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Elizabeth  Suit

Growing up, Elizabeth’s favorite pastime was reading. She could never walk through a bookstore without picking up a new book. After reading each book, she simply added it to her bookshelf and moved on to the next. With the advent of social media, she was able to reach out to an author and tell her how much she enjoyed her book. This simple interaction developed a friendship that changed her life.

She was brought into the world of writing and editing and knew she had found her happy place. After years of helping new authors achieve their publishing dreams, she knew it was time to take the leap and follow her own dreams.

Finding light in the darkness is a concept she likes to play with in her writing. Her debut novel imagines what it would be like if you had a chance to be with the loved ones you miss the most.

Elizabeth loves coffee, sarcasm and making people laugh. She is happily married and enjoys traveling with her family. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two children, and two dogs.


Stella's Diner

Literature & Fiction

Lucy Swisher’s life has always been decided for her and her inner anxiety-ridden perfectionist is just fine with it. When her first adult decision leads to a job from hell, she prays for divine intervention to release her from her misery.

Saved by an offer to work at Stella’s Diner, Lucy feels like she’s stepped into Heaven. Her anxiety quickly fades, and her confidence blossoms under Stella’s compassionate guidance.

Everything is going well until Lucy pursues a new opportunity outside the diner and she realizes one choice will change her life forever.

Book Bubbles from Stella's Diner

What Would You Do?

What would you do if you were a firefighter and the love of your life was in a horrible accident? Check out Stella's Diner and see what happens next. The ebook is now wide on all vendors and the paperback and hardcover can be purchased at Amazon. I also have created an auto-generated audiobook in Google Play if you would prefer to listen to the story. Just search Stella's Diner and you will have an option for ebook or audiobook. I hope to get it professionally recorded one day!

Why Is Stella's Different

Do you ever wish you could find comfort in the arms of a stranger? That they would feel just like family? That's what Stella feels like to Lucy, but it's almost too good to be true. So, why exactly is Stella's diner so different? Maybe it's Stella's pure heart that gives her the ability to offer solace to those in need of help OR maybe it's something more. Check out Stella's Diner this weekend to find out what makes Stella's so special. A story of faith, family, friendship and love.

Don't you wish?

Don't you wish you had people like Stella and Jack in your life? People who have your back and only want good things for you? If you're ever tired of the real world and life bringing you down, step into Stella's Diner and let all your worries fade away. This spiritual book will leave you feeling up-lifted! Grab a copy today! Stella's Diner will be FREE in Amazon from Sept 1- Sept 5.

What was that?

Lucy is enjoying her time working at Stella's Diner. She has a supportive boyfriend who comes to see her a work. And she's particularly fond of the kind, older police officer who is a regular. He always has a kind word or piece of advice for her and, as you see in this excerpt, they enjoy a laugh together.

Excerpt from Stella's Diner

This excerpt starts Part Two of Stella's Diner. Lucy and Jack are in love and ready to be married but, life can't always be easy. We quickly learn that alI we can do is have faith that everything will work out as it should.

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