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Debbie is a USA Today bestselling author who currently resides in northern California with her husband of 42 years and two rescue dachshunds, Dash and Briar. She writes sweet romance and women's fiction and gives a percentage of all book sales to animal rescue groups. If you'd like to connect with Debbie or sign up for her newsletter go to her website at


Kansas Kissed


Sometimes you have to break out of your comfort zone, learn new things, discover new places—find love where you’d least expect it. Something about cowboys’ barrel racing elevated her heartbeat just a touch not to mention looking forward to a little space after a bad breakup. Lucille Carmichael never won anything in her life so when she was notified she held the winning ticket for an all-expenses-paid trip to Kansas, she packed her bags and made the journey to Dodge City. When the hotel she’s staying at catches fire, Lucille meets handsome firefighter Samuel Lyons. He’s not a cowboy, but he quickens her heart just the same. Samuel can’t help notice the cute young lady with the sexy legs swaddled in an oversized sweater wandering around the parking lot in a daze after the fire. After all the danger has been cleared and she can go back to her room he figures that will be the last time he ever sees her. So when their paths cross again sparks fly, but this time, there’s no danger of fire, just a strong desire to see where things go. Will these two be able to keep the flames burning despite the long distance relationship, or will their attempt at love smolder to a pile of ashes? This is book 2 of the stand-alone series Romance Across State Lines. Look for book 3, California Crush out soon.

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Small-Town Romance

This is book two in my Romance Across State Lines series. Those who love stand-alone romance books will love this! This excerpt is when Lucy is at the rodeo with Kyle. She's a little bashful and doesn't get out much. The excitement of the rodeo has her heart beating a mile a minute and sitting next to handsome Kyle just kicked it up a notch!

Texas Twosome


Who knew the key to happiness was in a small Texas town? When Rebecca Parsons’s new assignment brings her to Steam, Texas to cover the anniversary of an unsolved missing person’s story, she’s more than up to the task. She’s never been to Texas before. When Rebecca meets Kyle Huntsman, the great-grandson of the victims, something about him draws her in. Kyle is carrying on the family tradition of law enforcement. When he’s asked to show the out-of-town reporter around, he’s happy to do it. There’s not much excitement in Steam. But when he meets Rebecca at the diner to go over some details about his great grandparents’ sudden and very mysterious disappearance, he invites her to stay awhile. Something about this big-city girl intrigues him. Soon Becca and Kyle find themselves enthralled in a slow-burning love connection neither of them saw coming. Can this big-city girl give up sushi, nightlife, and possibly her dynamic career as a reporter to make things work with Kyle? Or can she convince this small-town guy to move and give up the laid-back charm of Steam, while also leaving his family behind? Or will this love connection go up in smoke? This is a small-town, sweet stand-alone romance, and book one of Romance Across State Lines Series. Look for Kansas Kissed, California Crush, and Oregon Obsession releasing soon!

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Small-Town Sweet Romance

This is the first book in a stand-alone series titled Romance Across State Lines. This little excerpt is about when Becca, who has been sent to Texas to do an anniversary story on a missing person, gets a little more involved in the unsolved mystery. She's been digging up some clues and trying her hardest to find out anything she can.

Sweet Indulgence


REAL MEN EAT CUPCAKES! Annie McPherson has had it with all the blind dates her grandmother and auntie set her up with. She just wants to run the Sweet Indulgence her cupcake bakery, even if it means she remains single for the rest of her life. Jack is sent on a mission to pick up the cupcakes for his nieces birthday party, not a mission to fall head over heels for another, especially after a gut-wrenching break up he'd just been through. But when you're sweet as the cupcakes you bake and serve people notice, and Annie had Jacks complete attention.

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A Grandmother's Love

Annie's folks are gone so it's up to Grandma Lilly and Auntie Patty to ensure a suitable man takes Annie's heart. But none of the guys meet her needs. That's until Jack Powell enters her bakery and her life. Can Grandma Lilly and Auntie Patty accept Jack as Annie's choice or will they continue to be the meddling twosome? I love these two characters and so do the many readers I've heard from.

Annie and Jack

My idea for this series evolved from my love for South Carolina. Having lived there for several years, you could say a little sweetness rubbed off on me! So I decided to make this series about family, love and honor. And what better city portrays that than Charleston? We have a meddling Grandmother and Auntie, a wild child of a sister, and of course the story wouldn't be complete without Annie and Jack. This is the beginning when Annie first meets Jack. They immediately have a cute little chemistry going. Even though she's not really looking and he's just been through a break-up so he's really not looking, they sort of hit it off without even realizing it.

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