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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Can a 200-year-old prophecy and a non-believer save two worlds from destruction?

Linsora Anselm is a Khizaran archeologist. She “hears” voices from the past, making her perfect for the job, but she’s stuck in prison after sticking up for her principles—that is, until a mysterious individual pays the guards to help her escape. How will she react when she discovers her champion is the devil incarnate?

When Permac breaks Linsora out of prison, he can’t understand why. He’s drawn to her… but she threatened to kill him more than once because she doesn’t trust his ability to sense and influence emotions. She believes he and his race are evil, and she could be right. 

Forced together, they journey through the cosmos in search of historical facts they (and the rest of the galaxy) thought were correct. They discover pockets of truth on faraway planets—as well as a 200-year-old prophecy that seems to intertwine Linsora and Permacs’ destinies. 

Through a galaxy of fate, love, deception, and the unknown, Permac and Linsora must learn to trust each other to protect their two worlds. Otherwise, the prophecy says war will annihilate everything in its path. 

Khizara is an action-packed, adventure-filled space opera of mystery, love, archaeology, and bad guys that can control the emotions of others with a thought. If you’re a fan of Issac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, or Frank Herbert, you’ll love this story.

Book Bubbles from Khizara

On the Run

When you're on the run and trying hard to escape, every second can feel like an hour, especially when you look around and the authorities are closing in. Please enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "Khizara," and consider purchasing a copy from your favorite online book retailer. Thank you!


There are sometimes moments of Deja vu, times when we see someone and realize we've seen them before. Maybe. something is familiar and yet... This is the moment in this excerpt, and Permac realizes where this first encounter took place. it makes him uncomfortable. See if you can guess where the two first met and what the significance was on that meeting. Khizara!

Who Cares

Have you ever reached a point in a situation where you just don't care? Where no matter what happens you just want it to happen? This is the situation here. Linsora is ready to face whatever the consequences are, head on. But then, that's the way she is. Permac on the other hand, is more cautions. He wants to proceed with caution. But what will they end up doing and who will prevail in the argument? Find out by reading "Khizara," available on Amazon!

The Dirt

I'm. one of those people who love working in the soil. I have a garden each year and while the crops are not always the biggest, or the prettiest, or the tastiest, I receive much pleasure out of the planting, the caring, and working the soil. Just the feeling of the soil in my hands and running through my fingers makes me happy. It grounds me and connects me with nature and something larger than myself. Linsora is the same but from the perspective of an archaeologist. Feeling the soil helps her read the history of the planet. I hope you'll consider reading, Khizara, now available on Amazon!


Out of the frying pan and into the fire, isn't that the saying? It's exactly what happened to our heroes. Rescued from a Carratian Captain ready to take their lives, she's forced to relinquish her captives to an unknown stranger taking them to...who knows where and for what reason. I hope you enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "Khizara" and consider reading the entire book. I think you'll love it!


Permac has the ability to mentally sense and influence persons emotions. Comes in handy during poker games, but he uses those abilities to get through life. In this short excerpt, Permac senses something that doesn't quite make sense to him. Oddly enough, Linsora "feels" something as well. Please enjoy this short excerpt and considering purchasing your copy of "Khizara" from Amazon today!


Our heroes seem to always attract problems and bad guys. In this scene, they had been out on an exploration walk in the jungle when they were captured by people unknown. Now they find themselves standing in front of the Captain of an enemy crew under interrogation. This is a serious situation that calls for quick thinking. I hope you enjoy this short excerpt and consider reading this award winning book, Khizara!

Drunk Laughing

Sometimes, people drink. They imbibe. Often, they consume large quantities of alcohol. In so doing, they become prone to emotional extremes. Some people become angry and start fights. Others become extremely sleepy. Still others find everything to be funny! In this scene, Permac sends a wave of happiness toward an inebriated Linsora. The result is uncontrollable laughter, but the ending is not so funny. Please enjoy this short excerpt from my book, Khizara, and if you enjoy it, I hope you'll consider purchasing it to read the rest!


Wouldn't it be interesting to hear about our history from the people that actually made it? Our founding fathers? The spies that changed the world? The individuals who lived through each moment? In this short excerpt, our heroes get to do just that. They listen to what happened in their historical past from the man who created that history 200 years ago. This pivotal moment in the book Strats the story moving in different direction. I hope you enjoy this short excerpt from "Khizara" and look forward to reading the book!


We've all known at least one. We've all been one at one time or another. The liar! Sometimes we lie out of spite. Other times to protect ourselves or others from a painful truth. Whatever the reason, we've always been told that lying is wrong, and yet, it happens again and again. What happens when you're caught? In this scene, Permac is caught lying to Linsora. It's a lie that Permac hopes will keep him out of trouble and allow Linsora to maintain a sense of dignity. But it apparently backfires! Please enjoy this short excerpt from "Khizara" and consider purchasing a copy!

Friendship Begins

Throughout the first part of the book, Khizara, Permac and Linsora are enemies. Linsora would rather kill Permac than have to look at him, but fate has a strange way of breaking down barriers and softening prejudices. Here is a scene where things begin to change between the two. Linsora begins to look at Permac as a person and not as an enemy. I hope you enjoy this short excerpt and will consider purchasing this exciting novel on Amazon.

A Spark

Every romance begins with a spark. Sometimes it turns into a roaring fire, and other times it fizzles into oblivion. In my book, Khizara, this is that spark moment. Now, whether it will turn into that roaring fire or die out completely, I can't say. It would be something you'd have to find out for yourself by reading the book, available almost everywhere!


I've always enjoyed mysteries, and even more, I've enjoyed creating them. This short excerpt begins one such mystery as our characters discuss where an ancient race of people might have moved too. Are they still there? Have they contacted other races since their move? What advancements have they made since last contact? So many questions. I hope you enjoy this excerpt and consider reading, "Khizara."


Khizara is a planet unlike ours. Many differences adorn the planet but the most striking difference is the green sea. Phosphorous is the main factor that causes the sea to be green and there are times when the evaporation of the sea is so intense and rapid, minerals rise up into the clouds. When the water falls back to the surface, it glows with the stored energy of the sun and the phosphorous. In this intense storm, the darkness of the afternoon, the wind, and the glowing water create an eerie site. Please enjoy this short excerpt from "Khizara" and if it grabs your attention please read the book! Thank you!


Linsora is an amazing woman. She's smart and strong. She has a sixth sense when it comes to judging character. Just now, the man she's meeting, is not someone she ever wanted to meet, but fate will bring them together and together they will find history. But will they change the future? Will they end up surviving or die trying to find history? Read Khizara to find out more!


In life, there is always deception. If not by us, then by others toward us. It's difficult to perceive sometimes, but as we wander through life we tend to learn the signs of those attempting to deceive and we set up guards and barriers against it. So when deception does come our way and it's good enough to fool us, we become angry at others and ourselves for believing. Please enjoy this short excerpt from "Khizara" and consider purchasing a copy for yourself.


In a maze of underground tunnels, Permac and Linsora move from door to door trying to find their way out of the building before they are either killed or die from hunger. In my mind there is nothing better than a good solid feeling of being lost for our two heroes. I hope you enjoy this short excerpt and consider purchasing "Khizara" available on Amazon.

Is This how it Ends?

Our heroes are in a tight spot. The walls are literally coming down, collapsing around them. They are close to death or at least as close as they've ever been. Will they be able to escape? Please enjoy this short and thrilling excerpt from "Khizara," and see what you think!

The Mission

We hear about spies and secret agents in different stories, and sometimes we learn what their missions are. I the book, "Khizara," there are good and bad guys as there are in most stories. Some we know for certain what their roles are, and others it's not quite as clear, yet. Here is a short excerpt from the book telling you what two of the characters are looking at for their missions. I hope you enjoy!

New Adventures

Linsora needs to get away from the planet which has held her captive for more than a year and now her chance lies before her. She wants to know where this ship will take her and how far away from this dismal planet she can escape! Khizara is a wonderful adventure story with engaging characters and an edge of your seat plot. I hope you'll take the time to purchase your copy today and, int he meantime, please enjoy this short excerpt!

Future Generations

Permac tries very hard to be a gentleman but Linsora, being the woman that she is, looks at his actions as being, well, not so gentlemanly. When he tries to keep her warm by putting his arm around her (because he feels a chill) she immediately goes on the defensive and reminds him of their first meeting when she threatened to ensure he was not able to create future generations. Hopefully, the two can settle their differences and move past this. She what your thoughts are about this short excerpt and please consider purchasing "Khizara," now available on Amazon.

Skill and Patience

This particular chapter was fun to write. The initial interactions between Permac and Linsora were amazing. I was able to show how much this love/hate relationship had grown over the years even though Linsora had been in prison. Some things in life just don't change no matter how long two people are apart. Please enjoy this short excerpt and consider purchasing and telling your friends about, "Khizara."

Good or Malicious?

Have you ever been in a situation where you truly wonder if the person you're speaking with is for, or against you? And if they were trying to harm you, how would you react? See how the lead in our story, "Khizara," reacts to being kidnapped in the middle of the night and then released to an unknown "benefactor!

Facing enemies

Every good story has good guys and bad guys. Sometimes, the bad guys want to challenge each other to prove who is the strongest, Rarely, does the strongest of the bad guys encourage the good guy to do what they do. Such is not the case here. Please enjoy this short excerpt of "Khizara" and grab a copy for Christmas if you are so moved to do so! You can even purchase one for a friend!


"Khizara" is filled with adventure and suspense. Even in chapter one you'll feel the tension as the plot progresses. Here, Linsora is in prison, in the middle of the night, counting the days and hours until she can leave this wretched place! As the wails of distant inmates echo off of the walls, she hears a noise that makes her blood run cold! I hope you enjoy this short excerpt and enjoy reading the book, available on most internet sales outlets!

Taking Over

When you can't tell the enemy from the good guys, how do you proceed? I love this short excerpt. It shows so much. It's incredibly telling. How will the world survive? How will the people continue? I hope you enjoy this paragraph and will consider reading my book, "Khizara," available on most online outlets in both physical and ebook formats.


Have you ever been in a sudden downpour, or thunderstorm, without protection? This short excerpt shows such a scene. It also shows what happens when lightning hits a tree which is too close to your car. I hope you'll enjoy this short excerpt and perhaps purchase the book to see what else happens! Look for "Khizara" online at most reputable online book stores!

Center of Attention

Have you ever unwillingly become the center of attention? Have you been in that particular stance where everyone was gawlking at you. Could you feel your face becoming red? Did you feel like crawling into a hole? Our hero is standing at a podium in front of the world government and the visitors. She's been left there to fend for herself. What happens now? Find out by reading "Khizara" now available through Amazon and many other outlets.


It's difficult to unite two people who are at odds, so imagine how difficult it would be to bring two planets whose populations despise each other and have for 200 years. How do you sway the popular opinion of both worlds so they forget the past, mend old wounds, and look toward the future as friends and comrades? Find out more in "Khizara," now available online at many of your favorite online book outlets.

Real or Illusion?

During times of extreme stress we can often hallucinate as our mind struggles to create some escape from the terrible thing that is about to happen. In this short excerpt, Linsora hears something...someone. She's ready to end her life but there is something. It's there, but not there. I hope you enjoy this short excerpt from my book, Khizara, and consider reading the entire book when you have the time!


It's tempting to try escaping when you don't feel your captor is looking, but you never know who your captor has sent to watch you. Please enjoy this short excerpt from Khizara and consider joining the many people who have already started reading this wonderful adventure!


When you want something. When you really want something, you do all you can to obtain it. Even if that something is a person you want in your life and in a relationship. Please read this short excerpt and see what I mean. You might enjoy this entire book called, "Khizara" as many other already have. See why I'm igniting the spirit of SciFi!

Personal Gain

Have you ever known someone who only does things for personal gain? The person who will push others aside to move forward and then smile and coddle someone older and with power, only to gain some advantage? This excerpt shows such a person. One of the antagonists of the story, Khizara, tries to get close to the main character in an effort to exploit her successes and make them his own. Please enjoy this short clip for my book and consider looking into more of the story!

Shift in Power

Power is only great if and when there is no-one more powerful. Power can make you over confident. Power can make you corrupt. Power can eventually take your life. This short excerpt from my book, Khizara, shows a shift in the balance of least for the moment. I hope you'll enjoy and consider purchasing a copy for yourself or someone who loves sci-fi. Check out Amazon, Kobo, or anyplace that sells great stories! Drew Bankston Igniting the heart of science fiction.

Those with Power

Power is only great if and when there is no-one more powerful. Power can make you over confident. Power can make you corrupt. Power can eventually take your life. This short excerpt from my book, Khizara, shows a shift in the balance of least for the moment. I hope you'll enjoy and consider purchasing a copy for yourself or someone who loves sci-fi. Check out Amazon, Kobo, or anyplace that sells great stories! Drew Bankston Igniting the heart of science fiction.


The main character in Khizara is a young woman named, Linsora. Linsora is an amazingly strong woman. She comes from not only a strong family but a planet of emotionally strong people who use knives as their weapons of choice. Why? Because they're more personal. "You can't mow down a crowd of people with a knife. You have to be right there, face to face." In this excerpt, Linsora is being mentally interrogated and she shows her strength in defiance. I hope you enjoy this short excerpt and will consider purchasing a copy of this wildly popular story!

Quietly Apprehended

Khizara is filled with adventure, mystery, space travel, romance, and intrigue. In this short excerpt, Linsora has been lured into a situation that, given the opportunity, she would not have participated in. Her captors are at odds and she still wonders why she's been taken at all. I hope you enjoy this short excerpt and that it might intrigue to enough to check out Khizara, now available through a number of outlets including!


We all know someone like this. The person who tries to be nice but just ends up coming off as creepy. The person who shakes your hand just a little too long, holding it a little too tight. Or the person who looks at you in just the wrong way. In this excerpt you'll meet one of the villains in Khizara. See what your first impression would be and enjoy this short read while you consider purchasing the book releasing on September 5th!


Some of the best conversations I've had revolved around speculative conversations. It's always fun sitting with friends and talking about things that could have, would have, might be, could be, and so on. One conversation leads to another sparking ideas that create new worlds. So it only makes sense that my characters should speculate about certain characters and help the plot move along. In this short excerpt you'll see a portion of the conversation of that very thing. Please enjoy and look forward to the release of "Khizara" on September 5th.

Insanity and Ambition

There's a fine line between doing crazy things due to insanity and doing them because you're ambitious. We often become so enamored with power and a dream that we can't see the difference. The bad thing is that others can see what we can't. In this short excerpt, see how this is true even for two visitors on a strange world. "Khizara" is only three weeks away from launch!

Sad News

We never really know the correct way to deliver or receive sad news. It's often difficult for both the person delivering and receiving. Please take a look at this short excerpt and see what I mean while you enjoy the offering from the new book, "Khizara."

Too Much!

Sometimes we become overloaded and it's difficult to function as the world bares down on us. In this excerpt, Linsora is receiving an inordinate amount of images mentally. It's too much. She can't control or even understand it. While PErmac tries to help her, he's stopped by another nearby. How will this play out? Please enjoy this short excerpt from the book, "Khizara," and pre-order your copy from Amazon today!

Real Intentions

We, as humans, often show many faces depending on who we are speaking to. We show a face to our boss, to our lover, to our casual friends and, of course, to our enemies. But what if you didn't have to control what face you showed. What if you were honest and open enough with everyone to be able to show your true face. Your true colors so to speak. In my forthcoming book, "Khizara," Linsora is that and much more. Please enjoy this short excerpt and look forward to reading this book coming soon to many retailers.


We all experience confrontations in life. Whether a family member, someone at work or school, or some random stranger on the street, confrontations happen. It's how we handle them that make us who we are and determine's the outcome of each one. In this short excerpt, Moragh is reporting to his Father. The instant he begins to speak, it becomes a confrontation. I hope you'll enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "Khizara," and head over to Amazon where you can pre-order your copy today!


Have you ever been so caught up in something that you miss what's going on around you? I have. And it seems to happen more and more. In this short excerpt, you'll se this happening to my character. Please enjoy this scene from "Khizara" and know it's on pre-order now through Amazon and Kobo!


One person's belief can be another person's cult. But how do you know? How can you be certain that what you believe is the truth, and the only truth? How can you be absolutely certain that what you believe, what you've been taught, what you've always known in your heart to be truth, is really that? Eavesdrop on this short conversation between insure and Permac and see who you believe as we explore a small excerpt from "Khizara," now available from pre-order through Amazon!


It's difficult for one to place blame on someone else when you're not sure whether the blame should be on you or not. In this excerpt, our two characters are discussing the finer points of who is and isn't correct in the argument. You've had those before, I'm sure. Enjoy this short excerpt from "Khizara," releasing on September 5th and on pre-sale now!


Linsora is one of the most confident characters I know. If she were real, she'd be the leader of the know world! But like all people, she has the occasional doubt, the lack of confidence in herself, and the wondering where she'll find strength of 4 the next challenge. In this short excerpt we see one of those moments, but she refuses to let it show outwardly. Please enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "Khizara" which is available now for pre-sale!


Everyone has tricks that they use to get through life. Others have more devious ones. Please take a look at this short excerpt from my forthcoming book, "Khizara" to be released on September 5, 2023.


In this short excerpt, Linsora has been brought to an unknown house. She's been told that here in the early morning hours, she can either knock or use a device given her to defeat the lock system. What she sees when she peers into the room will change her life forever. Please enjoy this excerpt from my forthcoming book, "Khizara" to be released September 5, 2023.


We often take life for granted. We wake up each morning and go to bed every night with the subconscious assurity that we will, once again, wake up the next morning. But what if you found out that only you and one other special person had survived some mysterious illness that kills everyone like you, but not you? Please enjoy this "Khizara" excerpt and watch for the release of the book coming on September 5th. Less than three months away!


Being trapped inside your own head must be devastating. Being trapped but being controlled by another, even worse. Seeing release from that so close at hand and not quite being able to reach it, supreme frustration. Please enjoy this short excerpt from "Khizara" being released on September 5th.

Loss of control

There are times when things make us feel we're not in control. Outside forces that twist and turn our perceptions, our emotions, and even how we react physically to the world. But what if someone or someones, could control your actions through a series of emotional influences that would cause constant turmoils to force your body to react physically? Please take a look at this short excerpt from the soon to be released book, "Khizara" and see what you think. For more information please go to and sign up for our newsletters!

Calming. Grounding.

When life gets a little tough, how do you center yourself? How do you stop the outside world from eating you alive from the inside out? For Linsora, it's breathing. Control your breath and control how your body and mind reacts to the exterior pressure. Slow your heart. Calm your mind. In this short excerpt you'll see a small sample of how this works. Watch for "Khizara: Book one in the Tokorel Series" available on September 5, 2023.


It's said we can choose our friends but not our family. It's also said that many of our friends are like family. And if you really think about it, we can start out as friends and through courtship, become family. Siblings are a different matter completely. I've had issues with my siblings throughout my life. I wish I hadn't, but it's a sad reality. Have you, or anyone you know, had similar experiences? Please enjoy this short excerpt from my upcoming book, "Khizara" which will be launched on September 5th.

When do you need meat?

As I'm sure you're aware aware, we all have different eating habits. Controversy abounds around the subject of eating and not eating meat. Carnivores, vegetarians, and vegans are in every culture and every society. So it is intros book.While Permac is not a vegetarian, he certainly doesn't eat as much meat as Linsora.and when questioned about it, here is the answer he gives. Please enjoy this short excerpt from my soon to be released book, "Khizara."


How do you handle pain? In this short excerpt, Linsora is wrapping Permac's severely burned leg in an attempt to help him. The interaction is priceless and I really hope you not only enjoy it, but get a glimpse into the relationship these two have. I hope you'll enjoy this excerpt and look forward to the release of this 5 star reviewed book, "Khizara" on September 5, 2023.


Linsora is truly someone who sees the world as a place where equal actions need to take place. An eye for an eye so to speak. But at the same time, she knows that thanks should be offered when favors are given. In this short excerpt we see that part of Linsora emerge when Permac uses his powers to calm her rising sense of panic. Please enjoy the small section from "Khizara" scheduled for launch on September 5, 2023.


It's often scary to think that an enemy might be lurking just beyond your site. Perhaps they are waiting for you to step around that next corner, or just beyond the next door you open. Wouldn't it be great to be able to see where trouble might be located before it finds you? When you're on a spaceship with advanced technology, it's easy to spot trouble before it arrives. But there are still places to hide and caution, on a strange planet, is always advisable! Please enjoy this short excerpt from my new book, "Khizara" coming September 5, 2023.

Know Your Limits

Have you ever stayed at someone's home and wanted to look around, just a little bit, while they were gone? Just because you were curious.and meaning no harm. Did you feel funny about it? Did you stop, thinking that it might be considered snooping? Did you stop thinking that perhaps you'd be caught? You should look through this short excerpt. It's okay. I give you permission. And when you're done, watch for the launch of "Khizara" on September 5th, 2023.


When your options are whittled down to none, or only one, is it really an option? Certainly, there might be other, less desirable options that can be thought of in these types of situations, but many of those would delete all future options as well. Please enjoy this short excerpt from my upcoming book, 'Khizara" launching September 5th.

The Last Meal

When you hear that phrase it conjures up images of death row, visions of one who will never again enjoy life. This scene is a double edged sword for PErmac. Not only is he being told he's receiving his last meal, but that information will be extracted from him and his companion will be returned to jail. He must consider the alternatives quickly in order for the two of them to survive! Please enjoy this short excerpt from the book, "Khizara" being released on September 5, 2023.

Getting to Know You

How do we get to know others? We learn about likes and dislikes, the memories of the past and the hopes for the future. We find out about relations, family, and the good and evil that plague memories and histories. Often, as we look over our past, emotions come into play that can elicit a range of feelings. In this excerpt we see a sentimental side of our main characters. Take a read and watch for "Khizara" coming on September 5, 2023.


I have always loved thunder storms. I guess growing up in California where, at least years ago, they rarely had rain or big storms, I grew to love them when they happened. Even now, I'll sit outside to watch the lighting and close my eyes to let the thunder rumble through my body. It's exciting and exhilarating! I share that with my characters. Khizaran storms are even more intense and Linsora loves them! Please enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "Khizara" and watch for the launch on September 5, 2023!

Unusual Job

As leaders were often required to perform duties that we normally wouldn't. When you're running the place, you might be expected to do a little bit of everything and know it all. When you're the Captain of the ship, well... In this short excerpt, the Captain is explaining why he's at the intake station instead of someone else from his ship. He's not happy to be there and it shows. Please enjoy this short excerpt form my upcoming book, "Khizra" to be released September 5, 2023.

Power Struggle

When you get two bad guys in the same room there's bound to be some struggle for power. Who's the toughest, the strongest, the best; who's the top boss? It becomes a battle of strength and wit. Throw in a few mental control abilities and it not only becomes interesting, but downright scary. Please enjoy this short excerpt from my upcoming book, "Khizara" to be released September 5, 2023.


How many people see the real you? We often act differently around others, hiding how we feel, how we act, and how we look. I hope you'll take a moment to read this short excerpt from my book, "Khizara" releasing on September 5th this year. You can see how one person has come to know what Linsora is really like!


Having someone to help us through difficult times can be a blessing and a curse depending on who they are and what their motivations are. In this short excerpt from my upcoming book, "Khizara" the main character, Linsora, is being transported from her prison cell to a mysterious benefactor who has arranged for her early release.The guards who are transporting her seems to be happy they'll be rid of her, but who knows what awaits her and who this benefactor is. Could he be any worse than the prison she's leaving?

The Mystery Person

Have you ever run into someone who looks so familiar that you could swear you've met, but that person walks away not stopping to acknowledge you? Did you search for that person? Did you attempt to find them again? How do you handle such and event? And what if that person happened to say something intriguing to you as they passed? Please enjoy this short excerpt and see if you feel the frustration felt by this character. Watch for the upcoming book, "Khizara" debuting on September 5th, 2023.

Trust and the Law

When you have the ability to influence emotions with just a thought, it's easy to sway people to your way of thinking. This, for example. where Permac is approached by a Peace Officer trying to find out why he's in the marketplace so early in the morning. Permac sends a wave of trust to the officer and then offers an explanation! What would you do with such an ability? Please enjoy this short excerpt from my forthcoming book, "Khizara" with a launch date of September 5th of this year!

In Plain Sight

In this book about the people on two different planets, enemies due to historical inaccuracies, there are several indications that spies might be everywhere, infiltrating one planet or the other. One person says it's easy to hide amongst the population of Khizara. He says this to a Khizaran! Interesting conversation. Please enjoy this excerpt from my forthcoming book, "Khizara" with a launch date of September 5th.

Shock and Surprise

Life is filled with twists and turns. Many we never see coming. Some are pleasant and surprise us in a good way. Others blindside us and send us scrambling for a way to survive. We wonder about coincidence and if it really exists. Or is fate playing cat and mouse with us to test our resolve and see how much we can withstand before we break. I hope you enjoy this short excerpt from my upcoming book, "Khizara" scheduled for release on September 5th.


I love technology and the technological advances that we make everyday. I don't like that my brain is too slow to be able to pick them all up and utilize them to their fullest before the next upgrade arrives! But technology can be frustrating when it doesn't work the way we expect it to. And when things go terribly wrong, it can be devastating if not fatal! That's what's happening here. I hope you'll enjoy this short excerpt from my forthcoming book, "Khizara" to be released on September 5th this year!

It's a Draw

Have you ever been in a situation where you know neither side will win, so somehow you convince the opponent to call it a draw? It takes a lot of will and humility to be able to do that. In this scene the two characters have decided to call the confrontation a draw and move on. I hope you'll enjoy this excerpt from the forthcoming book, "Khizara" to be released on September 1, 2023.


This is the opening to my new book, "Khizara" coming September 1 of this year. It describes the planet and the prison where Linsora currently resides.A planet where no one wants to choose as a vacation spot. This excerpt is a little longer than some others I choose, but I'd like to give you a good sample of what to expect in this action pack story. Please enjoy this except.

A Little Help

Everyone needs some kind of help in life. Often, we don't want the help though and when the happens and help is forced upon us, we look at it as more of an inconvenience or even an insult. In this short excerpt, Permac and Linsora have been escorted, at gun point, to a transport to "help" them escape from other captors. I'm not sure which set of captors is better, but here we are. It's a short read and I invite you to take a quick look and see what you think of it. From the book, "Khizara" being released in September 2023, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Rest and Eat

There are two things in life needed to survive. Two basics that all beings need. Food and rest. Linsora realizes this and lives by the philosophy that one should "eat when you can, rest when you can..." It's a good thing to remember especially when the meal you're eating could be your last. Please enjoy this latest offering from the book, "Khizara" which will be released September 1. Have fun!


Have you ever had someone in authority try to intimidate you? It can be a tense moment, causing a surge of adrenaline to course through your body, especially when you're in a foreign land.I wanted to throw in a slight moment of tension so I wrote this scene between the captain who is our protagonist's means of escape and a law officer of the planet he's recruiting on. How would you Handke such an encounter? Please enjoy this short excerpt and look forward to the release of my book, "Khizara" on September 1, 2023.


They say that having a little knowledge can be dangerous. Having no knowledge when your enemies have it all is certainly not acceptable. So, is the answer to align with your enemy to learn as much as possible? This is the question being posed here. Do you learn from your enemy in an effort to be equal and then become more powerful? What do you think? Please enjoy this short excerpt fro "Khizara" coming out September 1, 2023.


The ravages of war are never pretty. In this short excerpt, Linsora is looking at a manuscript from 200 years earlier and reading a first hand account of a battle fought. It talks about lives lost, plans failed, and future plans. I hope you enjoy this brief look into the new book, "Khizara" coming September 1, 2023.

Sudden Inspiration

There are times, especially just as we're falling asleep, when our minds begin to work on problems and solutions. As we relax, our brains are free to discover things that have eluded us throughout the day. In this short excerpt from "Khizara," Permac has been trying to figure out why this planet seems so familiar. All day, the answer has not been there. But as he begins to fall asleep, it hits him and a light in his mind goes on. I hope you enjoy this excerpt and look forward to reading "Khizara" when it's released September 1, 2023.


There are times, especially in tense situations, where we react instead of acting. Sometimes, a reaction might not be the best thing to do when done without thinking. Such a move could put you and anyone around you, in jeopardy. Trying to escape an energy beam trying to kill you can be one of those times. Even if your timing to get away is perfect, the physical state of the building you're in could not agree. Please take a look at the short excerpt from "Khizara" launching in September 2023 and see what you think.

No Choices

We often feel we're forced into a corner without choices. Even though there are always choices to be had, it's often not in our best interests to take certain roads. In this short excerpt from my book, "Khizara", Linsora asks about a certain choice she is considering. She's told what the actions of that choice would yield. Please enjoy reading this short excerpt and what for "Khizara" coming September 2023!


When someone says you can do this or die, you tend to listen to alternatives. Dying is not something we are eager to consider as acceptable.Our brains work quickly, our adrenaline surges through our bodies, and finding a way to avoid death becomes important. in this short excerpt, Permac and Linsora are given a choice to cooperate or die.Very short excerpt but I hope it will intrigue you enough to continue watching for "Khizara" coming September 2023.


Do you ever have those moments of discovery, when something right there in front of you suddenly becomes obvious? The answer was right there in front of you? This is one of those moments. Please enjoy this short excerpt from "Khizara" and watch for it coming out September 1, 2023.


Follow your gut. It's what I always tell people. In this segment of book 1 this is really what the protagonist should have done. But, she was in love and didn't stop to think. However, her emotions were being maniputated so perhaps she couldn't help herself! Watch for Khizara coming September 2023.


There is a fiery relationship between Linsora and Permac in "The Eyes of Tokorel" which starts out as opposites. But you know what they say about opposites. They eventually attract! At this point in the story, however, the attraction is only one sided, and Linsora is not pleased with the current situation. The crew on the ship know to steer clear of this hot headed Khizaran, and when she comes storming into the room, well, see for yourself in this short excerpt and watch for the re-release of the newly edited book 1 in September 2023.

Love/Hate Relationship?

Sometimes you have to be careful what questions you ask. The answers might not be the ones you're hoping for. Enjoy this short yet intriguing excerpt from "The Eyes of Tokorel" coming September 2023.

On the Run

Tokorel is an adventure book with mystery, romance, a lot of science fiction, travel, suspense and well, more that you can see for yourself when it comes out. Here is a small segment from one of the newly rewritten chapters of the story. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to the release of "The Eyes of Tokorel: The Color of Emotion" coming September 2023.

Skill and Patience

I studied martial arts for about 11 years. As a martial artist, I learned a lot about fighting, about the psychology of fighting, and about the mental tactics of fighting. There are certain techniques that people use to lull their opponents into a false sense of security. In this excerpt from "The Eyes of Tokorel" Linsora tries a warriors tactic, but Permac will have none of it. Please enjoy and watch for the rerelease of the newly edited version coming in September 2022.

Trouble Maker

As I've re-edited the first book in the Tokorel series, I've been able to add new scenes, write new dialogue, create new questions, and answer old ones. I believe you're going to love the increased action, the suspense, the characters old and new, and how it will grip your emotions and not let them go until the end. Please read this short excerpt and see what you think of this first look at a new chapter being added to the book, and watch for the launch of the Eyes of Tokorel coming in September 2023.

Familiar Strangers

Have you ever had one of those Deja Vu moments where you swear you've seen someone before but just can't place where that was? Do you take a moment to remember their features? Do you thin about it later in life? Please enjoy this short excerpt and see if you've ever felt this way, then watch for the launch of :The Eyes of Tokorel" coming next September.

Blood between friends

Sometimes even friends fight. Few fight like our protagonist, Linsora. She loves her knives, and she's good with them. When you're someone who has never been cut, it becomes a more serious situation. Please read this short excerpt and see what I mean, then watch for the release of "The Eyes of Tokorel" coming out in September 2023. You will love the read!


I believe that, for the most part, people want to be helpful. Some people want to do so to show off their knowledge or to make themselves look better than they really are. Other times, the gesture is genuine. But even if genuine, one person's helpful can be thought of as intrusive by another. When we try our best but are met with resistance or even get pushed away for those efforts, we are often lost as to how we should proceed. Please read this short excerpt from "They Eyes of Tokorel" and see where you feel this conversation might go!


You can read a passage in a book and wonder to yourself, "Who could this be? How could this be happening?" only to continue reading to learn the truth and unmask the mysterious character. This happens throughout this book. You read and carve more. I can't wait until you see how this story has evolved, how it has grown and matured. Please read this short excerpt from "The Eyes of Tokorel" and see if you want more!

Use of Force

There are times when situations escalate. I've been taught to always go one step above the force that's being presented to me. Verbal confrontation receives stronger verbal. Physical confrontation receives physical one level higher, and so on. But when the power being presented to you is beyond what you can return, how do you deal with that? Please enjoy this short excerpt from "The Eyes of Tokorel" and see what you think!


We all have family. Some surround us. Some are gone. But we each come from some person that, regardless of our relationship with them, are family. For some of us, family might not be blood. They might be adopted into our emotional life and become like family. Others are adopted into our lives and we grow up with them. Some we love. Some we despise. Take a look at this short excerpt and see if you can determine which is which. The re-edit of "The Eyes of Tokorel" is under way. New passages. New material. Many things explained.

Voices from the Past

Have you ever had a time when something called to you? Not something you could hear with your ears, but something that tugged at your subconscious and spun you around in circles trying to find what, or who, might be trying to contact you and from what dimension the calls might be coming from? Please read this short excerpt and see if it strikes a chord, and enjoy getting a peek into "The Eyes of Tokorel" book 1.

Ah, love.

When you're from a race of people who are highly emotional, love can be shown in many different forms. Passions can be high! Arguments can be intense. This is the case with our main characters here. Although I don't think they call them arguments and prefer the term "spirited discussions" other people might disagree. Please take a moment to review this short excerpt of the book, "The Eyes of Tokorel: The Color of Emotion" and see what your thoughts are. We're hoping for an amazing book release in September 2023. Tell your friends!

Observations of a Khizaran

It's always fun to have a character look at another character and make observations. Our Khizaran has some interesting qualities and her assistant notices most of them.This is just a small offering of what Deneb sees when she works around Linsora. I hope that you enjoy reading this and perhaps it will whet your imagination a little and make you hunger for more of "The Eyes of Tokorel" ready for publication late next year.


The saying, "out of the frying pan and into the fire," comes to mind when I read things like this. Our heroes have been captured and given a meal before being taken away. The meal is interrupted, however, by arrival of new captors who plan to take the pair away. But are their new hosts benevolent, or will they now face even more danger? Judge for yourself as you read this short excerpt from "The Eyes of Tokorel".

Nature vs Natural

Have you ever been caught up in the moment with a budding relationship only to have something happen that absolutely ruins the moment? Please read this short excerpt from "The Eyes of Tokorel" and see if it strikes a chord with you!

Tense Situation

Sometimes things happen that make us stop, make the adrenaline surge through our bodies, make our brains whir with electricity, and our hearts thumping out of our chests. Fortunately, this isn't an everyday occurrence. But sure as there will be night, our characters found that at least once during this story. Will they escape? Will they manage to leave the hole in the ground without being blasted to ashes? Find out this and much more when "The Eyes of Tokorel" is re-released sometime this year!

Living the Dream

We all dream about the perfect job, the perfect family, the perfect life. The characters in "The Eyes of Tokorel" are no different from you and I. Linsora loves archaeology. But few can make a living at it let alone become famous because of it. But now the carrot is dangling before her. She has an opportunity at the brass ring and can see it glisten in front of her so close she can almost reach it! Please have fun reading this short excerpt and see if it strikes a chord inside you!

What You Really Think

Some people try to be pleasant around others, regardless of how they really feel or think. Not so with Linsora. She treats you exactly how her feelings dictate and heaven help you if she doesn't like you and you get in her way! This is a mild excerpt that shows you a peek into the mind of this woman. Please read it and see if you'd tangle with her. "The Eyes of Tokorel: The Color of Emotion" will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Being Polite

When I was growing up, I remember being told to ask about how people are before getting straight to business. Did you ever have anyone do that? It only seemed natural that when our younger character spoke with his elder, the elder would act in the same manner. Please read this short excerpt and enjoy you rpreview into the world of Tokorel!

You Suggested WHAT!?

There are times when misunderstandings can be funny or, at the very least, understood and worked out. But when it comes at a totally unexpected time and not at all what was anticipated anger, especially from a Khizaran, is quickly to follow. Take a look at this brief excerpt form our book, "The Eyes of Tokorel: The Color of Emotion" and see how you would react to such a mistake!

Being Amused

Have you ever noticed how so many things in life can be amusing? Jokes, comedians, someone speeding past you on the road only to be pulled over by the police a few miles later. A make us chuckle just a bit. In this excerpt, it's the actions of another person that amazes Permac. Linsora's actions amaze him because it's a side of her that he rarely sees. Take a quick read and see if you can see from where his amusement stems. Thanks for reading and be sure to tell your friends! Tokorel is coming.

When Blades Threaten

Imagine that you're sound asleep. You're woken by the sound of someone whispering in your ear and the sensation of a knife being pressed against your throat.You're told to not move, but only listen as your assailant continues to vent and spew their anger at you.What would be going through your head? Would you try to escape or hope, just hope, that the assailant would spare your life. Please enjoy this short excerpt from our sci-fi original work, "The Eyes of Tokorel" being re-released later this year.

Rummaging or Snooping?

Have you ever found yourself the guest of another? During your stay, did you ever find yourself alone in the house? Did you have the urge to explore the various rooms of your host's home? Would you consider that rummaging? Would you consider it snooping? Either way, the act is the same regardless of how you conceive it. Looking into the private life of another, uninvited, is never polite, not to mention it's something we would never want to find out has happened to us. This very short excerpt shows a difference between the two characters in the book, "Khizara". I hope you enjoy it!


Growing up, my family moved around a lot. No, we weren't military, but for whatever reason, my father thought it necessary to move his family all over and often. I remember going to 2nd grade in three different schools in the same year. This made it difficult to make and keep friends. I turned to writing early as a way to find something constant. The characters that I created always moved with me. It was comforting. I also learned quickly how to read people and what to watch for in new people I met. This is reflected in the segment you are about to read from my book, "Khizara". I hope you enjoy it ad look forward to reading the entire work later this year.

Skill and Confidence

In an emergency situation, we count on skill, confidence, patience, knowledge and more, to see us successfully through the crisis. We do all we can to succeed, but sometimes we don't succeed. Sometimes we only partially succeed. What if lives are depending on the success of our attempt? Take a look at this short excerpt from my book, "Khizara" and see how you would react in this situation. How do think this turned out?

Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes often have origins in facts. "Ring Around the Rosies" and "London Bridge is Falling Down" are two examples. After a few hundred years, history has a tendency to change. It becomes more in favor of the heroes we want and the villains that tore us apart. Often, the hard to believe parts turn into poems. In my book, "Khizara", a poem is used to predict the future in conjunction with a prophecy made 200 years earlier. Most adults look at the rhyme as a child's recital. But some of the older people remember stories handed down, that indicate the truthfulness of the poem. Take look and see what you think in this short excerpt from "Khizara".


Have you ever been around someone for so long, as friends, and suddenly realized one day that your feelings are more than friendship? In my book, Khizara, a couple that start out as enemies, slowly turn toward a common feeling of love. The romance blossoms and feelings grow. Will they stay that way? Can enemies truly find love hidden within their deep rooted cultural hatred of each other? Check out this short excerpt from :Jhizara" and see what you think.

Attitude is Everything

Have you ever met someone who intimidates you, and you're not certain why? It wasn't because they were bigger, or stronger, or louder, or more important. It was for some reason, but you couldn't put your finger on it. If that's the case, it might have been their attitude! I've know people who have the attitude of giants and show it in every aspect of their lives. These are the ones who intimidate. These are the ones who can outshine the sharpest competition. Please take a moment to read this short excerpt from my book, "Khizara", coming soon to a virtual bookshelf near you.


We all know someone who can't get enough information. Occasionally, their desire is greater than our tolerance for their desire. In this short excerpt, you'll encounter Denub, a collector of information. See what you think of her description and please consider reading, "Khizara" if you have a chance/. Thanks!

Fight or Flight

When your adrenaline begins to pump and your heart races, what do you do? What thoughts race through your mind? Do you feel the need to flee or are you ready to fight with every ounce of your being? What if you knew that there was a chance you wouldn't survive? In my adventure, sci-fi novel, "Khizara" you'll see action, romance, and edge of your seat moments such as this excerpt. Please take a moment to read and see what you think. Coming soon, Khizara will be one of the best action stories you've read in a long time!

Ghosts From the Past

Over 200 years, histories become twisted. Heroes are formed. Villains are created. First hand witnesses die off and entire stories become transformed into fables and bedtime stories. But what if a ghostly prominent figure from the past were to appear in front of representatives from both sides of the revised history? What if he could speak, telling the realities of the past. Would we be ready to hear that our heroes and villains were just ordinary people? How would we received the truth? Please enjoy this short excerpt from my upcoming book, "Khizara".


When a storm begins we typically tend to seek shelter. We want to be safe and dry. Sometimes, ok often, the storm is not well timed and Mother Nature throws at us whatever she can at her pleasure. In this short excerpt, Mother Nature sends a storm at a very inopportune moment that may, or may not, be recaptured later. Please take a moment to read this short excerpt from my book, "Khizara" and see what you think. Thank you!

The End?

When you're trapped and there's nowhere to go, you can feel like it's the end. But is it really your time, or will some miracle save you from leaving this world and thrusting you into the next? Please enjoy this short excerpt and watch for "Khizara" coming soon!


When fact combines with fictitious rumors an entire story can explode into something that includes infamous characters and might spread your name into the infamous category. Linsora is a colorful character for certain. Direct and to the point. Please take a moment thread and enjoy this short excerpt from my forthcoming book, Khizara. I hope you enjoy!

What Do You Do?

When applying places you are frequently asked what you have done in your past. When applying as crew on a ship, you're asked when you do the best. This short conversation show a lot of the main character and the Captain she's interacting with. Please read and see what you think, and if you enjoy it, please consider purchasing a copy of this amazing story. Thanks.

Sentimental Warrior

No matter how tough we are, no matter how immune we are to the dealings of the world around us, we all have sentient for at least one thing. It could be different in each of us, but it's there none-the-less. In this short excerpt, Permac looks around his home one last time before leaving. It becomes a sentimental moment in which he thinks about his time there and yet it's interrupted by his new companion. It's a short read that I hope you'll enjoy. Watch for "Khizara" coming in October 2020. You're going to want more!

Wisdom with Age

They say that with age comes wisdom. There are times when we need to look to those who came before us, in order to discover what we need to do to secure our future. We often come face to face with that wisdom, and it can be an unpleasant experience when we are learning, growing and in the wrong. Please enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "Khizara" available October 1, 2020. I know that you're going to love it!

We Are Who We Are

Who are you when you're alone? Who are you around others? Deep down, we are who we are. We show our true selves to only a few, and to so many others, we show our outer shell. The layer that we want others to see. When you have to spend time alone with someone; perhaps for an extended period of time, you get to know who that person really is and they, you. Please enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "Khizara" coming soon to many online outlets.

Animal Passion

Two civilizations have been apart for over 200 years, and yet their similarities remain, including the basic of all instincts. Two enemies reach a point of passion in this sci-fi thriller. She once tried to kill him but time does strange things to relationships. See how two people turn their desires to kill into plain desires. Khizara is coming soon!

Mapping the Stars

As an archaeologist, Linsora is in the business of finding, and restoring, items. In this excerpt she found several pieces of glass like fragments. Taking them back to the ship, she wonders what they could have been from. She notices that some of the fragments have a small plant in them. With the help of her assistant, they make a remarkable discovery. Have you ever looked at something only to discover something entirely different a few moments later? Please enjoy this excerpt from the book, "Khizara" and watch for it coming soon!

Friends or?

Have you ever known someone that you can and can't live without? Not a toxic relationship, but a relationship with someone who is your best and worst side. Someone who you can argue with, not always win, and still have a good relationship? I hope that you'll read this short excerpt from my book, "Khizara" and let me know what you think. It's a fun and exciting story. Some of you read it under a different title. If you have, please tell your friends about it. If you haven't, well, just take a quick look!

Let's Settle This

Three little words that should lead to resolution, and yet they often lead to anger, bitterness, arguments and break-ups. In this short excerpt from my book, "Khizara" you'll witness first hand, the fine relationship that Permac and Linsora share. Have you ever had such a relationship? Please see what you think and watch for the rerelease of this amazing science fiction story coming in the next few months! Thank you!

Fears and Memories

Our worlds are made up of realities and fantasies. Our memories reflect that. Some of our memories reflect the truths of our past, while others are bent and slightly distorted. It's not often that we can face the realities of our past memories but when we have that chance, we find it difficult to reconcile what was and what we thought, was. History is the same. Stories become warped and people believe what we are told. Archaeologists find new, old, documents from time to time that shake the foundations of what we believe. In this short excerpt from my book, "Khizara", such a document is found. Take a read and see what you think. If you enjoy this, watch for the release of this incredible science fiction story!

Poker and Bluffing

I've never been good at cards. I don't know why really, I just know that I'm not. My characters on the other hand, seem to have the ability that I lack and can certainly bluff their way through many situations. This is one of those times. Could you do this? If you knew that the person standing next to you could sense your true feelings, would you be able to conduct such a bluff? See what you think and please enjoy this short excerpt.


I have had several near misses in my ife. I'm not talking about a car almost hitting me, or ducking just in time to avoid being decapitated. Instead, I'm talking about receiving a small amount of unexpected money just before an unpaid bill is due. A phone call at the last minute requesting my services for a new client. A third party decision that makes things go much better in my life. These things happen in life and I try to incorporate them into my stories. This small segment is such a twist. Take a look and see what you think and enjoy this excerpt from book one in the Tokorel series.

The Morning After

You can't go home again. that's what they say. The reality is that you CAN go home again, but often times things are not as you remembered them to be. There are the small familiarities that may spark a flood of memories, but not all is as it was. Linsora has returned to her home world after being gone for a very long time. She spent the night enjoying the food and drink that she's missed, but now the morning light is shining old memories and present realities on her. What will she have to face? what people from her past will she encounter? Where will these encounters lead her? Read this short excerpt and see if you can relate to her feelings!

Planning Revenge

I have had situations when I feel pretty helpless. Situations where I despise what's going on and possibly the person involved with the situation, but I have little to no control over what's happening. Has that ever happened to you? In my mind, during that moment, I plan revenge. Do I carry through with it? Seldom, but planning and plotting the revenge certainly feels good. It turns me into a braver image of myself and one who can ignore the rules of society without actually committing the crime. Is this odd do you think? Probably not. My character is like this in the scene which you're about to read. She's just waiting and plotting. See why and enjoy this segment of "Khizara", book one int he Tokorel series.


Our bad guy, Gordek, is truly bad. Not so much evil and not an insane and maniacal villain, but bad. He knows what he's doing and often enjoys the discomfort that he gives others. He's greedy and power hungry. He wants others to know what power he has and that this power extends over everyone he meets, especially those he holds captive. Poor Linsora receives double as he not only holds her captive, but has a lusting desire for her, and he will do anything to have her. This means that he's willing to exploit her weaknesses to gain the control that he needs over her. This short segment is one of the times when he is slightly less than human. See what you think and please consider reading "Khizara" book one in the Tokorel series.

Dealing with Loss

I've always wondered about people and how they deal with loss. Some people are strong or at least seem strong in public, but mourn in private. Others can let it out emotionally no matter where they are, showing the world their sadness at the loss of someone so dear. Our hero, Linsora, is a very strong woman, but even at a time like this her actions can be unpredictable and erratic. How do you act when you experience a loss? See if what Linsora experiences sounds familiar to you in this short excerpt.


There are times when we all dream of being the hero. We imagine what it would be like to defeat the forces of evil and be the envy of everyone we meet. My characters are no exception. Ok, I'm no exception but I can live it out through my characters. I intentionally put my heroes in harm's way to see how they'll escape and in this case, the first thing that happens is that trust must be regained. I hope that you'll find this short excerpt intriguing and that you consider reading my book sometime in the future.


In the Tokorel series, my characters have the opportunity to explore many worlds. Some worlds are deserted while others have both friendly and unfriendly inhabitants. I often wonder what it would be like to arrive on a world that's inhabited and what the reactions of those inhabitants would be. I imagine that it would depend on how advanced they are and how alike we are. There are so many possibilities that I dream about. This excerpt is just one of those possibilities and I think, rather interesting. See what your thoughts are!


A recurring character in this series is the mysterious Moragh. It's difficult to tell if he's good or not so much. Sometimes he's helpful and at other times you just want him to go away. Making him go away, however, is difficult as he is quite powerful. He seems to be helpful at this moment so our main characters are listening intently and welcoming his advice, that is until he says one thing that strikes discord with Linsora. Take a look and see what you think in this short excerpt and please consider reading "Khizara" coming out in a few weeks!


There reaches a point in all relationships where love either flourishes or dies. It's that strange crossroad that intersects the paths of life-long friendship and partnership. Sometimes that intimate connection takes a small push from circumstance while other times it take a large shove from fate. See which path you think this will take and from whence it came!


In most countries on most continents and with most peoples we tend to make our past founders larger than life. They did little or no wrong. They were people to be looked up to and idolized. We would teach each generation about their heroism and acts of superhuman compassion. Their wisdom was amazing. So how would we feel to see the image and testimonial, in their own words, of what these people were really like? That was my thought as I wrote this book. That's what has just happened in this scene. Now, Permac has to wonder how he will continue with this knowledge and how he will tell his people. See what you think and please enjoy!


As a person I always try to keep the peace. I try to be the first to admit wrong and the last to storm out of the room in anger. I guess some of that rubbed off on my character of Permac. He tries as hard as I'd like to think that I do. He wants to not only keep the peace, but he wants to win the girl as well. He can see how she would compliment him in everything he would attempt. He can see how she would make him whole. She, on the other hand, wants little to do with hi unless it's absolutely necessary. It was a battle of the wills and this particular battle was about to come to a head! See what you think of this passage and please consider reading "Khizara" when you have the chance! You'll like it.


In observing life I've realized that even within an organization there is some level of conflict, jealousy, admiration and competition. It doesn't matter if it's a family, a large corporation or a military organization. So when I have one person reporting to another, I want to make sure that the proper checks and balances are there, and I believe that this particular scene was the best place to start. I wanted our characters to have a good relationship but I also wanted to show that there is a definite pecking order and respect. See what you think and please consider reading "Khizara" in the future!


During my lifetime I've had adventures and I've travelled. Sometimes, I can't wait to get going because of where I'm going. Other times I just can't wait to leave where I am. Drawing on those experiences, came this scene. I knew exactly how I wanted Linsora to feel as she was waiting for the ship that would take her, and Permac, to their next destination. Where she was was certain. Where she would be going was not. Adventure is in her blood and she was ready. I've been there and I knew that for most of her adult life she had been there too. See what you think with this small excerpt from "Khizara" and enjoy!


When I created this Terran Captain, I wanted to portray someone who loves what he does, but a person who is also tired of the routine of a captain whose crew changes much too often. Haavens was born. Our captain is signing up new crew members which is the perfect way for out heroes to escape this planet. The good captain is about to meet Permac and Linsora, two individuals who only needed each other long enough to reach this point in line. Time will tell who will win out, but I'm guessing it will be the one with the most authority...maybe.


Just as when we developed Khizara, I had to come up with something unique for the world of Tokorel. After much thought I decided to give the Tokorellans a unique gift and a curse all wrapped up together in one ability. So I gave them the ability to not only sense the true emotions of the people around them, but to also be able to change those emotions. Besides being banned from all poker games throughout the known universe, the Tokorellans seem to get along with most people, that is until one Tokorellan, Permac, meets one Khizaran, Linsora, who can tell when she's being emotionally manipulated and doesn't take kindly to it. See what you think in this excerpt of "Khizara", book one in the Tokorel series.

Why Knives?

In writing this book and creating the Khizaran society, we needed something that would make these people stand out. They are highly emotional, structured, and have a lust for life. They also all carry knives. From the time they are ten years old, they are taught to use knives as a way to be more equal in their society. Outsiders, such as Permac, don't understand the need for such weapons. But then Permac and his people have a weapon of their own. It's a mental ability to sense and control the emotions of others and many outside of his society don't understand that. Two people skilled in their abilities to defend, but using much different techniques. See what you think of this excerpt and watch for "Khizara" coming soon!


We all carry weapons and as a martial artist, I know this to be true. I've spoken with my classes about how different parts of our body can be used as weapons and I've also spoken to them about the traditional weaponry that people might use to attack you. So in this book, I wanted to use that same traditional weaponry as something a little more common. So on Linsora's home planet of Khizara, everyone uses knives. They are apart of everyday life and children are trained to use them. Permac's society does not use knives and he's trying to understand the logic and reasoning behind it all. Enjoy this short excerpt from "Khizara" and see what you think!


We all have different things that amuse us. Personally, I'm amused very easily having been a father for years and years and mostly, because I'm a guy and will probably never grow up. As a result, I find numerous situations slightly more than silly and laugh at almost everything! Being that way I have endowed many of my characters, including Permac, with that same trait. In this case he's very amused with a woman who has been in jail for some time and is now out on a shopping spree. He finds her enthusiasm and animated actions to be something worth hiding his laughter about. See what you think and please consider reading the rest of the book, coming soon to Amazon, Nook< Kobo and Apple!

Leaving Home

It's hard to leave a place where you have become comfortable. Even if you grumble and complain about the conditions, the rent, the neighbors or a myriad of other evils when the time comes to leave, you still feel that ache and pang that this place, regardless of how dismal, was still where you called home for so long. In this passage, Permac and Linsora are about to leave the place where Permac had called home for a short time while caring for Linsora, who was in prison. Now, he's taking one last look and the sentiment of the moment touches him. Please enjoy this excerpt and consider reading "Khizara" the second edition of book one in the Tokorel series!

You Had Me Arrested!

I had these words spoken to me once by a very angry woman. She stood in front me while I was seated at a table in a science fiction convention. To make matters worse, she was dressed in very convincing Klingon make-up and outfit, complete with weapons. Although I tried to feign ignorance, she saw through me and knew that I had, indeed, had her confined to a small jail cell, for $5, to help a charity. Thus began our writing partnership and what would become the opening line to an incredible series. Please enjoy these two paragraphs, humbly offered, and please consider reviewing, "Khizara".

Sounds of Tomorrow

Sounds of Tomorrow

Science Fiction & Fantasy

How would it change your life if you could hear the sounds of tomorrow, ghosts whispering the sounds of events from the future?

Jessi O’Donnell is a typical teenager in high school with close friends and so-so popularity. In her secret life, she loves being a blackbelt in martial arts, which gives her incredible confidence but few social skills.

As the result of a major head injury, Jessi McDonald discovers she can hear future sounds. She decides to keep her ability a secret from everyone except her closest friend so people won’t label her as being crazy. 

One day when Jessi is at work, she hears someone being murdered and crying out for help. She runs to help but seeing no one there she realizes the murder will happen in the future, in precisely twenty-four hours.

Now she must decide how to prevent a murder from taking place without others thinking she’s crazy or somehow involved. Follow Jessi as she attempts to stop a murder only she, and the killer, know about.

Sounds of Tomorrow is an action-packed, adventure-filled fantasy/mystery with a hint of romance and a surprise ending that will knock your socks off. You’ll love this story if you’re a fan of Issac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, or Frank Herbert.

Book Bubbles from Sounds of Tomorrow


In this short excerpt we meet the detective for the first time. Two of our characters are preparing to tell the police a fantastic story and hoping to not be arrested. Please read "Sounds of Tomorrow" to see what happens!


It's hard when you come into a conversation without knowing what the main subject is. It's even worse when a conversation takes a sudden turn and you're lost in the dust. Most of us will try to keep up or help change the subject. In this excerpt you'll meet Barry. Barry is different and expresses himself in a different way, as you'll see when you read this short excerpt from my forthcoming book, "Sounds of Tomorrow," releasing soon! Please enjoy!


Anger expresses itself ins many ways. The slamming of a door, yelling, hitting, throwing items, and so on. None of them pleasant. Anger is certainly a curse of our emotions when used in the wrong way. I this short excerpt, someone is angry. Someone whose identity is unknown. What are his intentions? Who will feel the wrath of his anger? Enjoy this short excerpt and please consider purchasing my next release, "Sounds of Tomorrow," coming in the next few weeks.


When an accident happens, those involved later describe it as "happening in slow motion" and having a feeling of helplessness. That is what I was attempting to show during this crash scene. Please enjoy this short excerpt from my next book, "Sounds of Tomorrow," and see what you think!

The trip

Before any trip with school kids, the leader has to give a talk and get everyone excited. Such is the case with the story. Before getting on the bus and heading to a demonstration for the Kung Fu school, the head instructor talks to his students.He instructs everyone to get on board and let's have some fun. Little does he realize what lies ins tore for the entire team just around the corner.


We all have premonitions at times. Some people call them "gut feelings" and encourage others to follow their gut. When I taught martial arts, I would say the same thing. Listen to your heart and your gut. In this scene, Jessi's mom is worried about her in an upcoming event. But Jessi is a young, teenaged girl and feels invincible and responds accordingly. But Jessi's mom explains something to her that she'll remember forever! Please enjoy this short excerpt from my upcoming book, "Sounds of Tomorrow" and watch for it for sale in January, 2024.


When you're in love you'd do anything for the person that you want to be with. The thoughts are grand. The memories sweet. The time together, priceless. Take a look at this short excerpt from my book, "Sounds Of Tomorrow" and see what a boy in love will do, and say, to be with the girl he loves!


Have you ever known someone who could look into the future and be able to tell you, with great accuracy, what was about to happen? Jessi has a secret. She can hear the sounds of future traumatic events, and one such event is about to happen. The timing is perfect as she's been asked to prove her ability. Please read this short excerpt from my book, "The Sounds of Tomorrow" and get caught up in the adventure. If you enjoy this, please take a moment to purchase a copy! Thanks.


We all have choices. We make choices everyday. Getting out of bed is a choice! As we grow up, we tend to not see the choices that people make around us, and we sometimes don't consider their choices as choices at all. See if anything sounds familiar in this short excerpt fro, "Sounds of Tomorrow". Thanks for reading!


Shock and surprise happens when you're attacked unexpectedly. Has this happened to you? Good surprises are wonderful, but when you're surprised by an attacker and find yourself flat on your back, there can be fear, panic, confusion and the immediate desire to fight back. Please take a moment to read this short excerpt from my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow" and see what you think! Thanks.


I'm certain that you've heard the phrase that someone, "cleans up good" and probably even know a few people like that. Have you ever seen a person who, just by changing one or two things about their everyday appearance, can render them almost unrecognizable? That's what happens in this short excerpt from my book, "Sounds Of Tomorrow" where Jessi sees the nerdy co-worker transformed. See what you think and please, enjoy!

Black Belt

Some people hear the words, "black belt" and chuckle. Others become wide eyed and tremble in fear. Most find a degree of respect knowing that the person studied hard and long to obtain the prize. The knowledge that goes along with that degree is impressive none-the-less. In this short excerpt from my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow" the main character has just been started and shows her new friend that startling her might not be the wisest thing to do. Please enjoy!

Be Careful What you Ask For

Have you ever volunteered to help and ended up with more than you thought you would get? It happens sometimes and in this short excerpt from my book, "The Sounds of Tomorrow" Erin finds out just how much she can end up with by volunteering! Please read this short excerpt and see what you think, then consider purchasing a copy and reading this futuristic murder mystery!


Have you been threatened? Were you certain that it was a threat or did you wonder whether or not it could be a joke? Did it make you fell uncomfortable? Was it unnerving? What if you received a threatening phone call? How would you react? What would you do? Please take a look at this short excerpt from my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow" and see how you might react to such a situation.

Is It Real?

In "The Sounds of Tomorrow", Jessi develops the ability to hear the sounds of traumatic events 24 hours before they happen. Think about how it would affect you if you were able to do such a thing. Could you change the future? Could you save a life? In this short excerpt, Jessi hears something that makes her question her sanity. It's one of the first future sounds she's heard, so it makes her wonder how healthy her mind is. Please read and see how you would feel in such a situation. If this intrigues you, I hope that you'll consider purchasing a copy. Thanks!

Two Words

In "The Sounds of Tomorrow" a murder is going to happen. The only clue that the main character has, is that she heard this murder happen 24 hours in advance. It's her talent. Her friends have offered to help her figure out who the murderer is and who will be the victim. Here is a short conversation which her friends are having at the police station with a detective. How would YOU explain that someone is about to be killed and the only evidence you have is that your friend heard it happen already?


We all have made a promise or two during our lives. I feel like we've all had to break a promise or two in our lives, most of the time not because we want to, but because something happens in our lives that prevent us from keeping that promise. My mother used to tell me to, "never make a promise that you can't keep" and so I've tried hard to live my life by those words. This excerpt revolves around a promise made by one man to his girlfriend, and her determination that he's going to keep it. See how she handles it and if you would do something differently, but mostly please enjoy this "Sounds of Tomorrow" excerpt.


What do you think of being confined? Do you mind smaller spaces? Do they present to you, a feeling of panic and dread? What about elevators? Are you fine with just one or two people? What about ten? I've never been a big fan of enclosed spaces, but I can tolerate them.I don't feel the urge to claw my way out. But many people have that fear and, in today's society, it can become a real issue. Now, with many people having to work from home, these fears of being confined might be exaggerated to a point where the only comfort lies outside. Please read this short excerpt and see if you can relate. If you can, I hope that you'll consider reading this murder mystery called, "The Sounds of Tomorrow". Thanks!


Have you ever heard a long story and have tried to related that story to a friend? Sometimes it's difficult to sum up the entire story, but when you're able to do so, people are impressed. Please take a look at this excerpt from my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow" and see what you think. I appreciate it!


How do you do with the sight of blood? Is it something that you can handle easily, or does it make you queasy and light headed? We all have different reactions to different situations. We often compare ourselves to others and find ourselves to seem weaker or stronger just because someone else reacts differently. See how you would react to this situation knowing that we are all different. If you enjoy this passage, please consider purchasing a copy of, "Sounds of Tomorrow". I'd really appreciate it!

Cleaning Up

Have you ever known someone who "cleans up pretty good"? Someone that you know maybe from work, who doesn't always dress the best because of their job? Maybe you see this person out an about on a day off only to discover that you almost don't recognize them. There has been a transformation! Maybe even to the point where you become speechless, flustered, and a little shy.What would you do in that situation? Please read this short excerpt from my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow" and see what you think!

Good Surprise, Bad Surprise

It's the beginning of a new year, and each hour of everyday will contain surprises. We know that some surprises are good, and others are uninvited and unwanted. No matter how hard we plan our lives, surprises are inevitable. What happens if you plan a surprise and the results go terribly wrong? Your best intentions end up having the worse results. But even when our actions turn out badly, we often have a chance for redemption. In this short excerpt from my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow", Jim tries to surprise the girl of his dreams, only to have it turn out disastrously. Please enjoy this quick read and if you like what you read, please consider purchasing a copy . Thank you!

Falling Apart

We plan and plot and work hard to create an outcome that our minds and hearts will be content with. When our plans begin to fall apart and the threads of plotting start to unravel, we look to others and in other places to shore up our plans and get back on track. How do you handle such events? Please take a look at this short excerpt from my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow" and see what you think. If you enjoy it, then please consider purchasing a copy. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

Trying to Explain

There have been a few times in my life, when the concept of trying to explain something extraordinary to someone else, seems to be an arduous task. Although I'm a writer, or perhaps because of it, talking about fantastic things create fantastic situations. When I DO have interesting things to say, I choose carefully, who I say them to. Heaven help me if tell these stories to the wrong person. They might mistake my stories for a fit of lunacy on my part. In thinking about this, I wrote this scene where Barry is explaining fantastic things to a police detective, much to the dismay of his girlfriend. Take a read and let it make you smile and please consider purchasing a copy of "The Sounds of Tomorrow"!


Right now in my life, I catch shoplifters for a living. It's not all that fun but it certainly lets you know that you're alive. Often in life, we don't really experience what life is about, unless we experience fear. We need our bodies to get a jolt of some kind to let us feel alive, otherwise, we simply exist. A few weeks ago, a shoplifter punched me in the face. It wasn't fun but it was certainly different. It made me look at life differently if only for the moment. In this short passage, my character is suddenly attacked, and though he isn't seriously hurt, it disrupts his life and that of his girlfriend. But it also changes how he views the world and teaches him something about himself. Please take a moment to read and let me know what you think of my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow".


Have you ever had a friend that you can talk to about anything? Laugh with? Share your deepest thoughts with? Tease endlessly? Jessi and Erin are this way. Erin is in a quandary, and as a result, she's becoming much too serious for Jessi's liking. As sometimes happens while at a restaurant, Erin dragged Jessi into the women's restroom, where she is discussing the issues of her night. But jessie is not going to let Erin's mood ruin the evening. See what you think about this short passage and if you like it, please consider purchasing a copy of my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow".


Family reunions are often eye openers when you haven't seen certain family members for a while. When you aren't a member of the family, however, and sit in on a conversation, you might find out things that you never knew. Brother and sister sit in a conference while a new girlfriend listens in. She learns new things about her boy friend that will certainly enhance future conversations. Please read this short excerpt and see if you can relate. If so, please consider reading a copy of my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow" and let me know what you think! Thanks.


My grandfather used to say, "You should never worry. If you worry enough you get sick, If you get sick enough you die. If you die, you have nothing to worry about, so why worry to begin with?" It's true, and yet, we all do it. We care. We want things to be good. We worry that they won't be. How about you? How much do you worry? Please read this short excerpt from my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow" and let me know what you worry about. And if the passage is interesting to you, please consider purchasing a copy. I's really appreciate it. Thanks.


We've recently been upset, as a country, with how many secrets are being kept in the government. How many lies are being told. It makes us upset when people we trust are not completely truthful with us. So when someone close fails to include us in important things happening in life, we tend to become upset. Please read this short passage from my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow" and see if you can relate to these feelings. And if you find it interesting, I hope that you'll consider purchasing a copy. Thanks!


Have you ever had one of those moments when you're sitting with a friend and a question is asked that neither of you quite know how to answer? I've been in that situation and I hoped that my friend would have said something. Neither of us spoke. It was dead silent until the person questioning us finally gave us some gentle, but firm, encouragement. I hope that you'll enjoy this brief moment from my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow" and if you find it interesting, please consider purchasing a copy. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


Have you ever been driving down the road, minding your own business, when something unexpected happened. Maybe you, as the driver, didn't see it first, but your passenger screams out and it's time to react. How did you handle that? How did you feel? Please take 30 seconds to check out this excerpt form my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow" and see what you would do. If you like what you read please consider purchasing a copy. I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!


You have had those moments. Your know the ones. You want so badly to remember a name, an event, a date, but it's just not there. On the tip of your tongue; the edge of your brain. It bothers you and consumes you until that one sweet moment when it breaks through and reveals itself to you. Please enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "The Sounds of Tomorrow" and if you can relate to this, please consider purchasing a copy to read. Thanks!


We see certain people in everyday environments and become used to the way they look. We've all seen those people in other settings and wonder where we know them from. This one is a shocker! I hope that you enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow" and if you like the writing, please consider purchasing a copy! Thank you!


There is something that happens in each of our lives, that cause us to take pause, to rethink, to wonder about our future or that of someone else. What if you could hear the future? What if you heard a murder? Please enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow" and if this intrigues you, I hope that you'll purchase a copy. Thank you!

Strange Voices

Have you ever received a phone call from a stranger that sounded ominous and somewhat threatening? How would you feel in a situation like this one? Please enjoy this short excerpt from my YA murder mystery, "Sounds Of Tomorrow".


Teenagers should have times of joy and sharing a day with friends. This short excerpt allows you a small peek into a day of joy of our main character, Jessi. See if you can relate to a day like this from your teen years and if you enjoy it, please consider reading a copy of "Sounds of Tomorrow".


We all have friends. There are times, certainly, when we can feel very alone but for the most part, and if we are honest with ourselves, we all have friends. It's nice when we and our friends can get together and share a variety of thoughts, emotions, and laughter. At the beginning of the story we quickly learn about this friendship between Erin and Jessi, and the comfort and depth that this friendship enjoys. It's important to see this friendship for what it is early on and how it maintains and progresses throughout the coming years. Please have a quick read and if you're so inclined, purchase a copy of my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow". Thank you!


Life is filled with suspenseful moments. They can full us with excitement or dread, fear or anticipation. Sometimes, the suspense will fill us with curiosity. But we all know what they say about curiosity...and the cat! These pages, which include this short paragraph, lead us up to the climax of the story. I wanted to leave you with a feeling of being in Jessi's shoes, and knowing what and how she's feeling. I hope that you'll take a moment to read this short excerpt and then consider reading Sounds of Tomorrow!


I've realized that we all have some type of illogical fear that borders on paranoia at some point in our life. In my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow" Barry shows that paranoia when he and his girlfriend have to speak with a police detective at the station. I invite you to read this excerpt and see if you can relate on some level, with the feelings that Barry is having. Enjoy!


People tend to look at us differently. They see what stands out in their minds about us. It's not a judgement really, but more about what makes us funny, or odd, or likable, in the mind of the person looking at us. Whether family or friends, our most memorable traits stand out. Sometimes when brought out in a conversation, these traits can also become surprise tidbits to those around us. Please enjoy this short offering from my book, "Sounds of Tomorrow" and see what you think!


We rely on our phones so much in this age of modern technology. When we can't reach someone by voice or text we tend to worry. If it's a loved one we can often become frantic. We can, once that person is found, then turn our relief into anger. Has this ever happened to you? It becomes a turn around that can confuse the person being found. Please enjoy this short excerpt and see if you can relate to this scenario!

Frantic Friends

The other day I answered my phone only to hear my friend sounding frantic because he had lost his wallet. He went through the list of places where he had tirelessly searched, and then through the list of items he would have to cancel and replace. I made a few suggestions of other places where he could look and he continued searching while speaking with me. It's funny how we can panic over the littlest things in life, not knowing what the next few moments will bring. And yet, in the end, things always seem to work out. This short segment from "Sounds of Tomorrow" is much like that. See if you've ever ben through something like this. Oh, and my friend found his wallet. He normally kept it in his pants pocket, but the day before he absentmindedly placed it in his coat pocket. Worked out. :-)


How do you sleep? How do you dream? What do you feel like when that awkward moment hits combining both dream and reality? You know, those moments when a sound is incorporated into your dreaming subconscious and in the groggy aftermath you have no idea if it's reality or imagined. This short passage from "Sounds of Tomorrow" shows my character, Jessi, as a noise pulls her from her dreams, but she's unsure if it's real or a part of her mind playing tricks on her. What would you think? Please enjoy this short excerpt and consider reading "Sounds of Tomorrow" to follw the adventure.

Strange meetings

You know, I've heard of some pretty strange meetings between people and even some stranger ones that have resulted in long lasting friendships, but I think this one takes the cake. I'm not really sure how I would react if in a similar situation. How about you? Would something like this make you curious enough to find out more about this person or would it cause you to walk away and not even look back? See what you think while reading this excerpt from "Sounds of Tomorrow" available now!


Have you ever had one of those moments when you are startled by someone or something? Your first reaction is fright. Your next reaction is either anger or relief. Sometimes both. This is what's happening here. Only the person who is sneaking up and surprising, forgets that the people he's sneaking up on are martial artists. Probably not the best choice in either the real or fictional world. How would you proceed being on either side of this confrontation? Go ahead and read this short excerpt I prepared for you and then consider reading, "Sounds of Tomorrow" and let me know what you think!

Weekend Voices

So you know that I write books. I'd say that I write stories but really it feels like I'm just a stenographer for the characters that are living in my head. That might sound kind of strange, I know, but sometimes when I write I feel like I'm watching the stories unfold as the characters play out the scenarios. I get as excited about writing them then I do reading them after they're done. It's strange really. So I have to go back and read my stories over after they're done, just to remember what all happened. Crazy, huh? I love that my characters think like me though. That's the one thing that helps me know my sanity is in tact. When Jessi's boss tells her that weekends are meant to be enjoyed, it made me smile. Someday I'll have my weekends free. In the meantime, enjoy this short except that I chose for you.

Before it happens...

When I was thinking about the concept for this book I thought about how stories portray people predicting the future. I wanted to come up with something different. I decided that my character could only hear the sounds of future events. I wanted to see what type of challenges such a person would need to overcome and then figure out how to overcome them. This made for a wonderful mystery story. I hope that you'll enjoy this short excerpt where Jessi has to admit to herself that she has a strange power that other might not be able to understand!

5 Minutes of Fame

We've all heard it. Each of us get that elusive 5 minutes of fame sometime in our lives. It's rarely earth shattering or worldwide. It's usually only within our small community but it feels amazing. Once we've had that taste of that fame, that popularity, that universal acceptance as it were, we continue to hunger for it the rest of our lives. For the most part and in some small corner of our lives, this is why we do everything. We hope for acceptance. We hope to be the best. In this excerpt, Jessi returns to school after an experience that most of us never have to go through. See what you think.

The First Time

My life is filled with firsts. I have a love/hate relationship with them. As with everyone, some of the firsts are good and others not so much. The funny thing about them is that because they are firsts, we sometimes don't realize what they are, or that they will ever happen again. In this excerpt, Jessi hears the future for the first time but doesn't know what to think. See if you would feel like Jessi did as you read this excerpt from "Sounds of Tomorrow". Enjoy.

When You're hurt...

I've been in accidents before. I think that it's possible that we all have. I tried to remember what it was like to be in an accident back when I was a teenager. It was scary and interesting all at the same time. What if it was an entire busload of my friends? What if one of them was taken to the hospital? I relived a few moments from my teen years and incorporated those feelings into this excerpt. See if you have ever felt this way and consider reading, "Sounds of Tomorrow" being published soon.

The Imagination Stone

The Imagination Stone

Science Fiction & Fantasy

No synopsis has been added for this book

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from The Imagination Stone


It's always fun to watch someone who becomes dumbstruck.The lack of coordination, the inability to speak, the frozen brain and stare. In this short excerpt, Tom answers his apartment door to see the love of his life standing on the other side. His heart raced, his palms became sweaty, he couldn't speak and he couldn't think. Julie, the girl on the porch, found all of this very amusing and flattering. I hope you'll enjoy this excerpt as well as the soon to be release of this wonderful book, "The Imagination Stone".


It's fun when we stumble across something by accident. The surprise and delight can really make our day. When you're a bad guy, discoveries are often planned out at the expense of others. Corbet begins to go through the property of his rival, stolen by one of his employees, he makes a puzzling discovery. Will his discovery lead to other, even more amazing realizations? Check out "The Imagination Stone" available mid May, 2022.

What's Important?

We all have different ideas of what is and isn't important in our lives. As we age, as we grow, and as we mature, portions of our lives become far more important than others. Getting married, raising a family, taking on new responsibilities creates more urgency in everything around us. As children, we might consider toys, possessions, food, the love of family, to be the most important things in our lives. In this case, Doni has yet another idea of what should be important. Please enjoy reading this short excerpt from my book, "The Imagination Stone" and see if you understand why she thinks this! Coming May 2022.

Talking to Rocks

How many of us talk to ourselves? I know I do, and I've seen others, slightly embarrassed at being caught, doing the same thing. It's a way that we can work through problems and find internal solutions when there's no one around to talk with. Tom talks out loud to himself, but he also confides in a magical stone that whispers solutions back to him. I hope you'll take a moment to read my excerpt from "The Imagination Stone" and see if you would talk to a stone sitting on your desk in the same way Tom does! Coming in May, 2022.

Signs of the End

There are certain signs and indicators that things are not going well at work. Small things that tug at your subconscious or make your stomach just a little uneasy. Let's face it, no one likes to get fired. No one likes losing their job unless they just don't care. It's one of those "beyond you control" moments. One would expect Williams to see this, but he's just new enough. See if you would see the signs in this short excerpt from my upcoming book, "The Imagination Stone" and watch for it being launched next month!


Kids are wonderful and amazing people. They can come up with the most imaginative phrases and sayings. When trying to explain her happiness and why she buried her face in her mom's lap, Doni gives Tom and interesting explanation. Please enjoy this excerpt from my forthcoming book, "The Imagination Stone" and watch for it available in May 2022.

Being Judged

Have you ever had one of those moments where you feel you're being unjustly evaluated? When someone who doesn't know you is making poor assumptions about your character? Then you have to defend and explain yourself for no good reason. First impressions might not always be at your disposal to make.Such is the case with Tom. He set-up a meeting but something just wasn't right. Was HE set-up as well? Please read this short excerpt from my upcoming re-launch, "The Imagination Stone" and watch for the release coming in May 2022. (Pre-order in April 2022!)

Tell The Boy!

We've all been through it. There's something we have to do, someone we need to tell something to, and we just can't bring ourselves to do it. We know deep inside that telling will bring us the answer we so desperately need but because we're afraid of rejection we choose to not say anything. In this short excerpt, Julie and her friend, Sam, are finishing up a night at the pizza place, when Sam tells Julie exactly what needs to be said and done. Will Julie take her advice? Find out when "The Imagination Stone" releases to the public in May 2022. It's almost here!

Scared or Surprised?

We often confuse the two in speech, but they are often the same in our mind. The Julie walks into the office, thinking someone broke in, she's startled when Tom jumps out of his office. Her reaction is what you might expect. When she questions Tom, his response is not quite what she expected. Please read this short excerpt from "The Imagination Stone" coming in May 2022. I think you'll enjoy it!

When You're Different

People get used to who we are. Who we are can be defined as how we act. When our actions change, people can feel there's something amiss with us. The change could be for the better (A Christmas Carol) or for the worse (any story about possession!) but any change sends our friends wondering what happened? In "The Imagination Stone" Tom changes, and his workers wonder, why? Here is a short excerpt that I hope you'll enjoy, and watch for the release of "The Imagination Stone" in May 2022. Pre-order in April 2022. Enjoy!

Wishing and Hoping

We all daydream. We all wish and hope that someday this or that will happen to make our lives better. Some people act on those wishes and hopes. Others get busy with life and watch those dreams slowly fade away. In the "Imagination Stone", the team watch as their dreams slowly become realities. They watch their fears melt away and their plans come to fruition. Isn't that something we all want? Please read this short excerpt from my book, "The Imagination Stone" and whatever you do, don't stop dreaming! Coming in May 2022.


It's funny. As we grow up we learn what is socially acceptable and what isn't. Some of us choose to follow those social rules so as not to embarrass ourselves or those around us. But children are different. They can sometimes say things in an innocent way that turns the faces of the adults around them red! Such is the case in this excerpt from "The Imagination Stone". Please read this Book Bubble and see how you might react to such a statement from a child! #ImaginationStone coming in May 2022.

A Child's Logic

It's very interesting to me how our logic develops throughout our lifetime and I love to listen to the logic of children. In my book, "The Imagination Stone", the story explores how adults access their inner child and what we can accomplish by doing so. To compare, one of the main characters, Doni, IS a child. She has an amazing imagination and her child's logic really gives others insight into the world around them. In this short excerpt we see a glimpse of her world and how she sees it. I hope you enjoy it and that you'll look forward to reading "The Imagination Stone" coming end of May 2022.

Inner Child

We were all, at one time, children. We grew up. It doesn't matter at this point how your childhood was. It only matters that at one point, you were a child. When you grow up that child still lives inside of you. Wouldn't it be cool if you could tap in the imagination you had as a child, anytime you wanted? Can you imagine how creative you'd become? Can you picture how you could change the world? Tom found out when he found the Imagination Stone. "The Imagination Stone" is coming to a place of purchase for you in May 2022. Watch for it. You're going to love it!

Creative Romancing

As life takes over our day-to-day routines, we can often find ourselves losing how we interact with those around us, especially our loved ones.If we have the opportunity to give ourselves a nudge in the right direction, we can keep love and romance alive by using that same creativity we use in our jobs, at school, and in our daily lives. We tend to look at long term relationships as becoming routine and can take them for granted. In this excerpt we see how the Imagination Stone shows Tom (our main character) how to use his imagination to solve his issues with being shy and not knowing how to handle approaching his crush. See what you think and watch for "The Imagination Stone" coming to a shopping place near you in May 2022.

Bad Guys

The bad guys that I create aren't evil, although I'm certain I'd never want to work for this guy. I know a few people who would, however. He's just really underhanded and he enjoys it! Know anyone like this? Take a quick read and see what you think. "The Imagination Stone" will be available in your favorite purchase spot soon, and will hopefully also appear as an audio book! Keep watching for updates.

A lot of money

We all have that time in our lives when we owe someone money. Sometimes, it seems like a lot. When it does, how do you handle it? Thanks for reading this short excerpt of The Imagination Stone. I hope it peaks your interest enough to follow!


What is the most pleasantly surprised you’ve ever been? Does it match thi?


We all wish at one time or another, that we could go back to our childhood and relive those carefree days when bills and the pressures of life didn't exist. This short excerpt talks about just that and how one man can go back to those days in a very special way! Please enjoy this short excerpt from my upcoming book, "The Imagination Stone".

Fairy Godmother

We all wish we had unlimited wishes, endless good fortune, or a genie in a lamp, but alas, we are part of life and life affords us no such things. Tom, however, might have found the one elusive bit of good fortune that we all seek, and right now his employee is curiously wondering what that is. Please enjoy this short read from my upcoming book, "The Imagination Stone" and prepare to laugh and dance along with a man whose attitude has just changed for the,,,better?


We all have them. We all need them. Our good friends are those whom we confide in, the people we share are hopes and dreams with. They are the ones we can count on when times are tough. The characters in my book, "The Imagination Stone" are no different. In this excerpt, Julie has taken her daughter to the pizza place for their Tuesday night outing. While there, Julie meets up with her friend, Samantha. While their girls are entertaining themselves, Julie has the opportunity to talk about the day and unload some burdens. See what I mean and enjoy this short excerpt for, "The Imagination Stone" coming in October!

A Gray Day

We all have them, Those gray days when our thoughts seem endlessly trapped in gray thoughts. Somethings they happen when the day itself is gray. Such is the way it was with Tom Parker as he walked along the beach, trying to figure out how to save his company from bankruptcy. He has hoped for some quiet solitude where eh and the ocean could commiserate and where he could come to so sensible and uplifting decisions. But the gray thoughts on this gray day turned into mental and actual rain. He was wrapped up in those dismal thoughts until something tapped him on the foot and changed his entire life!

A Mom and her Daughter

When I first started writing this story, I had 5 children, all of them less that teenaged.Now that they're all grown, I still look back on those younger days with great fondness. Many of the scenes in this story come from my children and how they behaved, how they found things to laugh about, and how amazing their imaginations were. In this scene, I took from how we, as parents, interacted with our children. If you're a parent I'm sure you can relate and if not, let me tell you, doing things like this were wonderfully amazing! Please enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "The Imagination Stone" which will be released mid-October this year!


They say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, but sometimes we don't see that far ahead. Sometimes, we only see what just happened. We only feel what just happened. Sometimes we feel like what just happened is the end of all we know, and the future becomes a bleak and dismal place. Little things can happen to make them even worse. But they also say to never give up because you never know what might be just around the corner. This excerpt shows one of these down times for Tom Parker, but he doesn't know how his life is about to change in this part of "The Imagination Stone".

Do You Remember?

When I was younger, I could tell you everyone's phone number. Digital hadn't been invented yet and the phone book was what we used to look-up any numbers we didn't know. For the most part though,I had numbers stuck in my head for my friends, my family and my home.Most of us were walking phone books. Now, we have speed dial or numbers listed in our phones under the names of the people we want to talk with.How many of us can remember all fo the numbers that we need in our lives? In this excerpt, a woman is helpless because of this vary thing. Thank goodness she has someone who can help her in her time of need! The Imagination Stone.

Getting to Know You

Who is Tom Parker? Tom was raised in California and spent a great deal of time at the beach. He loved being creative and after high school, he took a few courses in college to learn about advertising and marketing. When his money ran out he felt that he knew enough, just enough, to get started in the world of advertising, and he started his own company. Tom has always been kind hearted, and his kind heart has gotten him in trouble more than once. Not to say that he'll get in trouble here, but his kind heart is certainly showing. Please read this short excerpt from "The Imagination Stone" and enjoy a little glimpse into the mind and heart of Tom Parker!

A Common Man

The hero of this story is a common man. He's a plain, ordinary, individual who only wants to succeed. And why shouldn't he? Everyone has the right to at least dream they'll be successful. right? We all do our best to be good at something. Tom wants to be good at the advertising game. He started his own company and employs three people.He makes sacrifices to keep his business running, including driving a car for as long as he possibly can! Please see if this sounds like someone you know and enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "The Imagination Stone", coming in September everywhere!

Loving It

I am absolutely in love with this story and the characters. This isn’t an adventure story, not an action story, and not a mystery, but it’s a mild romance with a twist. It’s a book about using your imagination. It’s a book about tapping your inner child-like thoughts and imagining. It’s a story about about a magical stone that brings joy, happiness and and a little excitement to the lives of those who possess the stone and their friends. “The Imagination Stone” will make you smile and inspire you from page one until the end. This is how it begins. See what you think!


In my book, "The Imagination Stone", many normal things turn into events that are unexpected, and unexpected events become commonplace. Doni is a very smart, six-year-old girl who has a wonderful sense of humor and an incredible imagination, as many children do! She has developed a liking for Tom Parker, her mom's boss, and picks up on a number of things that adults don't see.In this short excerpt, Doni is asked to stand by her mother, but she knows something is up. She's not one to be fooled easily! See if you can figure out what will happen next in this scene from "The Imagination Stone"!


Concern can be generated by a look, a touch, or certainly by the tone of a voice. Have you ever heard someone call your name and you immediately knew that the encounter was not to be a pleasant one? I hope that you'll find this short excerpt intriguing and that you'll consider reading my book, "The Imagination Stone" when you have some time. Thank you!

Slow Death

When your boss catches you saying something that you really didn't want him to hear you saying, and then he confronts you, there is no escape. It's a slow death. It's the kind of death where you just want to crawl into a hole and pretend that it never will happen. This short excerpt from my book, "The Imagination Stone" will take you to that place of no return. Please enjoy!

Wishes and Stones

There are many things in life that we believe will make wishes come true. A shooting star, a wishbone, throwing a coin in a fountain, and other things. What if we found one thing that really did make wishes come true? Not just because we wished it to be so, but through our efforts. Would you ever let such an object go? This short excerpt will give you some insite into the world of Tom Parker and his gift from the sea. Please enjoy "The Imagination Stone".

Executive Privilege

When I think about the head of a company, I typically think about a person in a business suit and very stiff. That's the way I grew up. In recent years, I've seen the heads of large companies becoming more loose and relaxed and it shows how successful a company can be when the leader can have a little fun! In this excerpt from "The Imagination Stone" (coming to internet shelves near you in October 2020) Tom, the head of an advertising firm is about to shock and surprise his team. He's gone from being way too serious to...take a look and see for yourself! This is sure to be one of the best feel good stories of the decade!

Fear for your Soul

"The Imagination Stone" is a wonderful fantasy. It has villains, heroes, romance, suspense, kids, crayons, and laughter. This excerpt is part of the villain side. It's introducing the bad guy and how his workers feel about him. Have you ever had a boss that you know should just NOT be running the company? Have you ever feared for your job on a daily basis wondering why you stay? Take a look at this short excerpt and see if you can relate. Watch for this amazing story to be released October 1, 2020 and see one good thing to come out of this year! Thanks!

Bad News

We have all received bad news at one time or another. It's never a good feeling. It's especially disheartening when you've called to relay some good news, but receive the bad news in return. In this short excerpt from my book, "The Imagination Stone" the main character, Tom, is speaking with his childhood friend, Gill, who works at the bank. He's called with some great news about his business but receives a cold response. Unknown to Tom is that Gill's boss is standing over him at the time. I hope that you enjoy this excerpt and please watch for the release of "The Imagination Stone" October 1, 2020.

First Mention

The Imagination Stone is a stone of unknown origin. Michelangelo first discovers the stone on his way to Rame before he creates some of the greatest masterpieces the world has ever known. When he left Rome, he threw the stone into the sea. What happened to the stone after that has been a mystery until now. Please enjoy this short excerpt from my book, The Imagination Stone. A book for all ages. You're going to love it!

Aoife and the Water Demon

Aoife and the Water Demon

Science Fiction & Fantasy

When mythical creatures want to return to earth from their self-imposed exile, a young elf accidentally crosses over to modern day earth and learns if we are ready for the return of mythical creatures.

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from Aoife and the Water Demon

The Beginning

Here is a short excerpt from a new book I'm creating called "Aoife and the Water Demon". The first word is pronounced EE-fa. It's an old Irish name which means beautiful. If you like stories about elves, unicorns, fairies and, of course, demons, you might like this book. It's not finished by any means. It's only a few chapters complete. But the story is in my head and knocking to be shared. There will be small adjustments here and there, but this combination of the ancient with the modern, the coming of age from a different perspective, might intrigue you. So please watch for the occasional excerpt and let me know what you think. Sign up for monthly updates by going to my website at:

The Monster's Lap: Based on a True Story

Biographies & Memoirs

Three-year-old Julie has a secret which she has been told NOT to tell. If she tells, her mommy will be hurt terribly. Secrets in the head of a three year old, however, are like thinking that the sun will forever hide behind the clouds. Eventually, they will both come out, and when Julie’s secret does come out it tears apart two families while bringing them closer together at the same time. “The Monster’s Lap” is a real story based on the life mis- fortunes and betrayals of a young three-year-old girl and the family that loves her. You will have an intimate look into the ups and downs of this family as well as the little known process that goes on from discovery to the final verdict in court. Can a three-year-old express what has happened in her life enough to convince the District Attorney to take on this case, or will the word of a well spoken, well liked thirty-year-old man be more believable? “She can hardly talk. I didn’t do anything and after all, who would believe a three-year-old?”

Book Bubbles from The Monster's Lap: Based on a True Story

You Can Run But...

It's hard to do the right thing sometimes, but not when you're used to doing the wrong thing all of the time. When you have good intentions but you never follow through with them, life has a way of causing you, forcing you, to do the right thing. If you're wanted by the law for crimes committed, and you've decided to turn yourself in, it's usually the best thing to do. Putting it off can bring grave consequences. I hope that you enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "The Monster's Lap" and that you'll consider purchasing a copy. You can't make up real life!

Are You Lying?

When speaking to the police, it's never a good idea to lie. Not only is it a felony to lie to the police, but they will often ask if you would be willing to take a lie detector test. What would you say, if you knew that you were lying? How would you get yourself out of that situation? Please read this excerpt from my book, "The Monster's Lap" and let me know if I can help you understand if something like this is going on in your life! I want this book to help you.

Facing the Truth

It was difficult for me to write this book. These things that happened in my life, to my kids and grandkids, made it hard to relive each moment, but I felt that it was a story that needed to come out in the open. So many times these things happen to families, and so many times they are covered up and the stories are never told. The cycle continues. This was just a small turning point in the story, but a turning point none the less. Please read this short excerpt from "The Monster's Lap" and let me know if I can answer any questions. Let's stop this cycle of abuse!

Life Interrupted

We all go about our daily routines, our life happenings, our sun-up to sun down. Sometimes we encounter slight hiccups in our days, we deal with them, and we move on. The Monster's Lap is about a sexual abuse case that happened within a family. When the grandparents are alerted by the police that they will be caring for their 3 year old granddaughter, and that court hearings will begin the following day, their lives will be interrupted on a regular basis for months. See how you would handle this situation in this short excerpt from, "The Monster's Lap". I am always happy to answer questions or speak at your organization if you need more information. Thanks!

Trials and Courts

When asexual assault takes place and when the perpetrator is revealed, there eventually has to be a trial. The fact is that there will be many trials and several hearings. Many times, the perpetrator and his attorney, attempt to file for delays. Sometimes they are successful. How doe this affect the families of the victim? How does the prosecution deal with this? Please take a look at this excerpt and if this interests you please purchase your copy of “The Monster’s Lap”. Thank you!

Police Interviews

As you might imagine, when a crime has been committed the police need statements. Sometimes those come in the form of a formal interview at the station. It's rare for the police to be interviewing one person, wanting to interview a second, only to have that second person waiting outside. Take a look at this excerpt and see what strange twists and turns this tory, a real life story, took over time. Pray that no one you love ever sits on "The Monster's Lap".

Pseudo Lies

When I was younger, my generation sometimes told "white lies" or statements that were not quite the truth but not a lie that would hurt anyone. As I've grown I've come to realize that there is no such thing as a "little white lie". It's fairly black and white. It's true or it's not. So people learn to twist the truth so that they believe what they say is true, even though the facts indicate otherwise. But if we listen closely, we hear the thin fabric of a story unravel before us. Please enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "The Monster's Lap" and if it intrigues you, please consider purchasing a copy. Thank you!


Often, things happen in our lives due to things that are done by people and not fate or luck. When bad things happen we look for somewhere, or some one, to which we can lay blame. We often look everywhere else before turning out sights inward. We never want to blame ourselves, but sometimes, that is where the blame lies. Please read this short passage from my book, "The Monster's Lap" and see what I mean. If you are intrigued, please consider purchasing a copy. I'd really appreciate it! Thanks.


What do you do when you realize that an emergency is under way? How do you react? What if a loved one was threatened? What if you needed to get to them immediately? Would you remain calm? Would you panic? Please read this short excerpt from my book, "The Monster's Lap" and see how you would feel. Please consider purchasing a copy to support those who help protect our children against child abuse. Thank you.

Bail or No Bail

In this story and in particular, this excerpt, the judge has heard a great amount of evidence from a number of people, and now she is about to rule as to whether Charles will remain in jail or go free. This is a point in time when everyone, the accused and the family are all on pins and needles. Will this man go free or will he remain behind bars? Please read this short excerpt and consider purchasing "The Monster's Lap" to help support organizations that prevent child abuse!

Tears and Children

This book was difficult for me to write. As a parent, I love my kids, I love my grandkids and I hate the thought of anything happening to any of them. In this scene, Doug is being asked questions in court, and reliving a short conversation between he and his granddaughter. It summed up what this three year old girls was feeling, and the words that came out of her mouth were ones that no child should ever feel comfortable saying.

It Begins

The Monster's Lap is a book to let people know that sexual assault happens in many homes, and not just one. It happens to many people, not just one. It can be stopped. The beginning of the book sets the stage for what is to come. Please read this book bubble and consider reading, the Monster's Lap. A portion of the book sales goes to the 28 Hours of Hope, a Northern Colorado non-profit organization that raises money to help advocacy centers for children to help stop child abuse.

Lines of Force: The Weekend Adventures of Andrew Barton

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Andrew Barton is an ordinary man who, each weekend, stumbles into extraordinary circumstances. With a college degree in Agricultural Sciences but a job driving a forklift in a warehouse, Andrew, like many of us, finds that his release from the humdrum workweek comes through the tinkering in his garage on the weekends. Although his goals are directed toward other ends, he mistakenly travels through time, into other dimensions and even ends up taking his family and friends on a ride to a location that is the last place anyone ever wants to end up! Lines of Force will take you on adventures that you’ll never forget and want to enjoy time and time again. Let Andrew Barton take you along to unexplored territory in this book about mistakes becoming incredible exploits!

Book Bubbles from Lines of Force: The Weekend Adventures of Andrew Barton

Seeing Double

Time and inter dimensional travel, at least in my mind, can be a very tricky and confusing venture. In this excerpt from my book, "Lines of Force", Matt is ready to wrestle his friend, Andrew, to the ground. Confusing the situation, another "Andrew" appears from behind. Which is the real Andrew? Where did this second one come from? How is Matt to choose which Andrew to take on first? I hope that you enjoy this fun, but a little confusing, excerpt from my book and if you enjoy it, please consider purchasing a copy. Thanks!

When you Meet Yourself

I love toying with what could/might happen when time travel becomes a reality. How would we react if we met our future self? What if our future self tried to give us advice? Would we remember the entire conversation in the future when we reached that point in time? Would we change what we said or would we be able to change what we said? Time travel theory is so complex and uncertain. I guess that we won't ever know until it happens! In the meantime, please enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "Lines of Force" and toy with the questions yourself!

What is the Plan?

The old saying states that if you fail to plan, you're planning to fail. The Andrew's time machine is confiscated by the government of the future in my book, "Lines of Force", a future rebel comes to his aid in an attempt to help him recover this device. As he convinces Andrew that he is truly there to help, Andrew observes that just storming the gates would not be prudent, so what's the plan? How would you solve such an issue? Please read this short excerpt and wee what you think. If it intrigues you, please consider purchasing a copy of "Lines of Force". I would appreciate it!

New Ways Old Solutions

In my mind, the future evolves much faster than it did from the time I was a child until now. So when I write about things in the future I tend to come up with much different ideas. In this excerpt, a wall becomes a door. There are many other strange and wonderful things that I think up in my stories. I'd love for you to experience them all, but for now see what you think of this excerpt from "Lines of Force" and if you enjoy it, I hope that you'll consider purchasing a copy. Thanks!

The Future of Buildings?

Who knows how buildings will change in the future? Will walls be translucent or even afford us more privacy by being one way transparency? Will the outside of buildings appear to be solid but inside reveal an open view of the outdoors? Technology continues to evolve. In this short excerpt from my book, "Lines of Force" Andrew approaches a building that seemingly has no entrance or windows, and yet one mysteriously appears when he approaches. I hope that you enjoy this short peek into this book.

Listen to Me!

I'm hard of hearing, and so when people talk I don't always hear what they are saying. It's frustrating for both me and them. It's really frustrating, though, when someone with perfectly good hearing doesn't listen to what is being said, and later on has to ask about it. In this short excerpt, Andrew is explaining to Matt about the current situation even though he knew that Matt was there before. But when Matt looks at him with the completely confused demeanor that is Matt, he knows that the conversation is going nowhere. Please enjoy this short segment from my book, "Lines of Force" and if you like it I hope that you'll consider purchasing a copy. Thanks!


What would you do if you suddenly and unexpectedly became famous? People hovering over you. Lights and cameras in your face. Dignitaries coming to see you. Suddenly, everyone knew your name. How would you react? We all dream of fame and fortune, but it might not be all we think or imagine. Please take a moment to enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "Lines of Force" and if you enjoy it, please consider purchasing a copy. Thank you!


We all fear it. Someone in authority is about to talk to us about something that they feel we did wrong. Our minds race as do our hearts. It's time to defend ourselves against accusations and allocations. Please enjoy this short excerpt from my book, "Lines of Force" and see what you think. If you are intrigued, please consider purchasing a copy. I'd really appreciate it! Thanks.

Don't You Wish ...

We all have wishes. some more serious than others, It's difficult to know that something is just a wish away, and yet one must work to fulfill the desire behind the wish. That's one of the things that I love about writing. I can make wishes and dreams come true even if only in a story. Take a look at this excerpt and see if you would wish for this. And if you do, I wish for you to purchase a copy of "Lines of Force" for you or a friend. I'm certain that you'll enjoy it! Thank you.


Have you ever just wanted to get away. Have you wanted to escape? Not just on a vacation, but get away from this time and escape into somewhere else. Do you feel that sometimes you would fit in better somewhere else? Please read this short excerpt from my book, "Lines of Force" and see what you think. If you enjoy reading these, please consider purchasing a copy and share it with your friends. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!


Most of us have played hide and seek. A few of us have been in trouble attempting to hide from a person chasing us. If you have been in either of these positions, you may know the fear of being caught, and the even bigger fear of being turned in. See if you can relate to this short excerpt from my book, "Lines of Force", and if you enjoy it, please consider purchasing a copy on Amazon! Thank you.

This Time...

I've mentioned before that I've always toyed with the idea that time travel could be possible, and if we were to unlock that secret there's no telling how our lives would change. In this excerpt, Andrew realizes that he's suddenly gone back in time, but isn't sure what to think about it. Things have changed and now he needs to discover what has changed. The changes are subtle, but they exist. Has he changed all of history beginning with his family? Take a look at this excerpt and please consider reading "Lines of Force" when you have a moment. You might enjoy it!

The Reality of our Thoughts

I've been around a long time. At least it seems that way to me! I've learned a lot and learn a little more each day. It seems to me that one of the things I've learned revolves around reality. We all have our own reality that we tend to mix with the actual reality around us. The realities that we create in our own minds are powerful and often inaccurate. They can cause us to believe things that either don't really exist or, at the very least, don't exist in the real world. My character, Andrew Barton, realizes this and does a very good job of explaining it in this short chapter introduction. I hope that you enjoy it and that your days will be filled with the realities that make you the happiest!

Not My World

I've always loved to speculate how this world would have turned out if only one or two things had been different, and I tend to write things that reflect that. In "Lines of Force" Andrew invents things that he doesn't know how to control and consequently, he ends up in some very strange situations including inter-dimensional travel. In this particular chapter, he's jumped to a world where things have changed and morals are completely upside down from the way he was raised. The person who is his best friend in his home dimension is explaining the differences. They horrify Andrew but are perfectly normal to Matt. How would you fare stepping into a totally different world?

The Future

I've always wondered what the future might hold for us all. Not tomorrow or the next day, but the far away future. I can imagine and that imagining takes my characters into futures that are fun and fied with my thoughts on how it might be. It's very cool to be able ot read how they react with the future and how the future reacts with them. In a way it's almost like I really get to go there, and it makes me smile whenever i go back and read what I've written. When I was a teenager, I would dream about how the future would be. I'd draw pictures of what I thought buildings would look like. My big future was the twenty-first century. Even though it didn't turn out quite the way I imagined, it's still pretty cool! I hope that you enjoy my excerpt!

The Future of Confusion

I've always been fascinated with the thought and theory of time travel. Since it hasn't been done, there are so many things on which we can speculate. I've always wondered if we would be able to visit ourselves in the past or future, deliver messages, reminisce or many other things. What a rush that would be.At any rate, since it hasn't been done I can theorize to my heart's content and come up with all sorts of scenarios that, at the very least, sound good. Take a look at this excerpt from "Lines of Force" and see if you agree with what i came up with!

Being Human

Being human is something that we all take for granted. When we see someone who we feel is not as emotional or sensitive as we believe they should be we sometimes consider them to be not quite human. I have met so many people like this and when I finally see a spark of humanity ooze from them I sigh with relief. Humanity found! One leader has discovered that his team has a spark of humanity in them and you'll see what his reaction is in this short excerpt from "Lines of Force".

The Woman

We all have accomplishments. We all have friends. We like to share our accomplishments with our friends. All of us at one time or another, have misspoken when speaking. When I write, I try to make my characters as real as possible, so it should come as no surprise that my character frequently makes mistakes. Poor Andrew. He gets put on the spot for not quite saying the right thing. See what I mean in this new book bubble from my book, "Lines of Force".

Theories About Time

"Lines of Force" was a book that allowed me to go crazy with theories about time and time travel. I was able to express whatever feelings I had about it and since it's never been done, well, they sounded plausible. This was a theory that my character, Andrew Barton, was trying to explain to a neighbor. I think that he did a pretty good job and I was happy with the explanation when he was done. See what you think and I hope that you'll consider reading, "Lines of Force" when you have a few moments!

Trying to Understand

I've always wanted to travel in time. I've always thought that it would be incredibly cool to be able to to do so. I've always wondered what the results would be. Would it be like watching a movie where you wouldn't be able to interact with the things that have already occured, or would you once again be a part of the action? How much would change and how much could you change, if anything? It's a concept that many people debate over and one that we may never, at least in my lifetime, find the answers to. In my stories, however, I'm able to fantasize about what might happen and Andrew has just taken that first step into the realm of time travel. He's just not certain how he did it. He's about to find out what repercussions there can be. See what YOU think and enjoy this short excerpt from "Lines of Force" available through Amazon! Buy your copy today.

Any Excuse

When I become involved in something like a project or work, and I really like what I'm doing, I can work into the wee hours of the night and never notice the time slipping away. I've done it often when I write songs, or when I write books, or if I'm working on marketing of some kind. I'm certain that each of us have had those major moments when time rushes by and leaves the rest of the world in the dust. My character, Andrew, absolutely loves to tinker in his garage. He never really knows what the results will be, but always hopes that they'll be spectacular. Even when friends stop by and try to convince him to go out. See what I mean and please enjoy this excerpt!

Magic or Science

My father used to work as an Electrical Engineer. As I was growing up I got to see some pretty amazing things. When I was in fourth grade, my dad brought home a Tesla Coil so that I could show my class. Another time, he let me show a box that had a three dimensional hologram to a class. Many times during my life I saw scientific things that bordered on seeming magical, so it made sense that some of my characters could view a scientific breakthrough as unbelievable and magical. That's where this segment came from. Please enjoy and consider reading "Lines of Force" when you want an original story to entertain your imagination!

This Time and Next Time

My characters all have certain personalities. Andrew Barton is a lovable dork, and so when he speaks, he often does so without really thinking first and it often gets him in trouble. Do you know anyone like that? In this short segment, Andrew is having a heartfelt conversation with his wife, Julie, but his words are not quite what he wants them to be. Take a look and enjoy this short bookbubble!

And now you know where they go...

One sock in the dryer. Keys being moved. Papers suddenly vanishing from where you always keep them. Have you ever wondered how it all happens? In this short segment, I wanted Andrew to know that he wasn't going crazy but that, in fact, his numerous accidental discoveries have caused certain anomalies to appear in this dimension. It's actually just him playing tricks on himself from another time. Please enjoy this excerpt from "Lines of Force" and check it out on Amazon if you're interested in learning more!


In "Lines of Force" I created Andrew Barton to be a bumbling and yet likable fellow. He stumbles on one discovery after another and even though he's not quite sure how they work, he continues to explore their possibilities. At this point in the book, he has tried to go back into the past, but instead he ends up traveling to the future. The people there are expecting him and many of them look at Andrew as a celebrity. So when the police are called to find him, they are intrigued about this man from the past and they wonder if they'll be able to have something to show that they did, indeed, meet the man from history.

Celebrities in the Future

I love to write about time travel, travel between dimensions and travel techniques that seem impossible but may someday be common place. But the time travel is fun to write about and speculation about what might happen. I know that we could discuss time travel and how something might work and others might not. The thing is though, that I write fiction, and I can choose how the situations will turn out. I try to think about how they might really turn out, but that makes my head hurt. Anyway, here's an interesting scenario that will show you how I think about these things. Let me know what you think. Email me at:

When Reality and Illusions Collide

Many times in our lives, our senses are deceived. In fact, they are tricked almost daily, and we don't really consider that to be the case. When we watch movies, we are drawn in to the story and the setting and can almost feel ourselves there and a part of the action. On hot days, we can see things that aren't there. Mirages. But what would you do if the thing right in front of you turned out to be only an illusion? What if most of your life was an illusion? What if everything else was real, but it was you, in actuality, that was the illusion?

My future is Your past

When I write about time travel, I like for my characters to think about certain phrases that they use and how literal they are and aren't. I love for them to catch what they're saying and either correct it or see the irony in what had just been said. I love it when they announce what they're thinking to the rest of the world around them. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Enjoy!


It's said that we can learn from our mistakes, but all too often we are more frustrated at the mistake than we are interested in learning. My characters are no different and when Andrew tries new things that don't quite work the way he wants them too, he becomes as frustrated as anyone would. You'll see when you read this excerpt. But life goes on and Andrew eventually discovers new things. Not always what he's looking for, but strange and amazing things none-the-less. Please enjoy this excerpt from one of the weekend adventures of Andrew Barton!

A Different World

Most of us want to do the right thing. We're raised by parents who want us to become a better, smarter and more successful version of them. So we try our hardest and do our best and do what we can to please those who raised us. So what would happen if you woke up one morning, only to find that the world you grew up in, had changed? That all of the values you had learned were suddenly different? How would you fare in such a world? In this book, Andrew suddenly finds himself in a strange and different world where his values have suddenly become something that is totally unacceptable. Take a look and let me know what you think.


As I always try to make my characters more lifelike, I tend to draw from real life experiences even when the story is a fantasy or sci-fi novel. In this scene, Matt is visiting his friend, as promised. The night before, however, Matt was out celebrating with his buddies. He's not at his best at the moment and things become, shall we say, interesting.

Friends will be Friends

Andrew knows that he only discovers things by accident. In fact, he wishes that he had more formal training so that when he did make a discovery, he knew why and exactly what it meant. To Andrew, his tinkering is not only fun but he feels somehow that it's important and will someday make a difference. So he likes to spend as much time as possible on the weekends working in his garage. He also wants to make sure that he balances his this with his family life. His wife, Julie, understands this. That's what this segment is all about. I hope that you enjoy!

Gas Engines?

Matt and Andrew have a unique best friend relationship. In this passage, I wanted to show just how close they were and how well they are able tyo get along. This is early in the book and part of the character development stage. Please enjoy!

The king

As Andrew's knowledge of what he's doing increases, I wanted him to go to someplace unique. He's gone to this place with his family and friends and after they arrive and are invited to the castle, where the king greets them and shows that he has certain powers. The King, seems to know much about Andrew and his family and friends, which shows us more about the team. Take a look at what I did here to present you, the reader, with more insight into my characters. Enjoy!


Time travel is an interesting thing, and when I write about it, I have the opportunity to think about what the reactions would be to the simple action of traveling through time. It's an interesting thought, and in this scene, I present one possibility of what could happen if a person goes back in time and displaces himself from the timeline. Yeah, this is how I think sometimes. :-) Go ahead and read and enjoy!

Nut Case

I wanted to throw someone into the story who was less than ethical but very enthused about his job. We never find out who he works for, but even his partner doesn't care much for the way he behaves. In these few sentences I wanted to show how crazy this man was. See what you think as you read this excerpt from "Lines of Force." Enjoy!

Escape or Trapped?

Andrew had wanted to do so much with the accidental discoveries that he had made. He didn't know how to use what he had discovered, and now he was hoping to do one thing but ended up doing something quite different. He arrived with his friends and wife just before dawn, but dawn where? The description gives you clues, but will you understand right away? Take a read and see. Most of all, enjoy!


Andrew has gone into the future. I intentionally made this a future that he inadvertently created, and that he now feels the need to try and correct. As this was his first visit, this is where the mistake was made and so his future self also appears, which wold be a paradox in and of itself. But you know what? It's fiction and fun to read. So, take a look at this excerpt. Speculate and discuss amongst yourselves and enjoy!

Fighting with Yourself

In writing this book, I realized that messing with time and inter-dimensional travel could create some really odd effects. I really had fun with this and created this scene, where another Andrew appears in the garage and tries to destroy the POD. When the real Andrew appears, the fake Andrew vanishes mysteriously and Matt goes into his defensive mode by trying to be funny. Take a look and see how much fun this was to work with. Enjoy!

Tricky Time

Time travel is a tricky thing. Setting straight something that you've messed up in the future is even trickier. I wanted to show that poor Andrew is getting smarter through his life, and was able to figure out how much he had messed things up in the future and hi plans to fix them, at least as much as he thought they should be fixed. Please enjoy this short excerpt!


Poor Andrew doesn't know what he's doing and bumbles into one amazing discovery after another, but he wants to think that he knows what's going on. In this passage I wanted Andrew to show that he tries, oh so hard, to sound smart, but he admits that things he discovers are by accident. Little does he know that the next few moments are going to change his life drastically! Enjoy and please follow me on Bublish!

History Changes

In this small section, Andrew is attempting to escape back into the past to his own time, but the Governor is determined not to let that happen. I wanted to show her frustration and how helpless she's feeling about history changing before her very eyes. Please enjoy this excerpt.


In this paragraph is the beginning of the mass confusion that enters Andrew's life. Even though he has no idea how it happened, he has not only thrown himself back in time, but actually crossed over to a different timeline. He no longer has just one child, but now has two. He has to go through old photos and writings just to discover who he is and now it's time to try and get back to where he belongs. What has he done?


I wanted to show just how different Andrew and Matt are and was able to do so in this short segment. Andrew, the prim and proper and Matt, the carefree soul. They meet the Governor in a distant time. Andrew is polite. Matt, well, take a look for yourself. The two balance each other well I think!

Chapter Intros

In "Lines of Force" I have the main character, Andrew Barton, give a brief introduction to the coming story. He wants the reader to think about what he or she would do if faced with the upcoming situation. They were questions that I asked myself when writing the book and before each chapter. So basically, when you read each chapter, I'm asking you to think about the world in various situations and think to yourself, "what would I do and how would I react?"

Alcohol at Your Finger Tips

In the future, Matt has discovered that he can tell the glass what he wants, pour in water, and get...


Andrew realizes that with time travel. he can be multiple places at the same time by going to the same time, but appearing in multiple locations!

When You Make a Future Whoops!

Andrew is trying to explain to the police, in the future, why he was there, but really wasn't there in a place that didn't exist until he arrived...

When Someone Else Does it Better

Andrew has just perfected a device that allows him to float in the air, using magnetic forces against each other. His friend, Susie wants to try it, but Andrew is reluctant. He finally gives in and Susie shows him how floating in the air is really done!

The Future is the Past

Andrew and Matt have gone into the future and are being held captive in a hotel room. Matt watches the equivalent of today's television and what he finds out amazes even him

Technology changes and Improves

When I was writing about Matt and Andrew stumbling into the future, I thought about how things might change. Security for one thing, would be different, and in this scene, Matt is shown how keys have been replaced my a ring on the finger transmitting a frequency in combination with the speed of the swipe to begin a sequence to open and close hidden doors.

We Always Want What We Can't Have

Andrew and Matt have landed in a future time, where the people there were expecting them. Andrew and Matt didn't expect, however, that there would be people who would want to go back to what they felt was a simpler time...the 21st Century.

The Future Knows You're Coming

Andrew Barton is always making mistakes, and when he makes mistakes, he makes them in big ways! In this scene, Andrew has tried an experiment where he hoped to go into the past, but his friend, Matt, who came along with him, has discovered some interesting things about the place where they now reside!

Chapter Introductions

When I was writing this book about the crazy discoveries that Andrew Barton would stumble across, I thought that it would be interesting to have him introduce each chapter. In this chapter intro, Andrew looks back on the story which you are about to read, and gives you the slightest of a hint as to what is coming. Read more in "Lines of Force".

Magician's trick or...?

Working with electricity, plasma and magnetism, Andrew thinks that he's found a way to overcome gravity. He asks his friend, Matt, if he would like to try. Here is an excerpt of Matt's answer.

What if?

Andrew Barton is about to enter a world where all of his current values are thrown out the window...

The River of Time

This was one of the first experiences that Andrew had with mistakenly traveling in time. It's not originally what he was looking to do, but it happened. I wanted to show that things have changed because of his accident, and what better way to show it than by revealing his wife's surprise? Enjoy!

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