of bad juju in them. Unfortunately, not everyone is really trusting their inner selves and continue to fall for the old cue, so to speak.

Underground Poetry

Literature & Fiction

Underground Poetry brings of the author's revelations, personal experiences, and more of her visions and trials in life, but in more of a lyrical and urban flow through the paper and pen instead of in a music studio. Underground Poetry is H.M. Gautsch's sophomore book that is independently published. Be cautious when reading, as it portrays adult language and content in majority of the poetry in the book.

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Anger Issues Much?

I think my words are to the point. I had an ego when I wrote all these poems. I thought I could rap, but I was wrong and I am good with that. LOL! Writing is my kryptonite, good or bad. This is just more of the ugly side of sorting out my life and circle. Ha ha!

Evolution of Oneself: My Poetic Memoir

Literature & Fiction

Poetry that is written from the heart shows one’s true emotions at a certain stage or day in a poet’s life. I chose these poems for my first book due to the ability that I can show my audience a deeper side of me that isn’t necessary portrayed on the exterior of myself on a day to day basis. I also want to express a bit of motivational and inspirational poems I possess from my collection. I never used a strict criteria or a specific theme due to the ability of how I can cover a number of different topics even though my writing is more so on the lyrical rhyming scheme and/or freestyle.

Book Bubbles from Evolution of Oneself: My Poetic Memoir

Keep Moving Forward

Being more downs than ups in my life, I still am pushing myself to surpass the past negatives. I got through a lot to bring you inspiration and motivation. Most importantly through it all, a beautiful smile that still shines brightly foresees it all.

Meet My Demons

This poem was written during the lowest point of my life on an emotional end, as I turned to alcohol abuse instead of facing my problems and accepting my instability. Not only was I drawn to alcohol, but I was mixing my habits with my medications at the time of need.

The Story Behind Just Breathe

The following excerpt is from a break up poem called "Just Breathe" and is basically a point in one life's to be able to accept the consequences that I could not control. The cliche I live by in life is "Everything Happens For A Reason." Life always balances out.


These is my first reveal of my depression struggles. Some say you write best when you are hurting, and the revealing of my deepest emotions shows that with poems like "broken."

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