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Glen  Shipherd

Glen lives in Illinois with his wife. He is, and has always been, an avid story teller. From a young age Glen was fascinated with creating complex alternate universes. His first published writing is the Infinity series.


Infinity - Rulers

Science Fiction & Fantasy

With Lucifer's life force separated from his body on Earth, he finds his consciousness back in Heaven. Death has been given control over Lucifer's failed army and with the Father appearing to be gone, he tries to find a way back to Earth. Samael and Vlad are busy hunting Lilith, knowing it would be Lucifer's will to stop her growing strength. The only two surviving Angels, Alexander and Belial have helped many humans to create a growing society not knowing of Lucifer's influences upon the planet. If he returns, will Lucifer destroy all they have done?

Book Bubbles from Infinity - Rulers

Alternative Civilization

When looking back at past civilizations many have wondered about the possibility of external help; namely the help of terrestrial beings. In the Infinity series, I delve into the guidance given to mankind by the fallen angels, since they arrived. In Infinity - The Fallen it started with the forming of clans. When writing Infinity - Rulers I depict a time where electricity, and other inventions, exists in the mist of very primitive surroundings. Further along in the series I am hoping to continue with this alternative form of civilization and technology.


Conservation of energy is defined as "a principle stating that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can be altered from one form to another". I have always been fascinated with energy and this principal. I wanted to explore the possibilities in my writing. The Infinity series, especially Rulers, allowed me the freedom to not only follow this principal but deny it at the same time. Why else would I chose to write about the creation of everything?

A lesson from the Father

One of the things I enjoyed writing the most, in Rulers, was the new relationship between the Father and Lucifer. However, at times, I felt the need to go back to their roots as teacher and pupil. Although Lucifer has learned much from his time on earth, the Father continues to help train him on using his powers. In the end, is it really wise for the Father to make Lucifer more powerful?

What is an Anthropophagi?

When starting to write the Infinity series, I decided to look for a creature in mythology and lore that could stand toe to toe while fighting a Vampire. While searching I came across the Anthropophagi. This was definitely one of the charter types that I most enjoyed molding into my own. Below is a synopsis of the information that I found prior to writing. Anthropophagi: The name comes from the Greek word anthropophagos, which means “man-eating.” According to legend, Greek fisherman came across an island and found cannibals for the first time. They were disgusted by what they saw. They described them as hideous creatures lacking heads; they had eyes on their shoulders and mouths in their chests. In addition to consuming human flesh, they used bones for tools and skulls as drinking vessels. I went on to write them as muscular creatures with shoulders so large it appeared that their heads were in their chests. With the strength of 10 men, they can rip the limbs from Vampires with ease. Everything consumed by the creatures gives them more strength. I felt that this gave them a greater chance to fight against Vampires.

Lilith - Mother of Vampires

When deciding to add the creation of vampires to the series, I knew that Lilith needed to be a large character. Beautiful, cunning, and deadly; the mother of vampires. Lilith has come a long way since her introduction in Infinity - The Fallen. In this excerpt, from the chapter Nightfall, we see that she has been captured, put on display, and made to fight. However, is she really being kept against her will?


Rulers is the second installment in the Infinity series. This time around we have a chance to see Lucifer and the Father interact in a whole new way and place. Is it possible that Lucifer now has the upper hand? The stage has been set here on Earth, now it is time to see who will rule.

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