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Witchy Season’s Coming! Here's a unique Salem witchcraft story.... When enslaved Tituba’s only son dies while escaping bondage, she comes into her magical powers.... Violating ancient rules, uses them for revenge. An historically inspired story of the first woman accused of witchcraft in colonial Salem.

Booklife Prize: This is a refreshing take on Salem that is rather evenly paced. Readers will find action and emotion throughout this dynamic and engaging read. Tituba's quest for revenge is compelling, and her narrative arc is well developed throughout the length of the novel. Readers will likely be pleased by Tamanini's treatment of her story. Samuel Parris is cruel and easy to root against, making for a more than valiant antagonist.

The Salem Witch Museum: The most recent book about Tituba, one of the key participants in the Salem witch trials, is Dave Tamanini's historical fiction work, Tituba, The Intentional Witch of Salem. This beautifully-written book re-imagines Tituba's life, portraying this important figure of American history as a slave woman who can do magic, with a motive to exact revenge after the loss of her child.

Winner: Afro American Genealogical and Historical Society Fiction Contest Historical Fiction (2020)

Book Bubbles from Tituba

She knew what she would do now....

Tituba, after a life of appeasing the masters, doubting her own worthiness, and suffering at the hands of others, realizes she can control her destiny. No longer impotent in the face of authority, she is about to rebel with a plan. And she begins by creating specters to terrify her persecutors

Tituba a precursor?

Was Tituba a precursor of modern women, beginning the fight against patriarchy in 1692? Yes, she fought back, and made terrible mistakes, but in facing them, she demonstrates her humanity

Foreboding of Akanni leaving home

With Tituba's only son punished unjustly, she wonders how much longer she can protect him even as he lashes out at her. To date Tituba has lacked agency in her own life, always just getting by with obedience to the masters. This is the beginning of her change, seizing her magic powers for revenge against the hated English.

Tituba hoping for word about her son.

Tituba does her duties with care while worrying for her absent son's welfare.

Her life begins to change

Tituba, always one to just get along during her servitude sees her life changing in ways she never expected. Having longed for guidance from her deceased mother's spirit she finally gets a visit.

Early stirrings of the makings of hysteria

The culture of the Puritans predisposed the entire community to be on guard for the spirit world, the devil and witches to draw them away from their "virtuous" lives. Little did they know how easily they would lapse into murder of 20 innocent people. Beginning March 1st, marks 329 years since the first interrogations after accusations of witchcraft were made in colonial Salem.

Tituba begins to find her ancient powers

After years of appeasing the masters, as her mama commanded, Tituba's only son is in jeopardy. Unable to speak up to protect him, she searches for a way to assert herself against Rev. Parris. If only she could stand up to him.

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