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My interest in writing novels began with a dream that was like watching an action-packed science fiction movie. Over the next two nights the dream story continued. At the time, my children were young and it was difficult for me to write down my dreams, but it happened to be Christmas and a three-day holiday weekend, so my husband didn’t have to rush off to work. He watched our three children while I wrote down my dreams each morning. During the next four nights I didn’t have any more dreams. The following weekend was New Year’s Eve: another three-day weekend. Magically the dream continued. On the sixth night I dreamed the conclusion. I now had a ninety-page dream journal. It was a great story, but I realized I didn’t have the skills to write it. I decided to learn how to write fiction novels. It takes many years to become a good writer, as it does to develop any skill. I enjoyed the learning process, the art of creating characters and dreaming up exciting adventures. Writing became my passion. My husband said I was lucky to love writing. Few people have something that they enjoy so much.


Star Rider and the Golden Threads

Science Fiction & Fantasy

TOEMEKA KIMES DOESN’T SIT BACK WHEN HER LOVED ONES ARE IN TROUBLE . . .SHE JUMPS IN TO SAVE THEM While Toemeka is living at a secret dome-city for refugees, an urgent message arrives for her husband, Michio, who is away at training. It’s a plea for help from Queen Koriann of Jaipar. Planetary-conqueror and sorcerer, Samrat Condor, threatens to attack unless they surrender. Toemeka travels to Jaipar on planet Borko in Michio's stead. There she is reunited with Agent Erling Fenian, her former Coalition partner. Complications arise including old feelings between Erling and Koriann, an unexpected mission, personal betrayal, dark sorcery, spiritual tests, and hostile aliens. Will they be able to save Jaipar?

Book Bubbles from Star Rider and the Golden Threads

Dangerous Duel

In this dramatic scene Queen Koriann comes to Erling's room to escape King Zanton who she has discovered wants to control her country. King Zanton bursts in on them in morning and both their lives are in danger.

Twelfth Test

In a time of interplanetary war, Michio Kimes is sent to a monastery for further training to fight the sorcerer Samrat Condor. He has passed the first eleven test and now is in wilderness for the twelfth test. As Michio is hiking through the forest, he is distracted by his concern about his wife who he knows is in danger.

New Mission

In this scene Erling Fenian goes to his commander's office during the war on planet Alandra. He is informed of a new threat to Jaipar. Erling is torn between his desire to stay on his home planet to defend them from Samrat Condor and his desire to help Queen Koriann who he has strong feelings for.

School of Eagles

Michio Kimes travels to the School of Eagles to begin the training he needs to fight Samrat Condor's spread of dark power. In this scene he has just arrived at the monastery and is immediately given the first test.

Domed City

In this scene Toemeka sees the domed City of Kanai (where she and Michio are going to live) for the first time. It's a city for escaped refugees from the planets Samrat Condor has attacked.

Opening scene

Star Rider and the Golden Threads will be released on Amazon on 9/1/18. This is the second book in the sci-fi Star Rider series. In this scene, Toemeka has an inner feeling that something terrible is going to happen. She tries to warn her close friend of the danger is he and his family are in.

Red Willow's Quest

Literature & Fiction

Action, romance, and adventure set the tone for this uplifting story about a Shoshoni maiden on a spiritual journey to become a medicine woman. Red Willow sets out on a quest into the rugged Rocky Mountains. She must face tribal opposition, wild animals, enemy warriors, and dangerous white trappers. Wind Chaser, a wolf-dog, is her only companion until Masheka, a Kootenai warrior, is guided to protect her. “A powerful spiritually invocative story about a woman taking her power” ~Lynn V. Andrews, best selling author of Medicine Woman Colorado Libraries, Vol. 27 No. 3 This Native American story . . . is well written and rings true. Ms. Skarie has a wonderful voice for the character and obviously has extensive knowledge about the life and customs of the Shoshoni tribe. Young teenage girls would enjoy reading this book because of Red Willow’s strong character and the nature of the challenges she faces, and boys would enjoy it because of the dangerous adventures of both Red Willow and Masheka. Adults who enjoy historical fiction that contains spirituality and mysticism would also find it interesting. ~Sandra Avery, Reference Librarian, Jefferson County Public Library

Book Bubbles from Red Willow's Quest

Turning Point

Red Willow is on a quest to become a medicine woman. Masheka wants her be his wife. In this scene, Red Willow goes to to an overlook with Masheka to get guidance on the direction her life should take.

Buffalo stampede

Red Willow and Masheka are asleep when the ground begins to shake. Here is the exciting scene. I hope it gives you a feeling of what it must have been like to be on a horse in the middle of a buffalo stampede.

Red Willow's Wolf-dog companion

Red Willow leaves on a Vision Quest with her wolf-dog companion, Wind Chaser. On the fourth day of her Vision Quest, a Kootenai warrior named Masheka warns her that the Piegans are near and she is in danger. In this scene Wind Chaser protects Red Willow.

Shoshoni maiden

In this scene Red Willow, a Shoshoni maiden, goes with Masheka at sunrise and prayers to the Great Spirit. She seeks guidance to know what direction she should go in.

Danger in the Rockies

Red Willow, a Shoshoni maiden, is in the mountains on a vision quest. A Kootenai warrior appears and tells her there is danger and she must leave. Her people's enemies, the Piegans, are headed up the trail to where she is seated.

Reseach for historical novels

When writing historical novels an author does a lot of research to make it accurate. In RED WILLOW'S QUEST, Red Willow and Masheka go to Fort Raymond trading post in Montana. This was a real trading post built by Manual Lisa in 1807. Lisa met up with John Colter who was returning home from the expedition west with Lewis and Clark. Colter joined Lisa and encouraged him to build on the mouth of the Big Horn River because it was near the winter hunting ground of the Crow. In this scene the reader gets a feel for what a trading post looked like. Included in the scene are Crow warriors and Manual Lisa and John Colter.

Fight Scene

In this exciting scene Red Willow and Masheka are attacked by Piegan warriors in the Rocky Mountains.

Importance of Dreams

When Red Willow and Masheka are traveling through the forest, they are followed by a mountain lion. That night Red Willow has a dream about a white mountain lion. She tells Masheka about her dream in the morning.

Vision Quest

Here is a scene from when Red Willow, a Shoshoni maiden, is on a vision quest. She has traveled alone into the Rocky Mountains and been in comtemplation several days.

Red Willow in Danger

Red Willow, s Shoshone maiden, is determined to become a medicine woman and sets off alone on a vision quest. While in the wilderness she is attacked my an enemy warrior.

Valentine Love Scene

For Valentine's Day I've selected a love scene from RED WILLOW'S QUEST. Red Willow is dedicated to her people and her inner guidance to become a medicine woman. Masheka has accompanied and protected her on the quest to find a sacred cave. Here is a scene soon before they must part. Romantic scenes reveal a great deal about characters and the depth of their feelings for one another.

The Miracles surrounding Red Willow's Quest

I started this story as a fantasy novel. As it unfolded, I realized that the culture was much like that of the Plains Indians and debated writing the story as Native American. Soon afterwards I read a manuscript about a woman who remembered her past life as a Native American woman. I had read only one page when I walked outside to the mailbox. On the way I found a hawk father in perfect condition standing upright in the lawn. On each of the next two days I found another hawk feather in my yard. For me finding three hawk feathers was a significant spiritual sign to write the book as a Native American story. To some Native American tribes the hawk means clear spiritual vision and flying above the mundane world. As part of my research for the story, I traveled to the Rocky Mountains in Montana. After purchasing a book, I flipped it over and saw on the back cover that it was about a Kootenai Indian girl. I had never before heard of the Kootenai Indians, but had used the name Kootenai for one of the tribes in the story when writing the novel as a fantasy. I took this as another sign that I should write Red Willow’s story.

Star Rider on the Razor's Edge

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Star Rider on the Razor’s Edge Agent Toemeka Ganti, code-named Star Rider, lives on the edge. Her latest spy mission is to overthrow General Bhandar, the despot of Jaipar, who’s being controlled by Samrat Condor, a mighty sorcerer and interplanetary conqueror. And Samrat Condor isn’t about to loosen his stranglehold on Jaipar. Toemeka is only too aware of Condor: she remembers the time his space fleet destroyed her home planet, killing her family while she barely escaped with her life. Toemeka must preserve her cover, despite secretly taking on many side operations that threaten to derail her primary mission. Her main work of creating a shield-destroying oscillator prototype is a key to winning the conflict. However her overbearing boss Commander Rochambeau disrupts her and pressures Toemeka daily with thinly veiled bullying tactics: either become his mistress or face certain death at the hands of Condor. Michio Kimes, a handsome spiritual warrior training to battle sorcery, seriously complicates Toemeka’s mission. Her only hope of surviving these tremendous odds lies with her trusted Coalition partner Erling Fenian and their rogue team, who band together with the local underground resistance in the fight to free the people of Jaipar and restore the rightful heir to the throne. A stellar blend of action, romance and intrigue. Heidi Skarie’s novel is a heartfelt example of the new, emotionally-intense direction that science fiction is heading. I can’t wait for Toemeka’s next adventure.” –Sujata Massey, author of The Kizuna Coast

Book Bubbles from Star Rider on the Razor's Edge

Imprisoned in a tower

In this scene Koriann and Michio are imprisoned in a tower. Koriann does a technique to protect herself from psychic attacks. Her contemplation is interrupted by the cry of a tawkus-- a large winged creature.

Meeting the Local Resistance Leader

Star Rider on the Razor's Edge is the first book in a sci-fi series. The second book will be launched on 9/1/18. Toemeka is an undercover operative. She is sent to Jaipar with a small team of operatives to help the local resistance overthrow the government. In this scene she is meeting the resistance leader for the first time. Toemeka is trying to gain the leader's trust so the resistance will work with them. Things get off to a poor start in this scene.

Toemeka in Trouble

In this scene undercover operative, Toemeka Ganti, wakes up to find herself on a space station with a stranger. Sparks fly when Michio wakes up to find a energy gun pointed at him.

Creating other worlds

Science fiction books that take place on other planets need to feel like another world. In this scene the characters are on planet Borko and the main character has sat down at the stream to rest for a moment when she feels a vine curling around her ankle. At first she's surprised but not worried, but when it curls around her neck she screams for help.

Rescue attempt

In this scene Toemeka, an undercover operative, is on in a mission to rescue members of the Resistance who have been arrested.

Terrible Nightmare

In this scene Michio and Koriann are imprisoned in a tower. Koriann falls asleep and has a terrible nightmare. Nightmares can sometimes tells us things about ourselves.

Toemeka meeting with the Master

In this scene Toemeka is at a meeting with Master Bakka, the spiritual leader of the Secret Teachings. After she has accepted a dangerous assignment, he tells her she's ready for her next initiation.

Taken in for interrogation

Toemeka is an undercover operative who has come to Jaipar to help the local resistance in their struggle for political and religious freedom. In this scene she's come under suspicion and is being taken in for investigation.

Romance is in the air

Toemeka is an undercover operative sent on a mission to Jaipar to help overthrow the government. While there she meets up with Michio and romantic sparks begin to fly. Here is a love scene for Valentine's Day.

The idea for the book came in an unusual way

The idea for Star Rider on the Razor’s Edge came in a most amazing and unusual manner. One Thursday night I had an action-packed dream that was like watching a futuristic science fiction movie in full color. It included spacecraft, war, spies, aliens, romance and sorcerers. At the time I had small children; fortunately it was a three-day weekend and my husband was home to watch them so I could write the dream down. That Friday night I had another dream that was a continuation of the same story. Again I wrote it down. Then Saturday night the same thing happened. But on Sunday night I didn’t dream about it, which was just as well since my husband left for work early in the morning and it would have been a challenge to write it down while watching my children. I didn’t have any further dreams for the next three nights. The next weekend was another three-day holiday and over those three nights I dreamed the second half of the story. The entire dream filled ninety pages in my dream journal. The dream story was so exciting and fun that it inspired me to become a writer.

Annoure and the Dragon Ships

Literature & Fiction

In 794 A.D., Annoure, young noblewoman, is abducted during the second Viking raid on England. During the voyage to Norway, she sparks a feud between her captor Thorstein and another warrior. The adventure this incites calls on her courage and Druid training as she struggles to survive strange lands, people and customs in her quest to return home. Thorstein’s skills as a warrior, navigator and sailor are challenged in epic battles that strain lifelong friendships. He risks all to find Annoure and win back her freedom—and love. “A brilliantly-paced, accurately-researched historical saga that takes the reader from one of the first Viking raids on Saxon England to the steppes of Asia. Along the way there is violence, adventure, vengeance, redemption and love. Anyone who enjoysThe Vikings television drama will love Annoure and the Dragon Ships.” ~Gary R. Bush, The Adventures of Jamie Sharpe: Stolen Life “A spelling-binding spiritual adventure told by one of the world’s most insightful writers of historical fiction. Skarie weaves pure magic into this story of one woman’s training in Druid wisdom and how she uses it after being captured by a brutal Norseman.” ~Darlene Montgomery, Conscious Women, Conscious Lives series

Book Bubbles from Annoure and the Dragon Ships

Terrible Revenge

Annoure is living at Thorstein's homestead while he has gone aviking. She awakens in the night to use the outhouse and runs into her enemies who have come to abduct her.

Funeral Ritual

In this scene the Angel of Death picks Annoure, a woman kidnapped from England, to accompany their war chief on his journey to Valhalla. Thorstein, the Viking who abducted her, has to try and save her.

Annoure has a vision of Grandmother

In this scene Annoure is troubled by recent events and gazes into still water to make contact with her Druidess grandmother. During the vision that follows she has a past life memory.

Exciting Scene

During a Viking raid, Thorstein kidnapped Annoure off the coast of England. As they head for sea in their longboat, Annoure jumps overboard, hoping to swim to shore. In this scene, Thorstein decides to go after her.

Traveling to other places

Historical research for novels often involves traveling to other . For ANNOURE AND THE DRAGON SHIPS I traveled to St. Pauls' church in Jarrow, England where the first scene in the book takes place. Upon reaching the church I was delighted to see that it is still being used. The day I went there, they were celebrating a flower festival. I also discovered there was a reconstructed Anglo-Saxon village with live animals. Visiting this church and village allowed me to write this scene in the book authentically with detailed descriptions so the reader could experience it as I did.

Chapter 6 The Fight

Thorstein kidnapped Annoure off the coast of England and now he has to fight for her against Rethel, another Norse warrior who wants to her for revenge.

Annoure's Dream

In this scene Annoure is on a Dragon ship with Thorstein. As she gazes at his dragon tattoo she realizes that he reminds her of a Druid she has dreamed about.

Annoure waking up to her powers

In this scene Annoure is waking up to who she truly is spiritually. She was raised Christian but also had a grandmother who taught her about druidism. In this scene she is talking to Erik, a skald or wandering musician, who goes from farmstead to farmstead in Norway sharing music and stories.

Exciting scene

Thorstein kidnapped Annoure off the coast of England during a Viking raid. After they set out to sea, she jumps overboard. In this scene he jumps in after her, determined to not let her drown.

Valentine's Day-- the day devoted to romance

Annoure is kidnapped off the coast of England by a Viking named Thorstein. She finds herself attracted to the handsome Norseman. Enjoy this love scene between these two young lovers.

Author Notes

I’m excited to see Annoure and Dragon Ships make its entrance into the world of literature. Annoure and Thorstein are finally getting a chance to share their story. I carefully researched this period of history and did my best to make it accurate. Although the Norsemen had runes for writing on stone and labeling things, they didn’t have books that would have left a more detailed picture of their lives. Much of what we know about them has come from archeologists and the people who they invaded who didn’t portray them in a favorable light. We do know that the Northmen’s longships were an important part of their culture. They were fast, sleek and shallow-drafted, which allowed them to travel up rivers and come into shallow water. The Viking Age began with a Viking attack on the monastic settlement of Lindisfarne, an island off the northeast coast on England in Northumbria. My story starts a year later when five dragon ships come up the River Thyne and attacked the St. Paul’s Church at Jarrow. They burned the two monasteries, killed or kidnapped the priest and monks and fought the soldiers and villagers who tried to stop them. Their war leader was killed during the attack. When they left there was a terrible storm.

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