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Corporate Undertaker

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"Not since first reading Stephen Covey...have I read such a life-changing, inspiring business book....A brilliant book and one I recommend to every single business owner and entrepreneur." —N.N. Light, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer

For more than 25 years, Domenic Aversa has worked as a crisis manager and corporate restructuring professional. He has advised and operated small and middle-market companies in 45 different industries and worked through every possible extreme with his clients, including coup attempts in developing countries, the bust, 9/11, Ponzi schemes, corrupt bankers, and the Great Recession. In Corporate Undertaker: Business Lessons from the Dead and Dying, he shares his best advice for dealing with adversity and crisis.

There are 50 practical lessons in this book; all designed to help you take immediate action. You’ll learn how to:

  • dramatically improve cash-flow through a period of crisis
  • preserve the most value in your company while restructuring
  • create emotional stability in and around your company
  • effectively communicate with your bank and investors
  • retain key employees and critical customers
  • manage and restructure current debt with all creditors
  • address potential and existing lawsuits
  • prepare for a bankruptcy filing
  • effectively manage a partial liquidation or sale of a business
  • recover from a “corporate death”

If you’re looking for answers in today’s tumultuous business environment, Corporate Undertaker has them.

Book Bubbles from Corporate Undertaker

I Didn't Ask To Be Jimmy Hoffa

What would you do if you discovered fraud and corruption at your company? Confronting an injustice is not easy. Most people fear repercussions from the confrontation or "whistle-blowing." Very few are in the position to take on that fight. This excerpt is from the first time I was Chief Restructuring Officer. I oversaw a Tier One manufacturer that supplied an automotive company (OEM = "original equipment manufacturer"). We supplied parts to 50% of all of their factories in N. America. This story is about how I confronted one of the largest corporations in the world when I discovered that they were going to steal healthcare insurance and worker's compensation from a non-union shop. I gave them a lesson they would not forget.

Why I Wrote This Book

It would have been much easier to write a book about my happy, sunny days in the world of business. There were many of them. They were rewarding and fun. Who doesn't like succeeding? I instead chose to write a book that focused on all of the adversity I faced along the journey. I felt that the world was filled with many great success stories of entrepreneurs becoming fabulously wealthy but, there weren't many stories about the pain involved in starting, owning and managing a business. This is a book filled with countless mistakes, surprises and struggle. It is also a book that is filled with hope, clarity and lessons learned from all that I witnessed. My intent is to give you tools, guidance and inspiration that will help you manage through any adversity or crisis. I hope you enjoy the journey. Buckle up, because it's not for the timid. Best of fortune to you. Domenic

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