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Gloria  Pearson-Vasey

Gloria Pearson-Vasey's background includes nursing, psychology, music and theology. She lives in a small Ontario town with her husband, son and their menagerie. A social justice advocate, she enjoys reading, travel, nature and time with her family.


Bloodline Feather

Literature & Fiction

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Black Springs Abbey


CURIOUS TALES FROM CREEKSIDE, BOOK 2 - Five years after returning from the eerie dimension of Vapourlea, Hilma Moonstorey is still battling paranoia and madness as she tries to heal from her horrific experience in captivity. Encouraged by police Constable Garth Mayfield to take a position at the decrepit Black Springs abbey, Hilma uncovers more peculiar Creekside phenomena: the elderly nuns are hiding dark secrets that have been haunting the halls for decades. To save lives, Hilma must dive deeper into Creekside's curious history, even if it means she loses her mind.

Book Bubbles from Black Springs Abbey

Black Creek to Oil Spring's to Black Springs

Black Springs Abbey is Book 2 in the suspense series, ‘Curious Tales From Creekside’, of which Bells of Prosper Station is Book 1. It was written at the request of citizens of Oil Springs to celebrate their village’s 150th anniversary. First appearing in a commemorative edition, it was half of a tête-bêche, a double-book published with Early Days in Oil Springs by Sarnia’s Bob McCarthy. The abbey’s location in this work of historical fantasy is a compilation of Oil Spring’s present name with its former name, Black Creek. Some of the more interesting research for the story was compiled at the Oil Museum of Canada and at Fairbank Fields which has 400 working oil wells. In the story, Hilma is still beset by anxieties and insecurities five years after being rescued. Encouraged to take a position at a dilapidated abbey, she soon discovers that life at Black Springs Abbey can be as unsettling as she feared.

Bells of Prosper Station

Science Fiction & Fantasy

With Hallowmas approaching, time travelers, Azur Moonstorey and companions, exit Creekside's station library to board the midnight ghost train bound for nineteenth-century Prosper Station. Their mission: to rescue Azur's sister from the eerie dimension, Vapourlea.

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The Beginning

Local high school students introduced me to the world of graphic fantasy. Their amazing creativity and enthusiasm for the genre prompted my author imagination to look at my own Victorian town with renewed interest. And thus was born the historical fantasy, Bells of Prosper Station in a town called Creekside. Researching the town’s past led me into a writer’s paradise. Its oil-steeped history was ideal, the genteel lifestyles and elegant buildings too fascinating to ignore. So were the rough and tumble lives of the hard oilers, the long hours of servants, the temptations of ladies of the night. As I pored through archives, nineteenth-century oil gushers, rivers of oil, fires and nitroglycerine explosions fed my imagination. Scenarios presented themselves faster than I could commit them to paper. Could the resultant fumes cause some citizens to develop extrasensory powers? Could some evolve into timeriders, psychic vampires or guardians? As an added gift, the town library is a converted railway station, providing the perfect access point into the past. So of course, at midnight, with Hallowe'en approaching, it morphs into the original station. In Bells of Prosper Station, Azur Moonstorey and her companions exit the Creekside library, board a midnight ghost train, and are transported to the nineteenth-century. Their mission is to rescue Azur’s sister, Hilma, from the psychic vampire, Vek.

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