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Stephen St John

David Guyette's (aka Stephen St. John) background includes quantum mechanics, astrophysics, and a doctorate in medicine. He swims in Thoreau’s Waldon Pond, bikes by Emerson’s study and shares a love of the sea with Jack London. His family and three daughters live nearby and share a fondness for New England.


Happier Ever After

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Karen, clinical psychologist and captain of the most sophisticated time-traveling spaceship ever constructed, knew that “we need to talk” are words no relationship wants to hear; yet there she was. She was certain chief engineer Andre was “the one,” until the morning she rolled over, looked him in the face, and got a chill. It’s not a good sign when the expert on feelings doesn’t know where her own are coming from. The answer was obvious: travel back in time to the origins of the human race.

With the help of Cindy, Andre’s personal Cher-look alike walking computer, mental teleportation from the bio lab allows the executive staff to take over evolving Bonobo chimps on the surface of ancient earth. Karen’s love fest is followed by trip number two, Home Erectus Apes. The other side of humanity must be understood.

Getting home proves problematic. A space time catastrophe cripples the ship in the Andromeda galaxy beside a planet at war with itself.

Happier Ever After introduces use to ourselves, who we really are deep inside, and what to do about it. It also forecasts what will happen if we don’t.

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Our "real" Selves

Are we originals, or mere echoes of our animal past contaminated by civilization? Karen believes each of us is a unique entity in possession of a "real self". Karen also thought she knew her real self, and that she was in love. Then nightmares inform her that neither is so. Karen turns to the past for answers. We stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us as we inherit molecular inertia from billions years of evolution. Being the captain of a time-travel starship comes in handy. Karen and her friends occupy the minds of evolving Bonobo chimps, and then join a community of humanity’s immediate ancestor, Homo Erectus. What Karen learns lands her in the arms of her one true love. What everyone learns helps them save a warring planet from itself on the way home.

Beyond Time

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Mankind has ventured to every corner of the galaxy. No one expects another inch until Andre Martin, lab-rat genius social nerd, shows up with a plan to build a ship powerful enough to separate time and space. His goal: to explore and explain the Big Bang.

No one likes Andre. No one trusts Andre. Permission denied, mission canceled; until impending planetary disaster reinstates priority under new leadership, promiement psychologist Karen Wellchild, entitled, independent, and hiding a desire to meet Jesus on the way home.

The journey does not go well. The clock refuses to spin backward and a computer meltdown informs the crew that Karen secretly used dating softward to match each of the 240 twenty-six-year-olds onboard with one perfect mate. Karen's closest friend comes up with a new plan.

And who doesn't love a scary dinosaur tale, or ghost ship mystery to solve? The starship Explorer Seven rides imagination from one end of the universe to another, from the beginning of time to the next beginning of time. Hop on board, Andre and Karen are waiting.

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Our place in the Universe

What does existence imply? Does life have a purpose? If I love her and she loves me, how do we make love last? Sci-fi time travel is the perfect media to explore these fundamental questions. Protagonist Andre wants to know it all. His lover Karen thinks she already does, but then that is for you to decide.

Antony, Cleopatra, and Janie

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Janie Ahmed, a twenty-fourth century biologist, fantasized often about traveling back in time to visit Cleopatra. The happiest morning of Janie’s life began with an invitation from ship’s commander Karen to join the crew of Explorer Seven, the most sophisticated spaceship ever constructed.

Cleopatra was a leader, a lover, and brilliant beyond any man of her time, but she would not listen to reason. Janie resorts to mental teleportation. Together with her boyfriend Brad, who takes over Mark Antony’s body, she becomes Cleopatra.

And that’s just the beginning…

When they leave orbit, Karen then directs the crew to travel forward in time just long enough to drop in on Jerusalem. Jesus must be saved.

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