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Gloria, born in London just after WW2, grew up on a council estate where she was physically and sexually abused by her father. She now lives on the south coast of England and enjoys her three children and five grandchildren. When she first retired, she started to write and illustrate phonics-focused picture storybooks for small children, designed to help children learn to read in a fun way. She has so far published 37 of the 42 books needed. As a child when abuse was hidden, not believed, and not acknowledged, Gloria’s experiences resulted in an emotional life sentence. She managed to turn this around and wrote her two-part memoir to assure other survivors that there is hope of recovery. Book 1 is entitled ‘One Small Word – Surviving childhood abuse’. Book 2 is entitled ‘NO – sequel to One Small Word’. Gloria, now writing her first adult fiction book, is still passionate about uncovering social issues that are not talked about enough, thus stigmatising survivors. She wants to change this for those who’ve suffered enough already. She also wants them to know that, like her, they can find peace through a personal faith in God, who unconditionally understands, accepts and loves us.



Literature & Fiction

When Petra, 14, meets Marvin, 28, she believes she’s found the one, but events soon take a dark turn, and she finds herself trapped in a sex trafficking network from which there is no escape. This is a heart-breaking story about survival and resiliency in which the emotional and psychological struggles of the central character will resonate with readers. Based on reality, it will expand the knowledge and understanding of adults of all ages about the often-unspoken dangers in today’s world.



Trapped in the world of sexual exploitation, Petra contemplates the possibility of escape with another trapped girl.


Book Bubbles from THE PRICE OF WORTHLESSNESS for Eric Hoffer award


Book Bubbles from THE PRICE OF WORTHLESSNESS for Eric Hoffer award

Shattered Pieces can Still Shine

Literature & Fiction

This book is a heart wrenching novel of survival and hope that follows Georgie from the age of three to seventeen along a dark, unpredictable journey as she faces abuse and destitution. We see that with God all things are possible as He rescues her from forced prostitution to Salvation through his people.

Book Bubbles from Shattered Pieces can Still Shine

A Missed Sign

Gerald is Georgie's stepfather. He loves Georgie and her baby sister, Daisy, but he knows he is a potential danger to Georgie. He is trying to control his urges and tries to seek help from the family doctor, who misses the signal completely. He can be forgiven as it was the 1950s and knowledge of familial sexual abuse was sparse and hidden. This is not an uncommon situation today in 2022!

Has Georgie Found Love?

Georgie has always dreamed of being a dancer. Now she is settled back in Ousby, the village of her birth in Cumberland, she decides to attempt to make her dream come true. She finds dance classes, and she also meets Karl. Maybe two dreams can come true at the same time ...

All alone

Gerald, Georgie's stepfather, was in prison for sexually abusing her. Florrie, her mother, was on the way to the mental hospital. Georgie and Daisy were alone with nobody to take care of them. The two police officers were unable to find temporary foster care for the two little girls. A children's home situated many miles from their home in Ousby was the only place that could take them.

Georgie is not believed

Five-year-old Georgie was born to a single mum, Florrie, just after the end of WWII. Her real dad, Alfie, was married to someone else and had children with his wife. For the first few years of Georgie's life, she was happy, especially when her daddy stayed with her and her mummy for two nights each week. Then mummy got pregnant, Alfie would not increase his support, and following an argument her mummy and daddy split up. Her mummy married, Gerald. Gerald sexually abused and threatened Georgie. Eventually Georgie disclosed to her mummy, who would not believe her - even when Mummy's best friend, Pattie, attempted to consolidate Georgie's story.


Biographies & Memoirs

Frankie is a survivor of childhood sexual, physical and psychological abuse (see Eveleigh's first book, One Small Word - Surviving childhood abuse). This sequel follows Frankie from the age of fifty until the present. She discovers during her working life that abusers look for vulnerable people to abuse. She encounters several perpetrators throughout her working life, and learns to use the word, 'No' when confronting them - just as she did when she stopped her father abusing her at the age of fourteen.

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Everything falls apart

All was well until the Director of Social Services at the council offices where Frankie and Gavin worked moved to another Local Authority. The Director had always kept a tight rein on their team manager, Caleb, who had a tendency to be controlling and autocratic. With the Director out of the way, Caleb took on a new persona and the team suffered as a result. All except a new team member that Caleb had recently employed and made no secret of the fact that she was his favourite. He gave her whatever she asked for.

One Small Word

Biographies & Memoirs

Fifty-year old social work student, Frankie, is on work experience when she is suddenly triggered, and finds memories flooding back into her mind of the childhood sexual, physical, and psychological abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, which she had long suppressed. She seeks counselling and takes readers with her on the journey through the painful and heart-breaking recollections of her childhood experiences that come to light as she speaks to her therapist. She remembers some good times, but the raw emotions that surface as she recalls the many instances of the abuse that she suffered, overwhelm her at first. Each time, she goes away, analyses, and learns from her experiences, gradually understanding the ways the abuse has and continues to affect her adult behaviour. She then finds ways of turning around her negative experiences into positivity, healing and hope for the future, so that she can become the good social worker that she wants to be. The author’s writing is honest and impactful, and the use of imagery throughout this memoir really puts readers into the author’s perspective, providing a whole new understanding of those affected by childhood abuse. You will feel the raw emotions that went into the writing of this evenly paced and engaging story. This memoir is a powerful read not to be missed - a remarkable story that needed to be told.

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A new memory

A memory has entered the mind of fifty-year-old Frankie. The memory makes her feel sad. She knows she has to remember it right to the end if she is ever to get rid of the hurt that still touches her heart.

How it all began

Frankie, a mature student on placement in a social work team, experiences a life changing memory trigger.

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