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Once Upon a Rabbun’s Tail

Children's Books

Are you an avid reader or shopping for one? Once Upon a Rabbun's Tail is an enthralling fantasy adventure with humor sprinkled throughout, boasting over four hundred pages to get lost in. With wholesome themes of courage, friendship, and loyalty, the first book in The Furixie Series is suitable for ages 10 and up, but enjoyed by all ages. Take a journey to Harmonyterra today!

Furixie, the plainfur heir to the Rabbun Kingdom, wants to avoid her training and go explore Harmonyterra. But leaving Carrington was forbidden after the Cats hunted Rabbuns to near extinction. When she witnesses her father's senior advisor attacking another guardsbun, however, she ends up on the other side of Carrington’s magical border—something she never knew existed.

Things get worse when she sees a huge cat, a member of the species she was taught disappeared. The farther she travels, Furixie discovers more of the truth and the evil plan being put into place by the Commander of the Cats.

Lost in Harmonyterra, Furixie doesn't know how to get back into Carrington. But if she doesn't return in time to warn the others, all of Harmonyterra is headed for another Dark Ages… one that the Rabbuns may not survive this time.

If you enjoy The Chronicles of Narnia's talking animals, fantastical creatures, adventures to different lands, and spirited heroines, you’ll love Once Upon a Rabbun's Tail, first in the upper middle-grade fantasy adventure set, The Furixie Series.

Get whisked away on your adventure today! Pick up a copy of Once Upon a Rabbun's Tail!

Book Bubbles from Once Upon a Rabbun’s Tail

Chapter 1 Not Me, Please

Where it all begins, and we meet Furixie, a rambunctious, royal rabbun, who has bigger ideas than her security lessons.

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