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GINA FAVA, author of the acclaimed international suspense thrillers THE RACE (the first in her HELL Ranger series) and THE SCULPTOR (voted Best Mystery/Suspense Ebook by Indie Book Awards,) thrives on a solid adrenaline rush. Her thrills kick into high gear with FORMULA: ANOTHER HELL RANGER THRILLER, ready to roll November 15, 2018. Her foray into non-fiction is UN MOMENTO: A TASTE OF ITALIAN-AMERICAN PASTIMES, a collection of family recipes and personal essays on tradition, family, food, wine, travel, and art, which is a perfect companion when strolling down cobblestone streets. Even after enduring armed car chases and bomb scares while living in Rome years ago, she continues to travel back to Italy to hunt down hard-core grappa. She lives for white-knuckle roller coaster rides, climbing Mt. Washington, white-water rafting, reading thriller novels, and rooting for the Buffalo Sabres every year since their inception. A native Buffalonian, she resides in New England with her family and their two dogs, Lupo and Siena. Visit Gina and learn more at Connect with Gina on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, and at



Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

When Formula One champion and covert agent Devlin Lucchesi and his HELL Ranger crew return to the Monte Carlo Grand Prix to win big, a rival racer is fatally poisoned at the finish line. Devlin and the HELL Rangers suspect tainted grappa. They investigate Aurora Vineyard, set atop a hotly contested aquifer in the Italian Dolomites. Threatened by extreme water rights activists and cut-throat industry competitors, CEO Erika Aurora, dubbed “the Bloodsucker” by the industry, hires Devlin and his crew to hunt down her company’s usurper. The cases intertwine. Devlin deduces that the Aurora siblings may be tangled in a bloody power grab. Things heat up fast when the killer begins targeting the estate’s sibling owners one-by-one. Soon it becomes clear that a thirst for control and revenge is quenched only with a poison formula derived from the vineyard’s secret family recipe. The stakes soar when the formula’s lethal reach extends to the thousands gathered at a Palio horse race in Siena, including Devlin’s son, and to the world leaders of a global water summit in Verona. Devlin must risk everything to hunt down the killer and halt a poisonous calamity that threatens worldwide ramifications.

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Why It's Important to "Suck It Up"

We all have our demons, setbacks, and shortcomings. But sometimes, when others depend on us and there's a job to do, it's time to suck it up and lend a hand. In my latest thriller, FORMULA, my protagonist F1 racer and covert agent, Devlin Lucchesi, struggles with a recent death in his family and with raising a young boy in its aftermath. He must trust his instincts and rely on his HELL Ranger crew to fight back the demons. Devlin has to find a way to let people in that he's been keeping at arm's length, to be able to "feel" again. And he must learn to forge ahead professionally, solving international crime and hunting down perps, as only he and his crew can do. In this excerpt, Devlin evaluates the facts and their ramifications: multiple murders, sibling rivalry, extreme activism, cut-throat competition, and the potential for a worldwide calamity. He realizes, and accepts, that the world needs him on another HELL Ranger mission. It's time to overcome his personal hangups and "Suck it up!"

Un Momento: A Taste of Italian-American Pastimes

Crafts, Hobbies & Home

Isn’t it funny how old-fashioned notions make their way into the present? Un Momento: A Taste of Italian-American Pastimes is a collection of short essays about author Gina Fava’s Italian-American life, a personal reflection on old-fashioned pastimes that have found their way into today. Whatever your own cultural heritage, you might find that you can relate to many of them. Some stories might invoke nostalgia, others may incite a desire to learn, share, and experience more about the Italian culture. Also included are never-before-published, traditional family recipes, expertly paired with the perfect wine. Take a moment to linger over stories of tradition, family, food, wine, art, travel, and other morsels rich with heritage.

Book Bubbles from Un Momento: A Taste of Italian-American Pastimes

Mercato Treasures

This passage is inspired by my family's visit to an Italian outdoor market. While the essay explores the joys of perusing open-air market treasures in Italy and America, I personally savor this moment in time for the cherished memories shared between my children and their grandparents. My hope is that readers will immerse themselves in all things Italian when they read this book. My wish is that they'll take a moment to savor life, too. Auguri!

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